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Editor | Jan 04, 2021

When I first started the business, I used to work on Word, Excel documents and share report with the crew. It’s a time-taking process, and yet I have no other option too. Later, after meeting digital marketing professionals and attending the google live events, came to know about the beautiful creation – Google GSuite.

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All thanks to developers who made the work easy for both self and the organization to schedule meetings, video conferences, audit reports, and monitor team performance without missing a single day. Besides, you get a handful of google apps like Gmail, calendar, google drive, docs, sheets, slides, google maps, news, cloud search, forums, translate, google ads, to work seamlessly.

Are you a newbie and desire to start a business with 10 or more employees? You need to have GSuite account to collaborate with the team and share ideas. If you don’t know the list of features, read the full-length GSuite Review that helps to make an informed choice for your budget. Scroll down to know more!

G suite for Personal Use

G suite is a cloud-based office suite that consists of gmail, docs, sheets and many more. The individuals can easily upload all documents and spreadsheets to the cloud effortlessly.

GSuite Features

G Suite is the collaboration of Gmail, hangouts, document tools that draw more productivity to an organization, and you don’t have to rely on separate tools. Here, I’ve mentioned the list of GSuite features along with the pros and cons. Let’s get started!


Gmail is the standard email services that come with a set of tools and functionalities to offer the clients what they want. It has a user-friendly design that makes novice to send custom businesses emails without any delay. Further, the information you share within a group or specific person is secured as it uses encryption techniques. It is possible to use extensions to finish the project work on time. The only disadvantage is you cannot undo the information which you have already deleted.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • 15GB of free storage capacity.
  • Connect with the team through live chat, video calls.
  • Scan your emails to isolate the spamming content.
  • Access the extensions like steak (mail merge) and checker plus (manage multiple accounts).


  • You cannot undo the deleted information.


Google Calendar is an integrated online calendar that is designed for both personal and professional usage. It is highly-responsive and made to work on a wide range of applications to keep everything in an organized manner. This is considered to be core components of G-Suite, which also includes Gmail and Google Drive. What we do not like is the poor colour options and expecting more layouts to come. Google accepts all promotion codes across the globe.


  • It comes with a modern look.
  • Synchronize with other applications.
  • Calendar work on both modes – online and offline.
  • Add the event dates to remind you with a buzzing notification.
  • Share the events, meetings, and tasks for a group of people.


  • Poor colour choice.
  • Can be more reliable than previous versions.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best cloud-storage tools out there in the tech world. It comes with synchronizing, security, and backup options to make it look top-notch. Moreover, it is easy to share files of different formats within the google drive platform. 

As per the analysis, the downloading speed is twice as fast as the uploading time and follows the AES 256-bit encryption mechanism to keep the information safe from being hacked. 

You may feel vexed every time you refresh during logging and uploading the data. To add on, it may not be possible to connect with other applications.

G suite Team Drive Backup

G suite team drive back up can be done through Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon cloud drive, Dropbox, Box, Office 365 Sharepoint including one drive personal.


  • Share the audio, video, and image files seamlessly.
  • Comes with intuitive features to navigate newcomers.
  • The cloud-based platform will not let you lose the data.
  • With a single click, you can share the files to bulk users.
  • Users can control who can view and edit the document files.


  • It’s not possible to integrate with other applications.
  • Need to refresh when you login and upload the data.
  • Difficult to handle if there are too many users.


Join the live conferences from anywhere in the world. For any business person to be successful, one must connect with the customers. One such fantastic tool offered by the G-Suite is Google Hangouts, which encompasses chat and HD video calls within a group of team. The mobile hangout application does not display notifications or show active members.


  • It has incredible audio and video quality.
  • Start making video calls within the team members.
  • Hangouts works efficiently on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Features built-in screen sharing, auto screen focus, and instant messaging.


  • Record and save option is available only in premium plans.

Google Documents, Spreadsheets

This web-based software helps people of all ages to write stories (or work-related information) who can operate the desktop application- MS Word, Office 365. The main advantage of using Google documents is the data will be saved automatically even when the internet connection is lost. Apply the g suite promotion code to get 20% off discount.

Overall, the G Suite docs, slides, and spreadsheets are simple to use and best suits for students, employees, and more. We are disappointed with the presentation templates that are very basic (can be improved).


  • Automatically saves the files to Google drive.
  • Able to add extensions as per the requirement.
  • View and edit the documents online and offline as well.
  • Access the google documents from anywhere round the clock.


  • Presentation templates are basic.

GSuite Supported Countries

Here I’ve given the list of countries by categorizing into three types where GSuite services are available. Check it out!

American Countries


GSuite is now available in Argentina to manage personal emails, etc. to increase productivity. Further, you can get the premium features for the affordable prices. You will be charged R$24.30 for basic, R$45.90 for business, and R$112 for enterprise programs. To add on, it allows users to promote the GSuite services and earn a referral bonus up to $15 per each subscription.


Google GSuite is one of the premium tools that helps to minimize the workload by integrating multiple accounts. It is made available in Brazil to work seamlessly and support for both personal and professional usage. And the Brazil Gsuite prices are the same as of Argentina plans. If you think the G Suite Prices are expensive, apply  G Suite Promo Codes to utilize services at cheap rates.


Canada is the world’s most beautiful places on earth. The GSuite is made available to meet user requirements and bring projects to life. Like other regions, they charge $6 for a basic, $12 for business (or you can apply G Suite business promo code), and $25 for premium enterprise plan. It’s an individual opinion to go with his/her demands. Also, you can refer the Canada Gsuite services and earn money online up to 30CAD (Canadian Dollars).

Chile and Colombia

Chile and Colombia are American-based countries where GSuite is made compulsory to use in the corporate world. It has industry-leading knowledge to create a secure cloud platform on a large-scale. In this, the Google G Suite basic plan offers a capacity of 30GB for $5.40, $10.20 for a suite business plan with unlimited storage options, and $25 per month for an enterprise plan with advanced features and functionalities. Use the g suite promo code and get 20% off instantly.


Compared to others, the cost of G Suite subscription plan in Mexico is completely different. The prices are MXN $105.30, MXN $198.90, and MXN $500 respectively. Furthermore, if you promote the GSuite business by sharing to friends and family members, you can earn $15 per each renewal. Regardless, you can get the premium services by applying G Suite Promotion Codes.


Share and collaborate with the team using Google G Suite services. It is well-suited for small to medium, large scale businesses and control round the clock on mobiles, desktops. It charges $5.40, $10.20, $25 per month for different programs as we discussed. You can even apply G Suite Promo Code to avail offers and discounts.

United States

Who doesn’t want to target the US audience and earn high-commission by referring to websites, blogs, etc., If you are a pro-digital marketer, then you can get referral money up to $30. Forget 5% & 10% off, by using our g suite coupon codes, When you can enjoy upto 20% off.

Asia Pacific


Yes, you can become a member of GSuite affiliate program by providing the details like name, and email address. It is available in selected countries such as Australia, and you can start sharing using a referral link to get $15-$30 per single user.

Hong Kong

Do you live in Hong Kong and looking for ways to get paid online, then you must know about G Suite services. They are offering referral programs so that you can make HK $230 to a maximum user per month.

New Zealand

This is offering exceptional services to customers over the years. One such feature is the G Suite referral program. By joining this program, you will gain NZ $40 for every new user who signs up for the G Suite basic plan.


When you look at the GSuite pricing plan in India, it charges Rs210 for the G Suite basic plan, Rs714 for the business program, and Rs1650 for the enterprise plan. The best thing is you will surely receive $7.50 when referred on websites, blogs, and social profiles. For the best prices, look after G Suite promo codes India.


Get the work done with professional emails, online storage, calendars, video conferences and more by scribing to G-Suite. With active participation, you will receive ¥1800 for the suite basic, ¥3600 for the business per new subscription.


People living in Singapore can associate with the program to get up to SG $40 by referring to the GSuite application. You can share the link with unlimited users on the social-connecting apps to get paid within a short period.

Europe- Middle East – African Countries


Sign up in less than a minute to avail the exclusive features that help to monitor the business by sitting at home. Like others, the prices are similar. The only thing is you will get €24 of referral bonus per user.

France – Germany – Ireland – Italy- Netherlands – Portugal – Spain

France is my personal favourite (often called as City of Love). If you are a resident of France and looking for opportunities to make money online, then go with the GSuite services where you need to make a payment for €5.20 for the basic, €10.40 for the business, and €23 for enterprise programs. Signing to an affiliate program lets you fill the pocket with thousands of dollars (€24/user) by helping the organization to reach out the genuine customers. Not only for France, but it is also the same for Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.

United Kingdom

Who doesn’t love to get thousands of dollars by sitting at home? If you are a kind, then you should refer them and make it viral to reach the number of visitors. You can try free for 14days and then select the suite basic plan to match your business needs. However, for each reference, you get a maximum of $20.

United Arab Emirates

Finally, we end up discussing G Suite programs in the UAE. Like other nations, they do have the same set of features and functionalities. The only difference is seen in the pricing, which is $6, $12, $25 per month, and get discounts by applying GSuite Discount Code. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can earn up to $30 as a referral bonus for a single user. And you should abide by the rules and regulations set by the organization for smooth flow of transactions.

Benefits and Drawbacks of G-Suite

Whether you have a company with 10 or 50 employees, it’s so freaking to manage and collaborate with the team. You may also want to secure the data, Isn’t it? For them, GSuite is the right choice that comes at fair prices. If you are a beginner and unaware of GSuite software application, here is the list of benefits and drawbacks that helps to pick the best plan of the available. Have a glimpse,


  • Integrate with the team members to share docs in different formats (PDF, JPEG, MP4, DOCS) with a single tap on the share button.
  • Includes powerful yet elegant sheets, slides, emails, and many more to handle efficiently.
  • The capacity for GSuite account is 30GB per month with minimum prices. If you want to upgrade the storage space, you need to make a payment of $10/month for each Suite account.
  • Cybersecurity is a major concern. With the introduction of cloud systems, it’s crucial to safeguard the companies data using the standard encryption methods. This G-Suite software provides 2-step verification that ensures every device you connect is interlinked and verified through email, phone.
  • Keep track of companies data, employees log in information, work reports, by utilizing the Google cloud platform and build a brand.
  • You can use this application on mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops and create custom email address, including business domains without any trouble.


  • Like benefits, it has some disadvantages too. It’s not possible to retrieve the data once you’ve deleted from the account and is a bit difficult to convert the document file into PDF format.
  • If you have logged in mobile, your activities can be traced as it incorporates Google Maps feature.
  • Novice may find difficulty in setting up the GSuite account and synchronous contacts to Gmail.

G-Suite Pricing

Did you know more than 5million people migrated to GSuite? Well, if email communication is mandatory for your organization, you should consider purchasing the premium basic and business plans. It helps you to collaborate with the team and monitor the activities from now and then. As per the convenience of users, it has come with three programs – basic, business, and enterprise. Now, let us understand the importance of each program in detail!

Start 14 days Free Trial

Before making a purchase, we recommend you to experience the GSuite features and make the right decision to fit your business. So far, they are offering 14-days free trial services to match with different users. To avail the subscription, you have to fill details like domain name, email address, company name, and mobile number.

G Suite Basic Plan ($6/month)

The G Suite basic plan focus on helping entrepreneurs who run small businesses. You will get 30GB of storage space, including 24/7 support, video meetings, calendars, and more. It charges just $6 per month for an individual. However, opting for G Suite annual plan will cut-down the prices to a great extent.

G Suite Business Plan ($12/month)

In this G Suite business plan, you will get access to unlimited cloud storage where 1TB is assigned to a single user. Besides, you can monitor the video conferences, events through audit reports, and administrative controls. This is well-suited for an organization with 10-50 employees. The best part is the data is stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about the privacy issues.

G Suite Enterprise Plan ($25/month)

G Suite Enterprise is an advanced program where you can share the work details to hundreds of employees without hassle. You will be charged $25 per month to get the premium services. This wonderful platform gives the opportunity to connect via emails, chat, hangouts, and share the companies data in docs, spreadsheets, etc., And for better performance, it is integrated with the third-party tools.

G-Suite Plans

  • G Suite Basic  Plan – $6
  • G Suite Business Plan – $12
  • G Suite Enterprise  Plan – $25

Most Frequent Searches on Google (FAQ’s)

Is it possible to change my current account to G Suite?

  • Yup! Now, Google apps is offering migration services, particularly when you switch to G Suite business account.

Can I expect free trial services?

  • Google G Suite is offering 14 days of free trial services for the new users after setting up the account.

How can I delete the account?

  • Firstly, go to account settings. In the home-page, click on the email section and then pick the email you wish to delete. Repeat the process, if you want to remove a maximum number of users (five or more) from the list.

How to apply a G Suite Promo Codes?

  • G Suite Coupon Code can be applied after setting up the billing, i.e., for a monthly or annual plan. Now, go to the promotional link underpricing and tap on it. Very soon you will receive a G Suite promo code via email and enter on the billing page to enable the discounts.

I want to use G Suite for personal usage. Is it possible?

Of course, it is intended for both personal and professional usage. You can set the events on calendars, share the photographs, videos with friends and family members. The data will be secured as it uses standard encryption mechanisms. However, in my opinion, it’s better to go with a basic GSuite plan that comes at inexpensive rates.

Difference Between G Suite Basic and G suite Business?

There are 3 major differences between Gsuite and G suite business. A basic g suite plan limits storage up to 30 GB per single user, on the other hand, the g suite business delivers storage.

How to Backup G suite Gmail?

  • In the spin back up the dashboard, click on the setting menu
  • Now, turn on all services that you want to backup
  • For saving the changes, Just click update

How to Recover G suite Deleted Account?

  • Step1: Open the sign-in page and enter your email address.
  • Step2: Click the next button
  • Step3: Now type the last password you remember
  • Step4: You will receive a call or text that is linked with the Account during the creation
  • Step5: Enter the verification code that sent to the recovery email address
  • Step6: Select the month and year and proceed. In case if none of the above steps works, then google will ask to login with another email address.

G suite Help Forum

  • G suite help forum is a place where you can find unique solutions for all your issues. You can even reach out to experts and other administrators.

G suite Monitor Employee Email

  • G Suite administrators can monitor and audit all user emails. Most of the administrators use google vault, audit API and email delegation to view and inspect users. The administrators can monitor employee emails in Gmail.

Bottom Line

If you read the entire article, I’m pretty sure that you find the right plan for your business niche. Google GSuite has come with a plethora of choices like gmail, hangouts, docs, spreadsheets, and more to use in the most effective way.

Are you an entrepreneur or a business professional? Do you like the G Suite premium features? Tell us the reason for migrating to G Suite. If you have queries regarding the subscription plan, functionalities, write to us in the comment box. Our team of experts help you sort out the problem instantly.

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