1. ebay is worst platform ,even my remittance of above 1 lac is hold without any reason , when it was clearly mentioned in the email that items delviered before 30th june will not face any issue of gst number but ebay is violating laws and holding money of seller

    • Ram Reply

      Even pre get sales remittances are on hold. Even the get exempted shops selling books are compelled to provide get number but even their tax partner cleartax.com confirmed that for get exempted books selling online NO get registration is required and eBay insisting for get exempted goods is illegal. Who is going to penalise eBay for their illegal action.. on the other hand Amazon India permits sale without get for exempted goods like books.

  2. my remitance is also on hold, on asking from ebay customer service they said update gst details, i am a individual just sell some minor items to earn for my education. they wanted me to register a company or proprietorship and register in gst just to receive my remittance of 17k.
    above i read that they have sent proper messages to all sellers before june to update gst and these other things, but what will i do as i don’t even receive any communication regarding that, they just ended my all listing on june 25th without any notice and putted my remittance on hold.
    i have even ebay customer service chat proof with me, they said you have to pay your all existing amount due on your account and we will process remittance within 48hrs , this they have said on 3rd of july but still no remittance processed.

  3. V G Abraham Reply

    I shut my store on 30th June, paid my monthly bill on that date and told them to remit my dues. I told them I’m not planning to apply for GST and hence closing my store. They dragged me asking me to pay my monthly bill. I told them I already paid it. Now they write they will pay my dues, but it’s over 2 weeks and I’ve not heard from them. When I replied to their mail from insellerverification and customer service, its says this email is not receiving any mail. I want them to speed up my payment, because my bank account is current and the bank is putting pressure on me to either declare a gst number or close the account. If I have to close my account, that would be another round of problems to receive my payment from eBay. Can you help me?

  4. kumar Reply

    Yes exactly. I too agree with sellers for withholding money due to GST.
    Actually it is just False-excuse by eBay. Saying about GST.
    GST should not come in to picture here.

    Why check this.

    Sellers already getting message regarding GST update to continue business from 1st July,2017. So, if any seller not updated GST. They would have stopped their selling. Like putting restrictions on listing. So, they would have not sold anything. Easy and simple.

    But, here scenario is completely different.
    eBay first allowed the listing. Sales of the seller then on 25th june, 2017 they removed the active listing of the sellers WITHOUT any kind of prior notice. Like seller might have listed items for 7 days or 10 days or 30 days. So, while listing itself if their deadline is 25th june, 2017 for listing. They should have calculated and stopped the listing.

    They also allowed to list.
    Here sellers on eBay paying money for the listing. LISTING is not FREE on eBay. So, seller paid money and their listing removed.

    It is like you paid for something and you get partial service.
    Which is totally wrong.

    When it comes to payment to seller same thing. Wrong from eBay end.
    They allowed the sales. And even for the sales before 25th june, 2017 they are not paying seller.

    Most of the sellers who have not updated GST are small seller. poor shop vendor etc. NOT big and rich people.

    So, here again they are harassing poor Indians. Rich are on safe game.

    So it is totally wrong from eBay end to stop remittance of poor people.

    Some people saying it will improve since it is sold to Flipkart. But, you know about Flipkart. This big site Flipkart might be good for buyers. But, not good for sellers.
    Small and poor vendors cannot do business on Flipkart due to their return policy and everything favouring the buyers.

    On sites like EBay at least small vendors would have register and sell few items and ever some small amount of money.

    Now you know well everybody cannot enroll for GST. That is true.
    So that means if you are not big, if you cannot register for GST. You cannot sell online now. Which is a direct impact on employment in India.

    This decision whoever take not a good human. He just care for himself.
    Decreasing employment of poor is the worst thing. So, convey message to concern departments.
    Always should have policy of live and lets live.

  5. Talib Khan Reply

    My ebay payment remittance is on hold from 26th of June 2017 and we submitted all of the relevant documents not just once……even five times. Every time we received mail from their PaisaPay department with instruction to submit some additional documents to support our registered address, partner’s Pan card, Address proof etc..etc. even i submitted all the documents like PAN, IEC, TIN, GSTIN, Aadhar, Telephone Bill & Bank statements.
    Account managers are clueless about…they just informing us that they are in touch with concerned department and will update us very soon……but there’s no resolution till date.
    It’s completely illegal and unjustified to hold seller’s payment so long…our money is stuck with them from almost a month….not a single penny transferred into our account.

    I think it’s first gift of ebay to their sellers of their merger with Flipkart .

  6. mohammed dilsaz Reply

    After gst they told me clear all there dues and then only I will get remittance. But after clearing all dues also they are not giving my remittance. Indian govt should take strict action on eBay.in
    Publish eBay fraud in all whole world media

  7. Ashish Rastogi Reply

    Ebay was a good company till last year but after Diwali they become the Chor, not give the seller promotion payments till now from Diwali and now hold remittances before 30th june, this shows poor management. They sold himself to Flipkart and not clear the seller dues, disgusting. RIP Ebay India.

  8. Abhay Goni Reply

    It looks like the writer was not well prepared for this interview and was also not interested in getting any solid answers which is sad seeing how important this issue is, not anywhere in the passage the ebay spokesperson has given a definite date as to when the sellers will get paid and neither has the writer asked any pointed questions to the ebay spokesperson. Whatever lies was doled out to the writer was easily accepted and the spokesperson was not probed further which is looking suspicious that was IOS really interested in this matter or not?.
    We sellers want a definite answer as to when the sellers will get paid.

  9. Raj Reply

    On 9-july my paisapay is again active ,now getting regular payments,

  10. I shut my store on 27th June, paid my monthly bill on that date and told them to remit my dues. I told them I’m not planning to apply for GST and hence closing my store. They dragged me asking me to pay my monthly bill. I told them I already paid it. Now they write they will pay my dues, but it’s over 3 weeks and I’ve not heard from them. i am not getting any reply from their customer support. I want them to speed up my payment, because i need to pay to my suppliers. Can you help me?

  11. Kiran Reply

    I am also victim of eBAY remittance. I sold item before GST and cleared all my dues but still they are holding payment since i have to update GSTN and KYC. i sold few items and the remittance was fine. Ebay is cheating sellers i belive..i am not big seller to get GSTN and i dont do any business. I just sold one used mobile. Please somebody drag this fraud ebay to court. I already filed consumer complaint.

    The customer care promised me that i would get it if i clear dues but till now i have not recieved and its been over two months. eBay is harassing big time. Please dont sell in ebay..their paisa pay charges are too high..i will drag them to court

  12. Kiram Reply

    EBay are holding my 2.8k and the Eason is GST..I’m not a big seller to get GST and sold one used mobile that also before GST.. These frauds should be dragged to court..

  13. rajshekar Reply

    Omg!!! Too many complaints on eBay!! Sorry to hear this is happening from eBay. EBay is the only one real transparent ecommerce portal at least in India..never faced a single issue of any sort in my years of selling on eBay both nationally and internationally. I never thought eBay will trouble so many of their sellers.

  14. Amit Sethi Reply

    Earlier it was a good company but since last 3-4 months eBay is in business of stealing money of its sellers. Harassing sellers in many other ways too.

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