1. shailesh runwal Reply

    i regisered with 3 markt places..from last 3 month,

    but not getting sales, how can you help me.

    my product are of good quality with lowest rate with good describtion ,

    still i am unable to get sales .

    nee help.

  2. Dear Shailesh,
    Very fast you need to attention on imaging of products. It should be professional imaging and more no. of images will show your product better to buyer and the second step is Product Title, You need to combine keywords in you product title. By this you can increase the no. of views of your products. and there are lots of thing which can increase your sales on Marketplaces.

  3. UTTAM PAUL Reply

    we are enable to increase ,my sale what i will do

  4. Hi

    I understand your concern ! That no sales for 90 days is a pain trust me I have gone through the same phase in my journey .

    First thing you must understand it’s not about pricing that you have to worry about its the way you present ! It’s the pitch the image and visibility

    If it’s Flipkart if you are selling a common product the you might be listed below on the list to get it up try few suggested tricks

    Try using your what’s app contacts create a group and post it there
    Try face book ad with laser targetted relevant customer base
    Try Flipkart advertising
    Try your mailing list

    You can add a free gift

    If u do all this at s time for few weeks your product sutonatically gets a kick start

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