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  1. pratik bajaj Reply

    well said mr. agarwal.
    i too agree with it.
    i am seller selling in fashion from past 2 years.
    started giving pla since company have started it, in first it was worth goving pla as the rate was quite nominal of 30 to 50paise per click . then suddenley they have increased it to double and also included the service charges.
    so in result when it was 50 paise we used to give pla of approx 30000 -40000 per month and accordingly we would get return but when they have increased the rate , we have stoped it to ZERO(0) FROM PAST 4 MONTHS. because 1st when we gave add of 5000 , we would get 10000 clicks , among which 2000 clicks are used to rouse the product and get on the top and the another 8000 we can get the good ammount of sales.
    but when it have been increased we get 3000 to 3500 clicks in 5000 rs. and the method of geeting sales is same.
    so by this company was in win win situation before and now by increasing the rate they have lost it all.

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