[Seller speak] “Ecommerce fraud starts at Bluedart!” Seller Saleem shares woes of dealing with Bluedart


The need for improvement in logistics in the online retail equation is an ongoing debate in the ecommerce community. No doubt, the sector has come a long way since the advent and rise of ecommerce here, but complaints from sellers still abound.

In this review of logistics services providers in e-retail, Blue Dart is mentioned as one the most prominent pan-India service provider. However, online seller Saleem Syed begs to differ on this. He, along with his team, feel that fraud starts at Blue Dart.

Here’s what he has to say.

Wrong weights charged

Item: Starting Level Basic Karbonn Mobile Phone

Weight: 400 Grams

It is small in size, so any courier company counts this under 500 g and charges Rs 40-55 based on the service provider.

But, to our shock, Blue Dart charged it as 5500 g, ie. 5.5 kg. Shocking! More than 1000% difference?

Bluedart Courier Fraud

Not the first time

We have been selling on eBay and other marketplaces for a very long time. Earlier too, we have complained to Blue dart managers about wrong weight cases. While supervisors agree that there is a mistake and we are given assurances that it would not be repeated, we find these to be empty words.

After dealing with them for years, we know that this is not a scanning mistake of the staff but done with ill intentions by the company. Fraud starts at Blue dart!

On eBay forums, there are many complaints about wrong weight cases, which happens with other couriers too. But the difference is, with them they are rare cases and with blue dart, it happens very frequently.

Heavy losses for sellers

Courier partners get away with such issues because most sellers don’t find out about this – either because there are thousands of parcels being exchanged or because they don’t have the knowledge that this could happen. But when it does, sellers have to incur heavy losses. If it’s the marketplace logistics in question, you have to raise a query the resolvement of which could take weeks and months.

We have been facing so much trouble with blue dart that we feel they are doing a wrong weights scam. It should be booked legally and government should penalize them 1000 times. This could help in putting a stop to such scams and helping sellers.

Currently, if we complain to eBay, the case does pending as the departments don’t take any serious action against blue dart. And if the seller complains more seriously, blue dart is removed as a courier preference. But nothing more is done assure sellers.

Response from Bluedart

Initially, they used to reply with responses like “sorry for inconvenience caused,” “It was a scanning mistake,” “it was new employee mistake,” etc. Many times, it was promised that it would not be repeated.

We have requested to be connected to the CEO of blue dart to address our grievances but to no avail. We have sent emails to higher authorities repeatedly but we have not found any solution for our concern.

Sellers, be alert

Check each and every parcel you dispatch and cross-check on the corresponding courier charges.

Staff at Blue dart try to fool us with dimension of box and such as a reason. For example, I sent out a men’s inner vest recently in eBay poly cover. It is so light like a handkerchief that you could fit in your trouser pocket, which would weigh 100 g or so. For the same parcel, Blue dart shows 4000 g!

I am writing this after experiencing hundreds of such wrong weight charges from Blue dart. Unless we come forward and raise our voice to get attention, government might not take notice or come to know of such activities. We urge that some action be taken against Blue dart so that such instances can be halted.

Saleem urges his fellow sellers to come forward and file action against Blue dart for the wrong weight charges. Have you faced similar situations? How have you tackled? How did you find solutions? Do share so others can benefit and understand how to dodge such scenarios.

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  1. Tarun R Reply

    Wrong weight cases by bluedart increased drastically. For 2 months I had been filing complaints with ebay but no action was being taken. Everytime wrong weight requests were kept pending. Such losses accumulated and gone uptp thousands. Since there was no response from bluedart / ebay for along time. i had to backout from Ebay powership and use logistics at my own end.

  2. I have been doing selling on various sites for more than 10years and I feel the Wrong weight charge is not from Bluedart but it is from ebay side. Booking are done from ebay server and whatever ebay enters in the weight gets in the booking. I have checked booking myself through another site and whatever I gave as weight got in the shipping label.
    I am 101% sure the overcharge is being done from ebay side which maybe due to bad programming or doing it on purpose to generate extra earning for ebay.

  3. Ess kay Reply

    I am an online seller selling on various platforms. I couldn’t agree more with Saleem when he said that the ecommerce fraud starts from Blue dart. Even I noticed similar over -weight charging incidents in my invoices at Ebay. I brought it to the notice of Ebay.. They just started sending me on merry go trips with fake assurances that we are looking into it. It went on for 3-4 months and then I slipped out of my mind. When I went back to the account after 2-3 months to check the status, I was shocked to see that there was no data. Needless to say that even Ebay did nothing about it.

    Then it happened again in Sept 2016. I checked the weights charged to me in the invoices of June, July & Aug. I was shocked to see that for the item which weighs JUST 50 gms (Yes, FIFTY gms only), and which I am selling at Ebay for just Rs 99 (ninety nine only), I was being charged Rs 600 (yes, six hundred) as courier charges. The item is so small that it can hide in a hand only, like an handkerchief.

    I sent the overweight charging complaint to Ebay. in Sept. In oct, when I checked the status of the complaint, I was stunned to read what ebay said. Ebay said that the LSP (Local shipping service provider/partner or whatever) says that they have weighed the item correctly.

    Imagine an item which I sell for Rs 99 & which weighs a mere 50 gms inclusive of the packing (l x bx h – 15×20 x2 Cms) I have to pay Rs 600 and despite of the complaint they say that the LSP says that they weighed the product correctly. Did nobody at Ebay thought of that? They did think of that and practically did nothing.

    I just got tired of sending mails to Ebay, so I discontinued the item and relisted it again. So, I would infer that the ecommerce portals are hand in glove with courier companies to milk the sellers as if the sellers are making a huge profit.

    Another incident was when I was overcharged the weight by Snapdeal. i confronted them with the pictures of the correct weight and the dimensions. There reply was that I will be charged as per their LSP and I will have to pay as per the LSP if I wanted to sell on their platform. They said that there would not be any correction in the weights until the LSP says so.

    I would like to share another very similar incident which happened to me when I used a private courier for shipping the items on my own. I weighed an item in my office. It weighed 230 gms with the packing. I sent it to the courier company and it weighed it 260 gms there. they charged me for 500 gms, whereas I should have been charged for 250 gms. I confronted the franchisee of the courier company, but he did not agree with my weight. I took him to 5 different shops and the item weighed around 230-235 gms only. Then only he agreed to the fact that his electronic weighing scale was programmed to weigh 10% more. The franchisee then requested me not to share the info anywhere.

    So, everybody who is in this business is overcharging the sellers. There should be some government body to which the sellers can complain.

  4. Jam Azmj Reply

    Agreed, we too had tbis problem. It haopens only with Blue dart. When seller did not refund, we stopped selling om their website.

  5. Trade India Reply

    I can provide 100 of wrong weight proof of Bluedart.

  6. Pooja Reply

    I am really not sure if above few sellers are experienced one Or may be they do not have information how eBay charge the seller from their system.
    I agree money is deducted from eBay since powership is agreement between eBay and courier companies.
    This has started so that sellers can sell item without worrying about shipping and shipping charges.
    Ebay India ( ebay.in ) itself do not allow more than Rs.55 shipping charges for many small items. Even if seller enter more than that,their system do not allow.
    But problem is their irresponsible staff at eBay only think one side. For their benefit. If fraud couriers like Bluedart overcharges they blindly charge that amount to seller account. Without any kind of mind, totally irresponsible staff at eBay India charge your account even if you sell Rs.100 including courier charges. And Bluedart charge you Rs.600 they charge to your account. So, that means helpless seller gave the item free and also paying Rs.500 extra from his pocket.

    Although eBay do not charge that but, happens only due to courier company fraud. So to avoid this sellers need to complaint against fraudulent courier company like Bluedart to concern government bodies.

    And they should not stop here. They should also complaint against eBay India. So that government bodies can take strict action and penalize them.

    So if action is taken and law take strict action automatically this kind of scams will stop.

    Current position is no big sellers ground complaining or filing a case against Bluedart and eBay. That is the reason they cheating sellers

    I request big sellers come forward and force the government bodies to raise a action against this frauds.

    Can government bodies wake up only if Bluedart fraud with them? Here they should take immediate action and penalize the Bluedart very strictly for this big scam.

    Sellers do not sit back and relax. You should come forward and complaint.

  7. shopseries Reply

    Every time I complaint about wrong weight charges they assure me it will not happen again but that is not true

    We are selling on ecommerce websites and few ecomerce marketplaces provide bluedart service

    when it comes to bluedart always have very high bill that was charged fraudulently.

    So I want to check options to file a complaint against Bluedart with concern government that can take action against fraud.

    please sellers suggest me how I can take action against this fraud bluedart

  8. Ess Kay Reply

    An Update:-

    Paytm has secretly started incersing the courier charges for the items listed earlier and for the items they were charging lesser weights earlier.

    Recently, some of my orders were assigned to Blue dart surface at Paytm, and I was surprised to see that an item weighing just 100 Gms (one hundered Gms) & within the lxbxh for the slab was asigned to Bluedart surface. Normally heavy products, which cannot be sent by air, are assigned the surface route. On checking my portal at Paytm, I was shocked to see that paytm has started charging for 1 kg for an otem weighing just 100 gms and within the lxbxh for the slab for 500 gms. I have shipped so many orders for that particular SKU and had checked `earlierthat I was charged for 500 gms. Paytm secretly changed the slab for the product without even informing me.

    On checking other products in the same category, I found out that the Paytm has increased the slab for so many products which should be in a smaller slab. Immediately, I made those products inactive for which Paytm has increased the weights secretly.

    Everybody is advised to check the chargeable weights of their products at Paytm periodically.

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