Flipkart introduces Product Listing Ads on its app


Flipkart has introduced Product Listings Ads (PLAs) on its app, so you can now advertise your products and reach out to more customers.

What are Product Listing Ads?

PLAs are a widely used ad format in the online space to advertise ads of products and services. Product information and promotional offer/message can be conveyed through image, title, price and so on.


Example of Product Listing Ad

Benefits of PLAs

PLAs for your ads translate into higher discovery of your products. When customers access the app, if they are searching for your product category your product ad would pop up which means it would catch the customer’s eye faster than in the case of scrolling through various product listings.

Flipkart also assures a Buy button on the PLAs which means if a customer likes your product, he can just click through and reach the listing for that item. This means chances of sales conversions are higher.

Flipkart is accepting registrations for the first 3000 sellers. While it’s not known yet if the facility will be extended for more sellers, the current ones can enjoy 50% cash back as free credit for their first campaign.

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