1. Absolutely. Flipkart has made a joke of online selling.

    1) Any returns beyond 10% should be of concern to the marketplace that this model has failed.

    2) Holier than thou attitude is always there. Flipkart panel has issues every day and their logistics capacity is breached.

    3) Since they themselves claim to the government and law they are just a marketplace and sales are between buyer and seller, they they don’t provide buyer’s details to the seller. NO phone number is provided. Why?

    4) For a SLa breach a product is made non live for 7 days. This is plain ridiculous. Human errors can and will occur. No sense in loosing business for 7 days.

    5) Ekart pick up persons do not check orders against the manifest, just count number of orders. Why such laziness ? Aren’t sellers paying you top $ for shipping. For e.g. my personal contract with logistic partner is 30 inr for half kg but eKart charges close to 70 inr for the same. And the pick guys have too much attitude.

    6) Why pick up cut off time of 11am -1 pm? How are sellers supposed to clear all orders of all marketpalces by 2 am, just 2-3 working hours. Pick up times should be after 5 pm

    • Devesh, have you taken any sort of remedial measures against all the above? Do share, maybe the others or at least some of them could benefit from them.

    • Raghavendra Reply

      I would recommend COD should be optional for seller. secondly i would recommend that customer need s to pay for logistic as there should be some onus. may be if he cancelled 100% cost for COD to be paid and those who pay prepaid should be charged up with 25 % logistic. Apart e commerce site also should take onus. For example if a customer goes to any near by market he spends minimum Rs. 100 on transportation and apart he has to move from one shop to other he is physically tired and minimum 1 hr he has take deviation from his route-en time. In fact sellers should not encourage any great discounts as at the end of the day its eCommerce sites and end users are benefited.Apart it should be consider as additional revenue apart from regular sale. Basically its a mirage for may vendors who want to work on eCommerce they should prepare a cost sheet and basis return they should keep their pricing.

    • y
      it is true
      i m online seller
      facing a huge problem with flip cart logistic charges over items which comes under 500 gm slab,but it charges more than it
      it eats all earnings of seller
      returns issue is big one game by buyer
      returns also chargeble to seller

      ther must be sla 2 days to buyer after receiving of product
      it will reduce return ratio from buyer

    • RC Reply

      Dear All,

      Ye to kuch bhi nahi hai!!
      I am also an online seller and recently deactivated my flipkart and snapdeal account and decided to work exclusively on Amazon. In marketplace.
      Reason, so here are

      1) I believe flipkart is tend to sell its. Product through WS Retail and let other sellers succeed or not.
      2) There logistic arm is no. One cheater and they don’t have any bench marks on leaving freight charges. Product weighing 1 kg some time they charge 50, sometime 150, and unbelievable upto 350. My product sold at 449/-, can u believe I have to pay them upto 100 Rs per order.
      I came to know when I processed almost 100 orders and checked payments were not matching as per realisation.
      I raised complaints, fought over emails, I just yelled at them over phone, but like Congress party kept promising that your problem will be resolved and refund will be made but neither they solved it nor they refunded. So my advice don’t do business at flipkart if you are selling something like bulky, well not even small cause sales won’t happen then.
      I really had a very bitter experience.

      If any one wants to grow, go for Amazon, they have fix standards and charges, you won’t get cheated and they will atleast listen and understand your issue. I am doing business in Amazon and my business is growing consistently @ 30 % mom basis.

    • SANJEEV Reply





    • Mukul Tyagi Reply

      In sabka baap hai Shopclues in deducting amount from seller account. Even if you receive a wrong RTO they will listen to their logistic partner not you. They are simply pathetic

  2. Above article is correct and i agree, with this sellers point of view completely.
    Flipkart is taking us on a roll, and we are hardly making any profits now while selling on Flipkart, it charges one of the highest commissions compared to its peers, with the 3rd class service, delayed orders processing, sometimes orders stay in upcoming tabs for days together.

    Maximum % returns for us are in Flipkart, in many months these were more than 50%, leading to waste of packing materials, time, energy and human efforts for the same, without any output.

    Buyers even send back used products or empty packets, Flipkart does not give a damn to it for sellers.

    The list of Flipkart woes is endless and i can spend an entire day to jot it down, if someone pays me for that, lol

    • Hi Mit, we can offer ‘payment’ in the form of ‘publishing your views’ ;).

      • Sumit Reply

        We are selling on marketplaces for 3years now, and recently for last 1 year, it has been an extremely difficult time for us. We at one time were processing 300 – 500 orders a day, but today we are focussing on offline business instead of selling on marketplaces as its not at all profitable anymore. Flipkart especially is worse than british rule in india. They very well exploit sellers by dividing them and making them fight against each other on low pricing the product. Margins for our category of products is whooping 30% .

  3. The facts are very evident and will remain for time being in light of the fierce competition these eCommerce companies are involved in. Customers are their priority and Sellers comes the second or say last place. Sellers being in lakhs, they won’t care about till a time when all these starts revolting against.

    I suggest genuine sellers to grow their brand via social media and promote their products.

  4. Shalini Gera Reply

    I agree with Devesh about account being made pending. If people at Flipkart are listening, here is a problem that we face too –

    Orders are moved into from “Upcoming” to “Pack” on the panel on Sundays with 1 day shipping timeline. Since our office is closed on Sundays and we process these orders on Monday around 9 am. Much before we have packed and scanned them, the orders are pushed into SLA Breaches at 10 am. How does flipkart expect us to pack and scan or process 100+ orders in 1 hour unless they are expecting us to fake it and move all orders without physical packing to “Ready to dispatch” stage. Doing this would also defeat the purpose of the whole activity as well.
    Too many SLA breaches implies account being made pending for 15 days. Ridiculous! to say the least.
    When flipkart faces technical issues and the panel throws up errors, do we go back and tell them that we do not wish to work with them for 15 days coz their panel is giving us technical issues?

    Hope someone listens.

    • Sir in you case you even Wait for Sunday, Please read our Case, Orders were in upcoming Tab and as they moved in to Pack Tab, Orders immediately Start Showing SLA Breached 😀 , Resulting 19% SLA Breached and Our Account got Suspended for 7 Days…and you better Know Contacting Seller Help is just Burning your Blood.

      Working for Last 4 Years as a online Seller, Never Expected Such Behavior from Ecom Portals like Flipkart, Snapdeal,

      Now Days Voonik is Becoming Leader in doing all these unethical Practices.

      Worst time in terms of sale as well as terms of their unfair Policies.

  5. Everybody keeps talking about the macro issues of challenges and profitability but nobody looks at these operational bottlenecks by which the ‘macro’ issues can be tackled.

    I am a seller from 2 years on all 6 major marketplaces and have recently started a blog to share everything I have learnt.

  6. garg Reply

    the seller is saying completely wrong. he is a frustated person. flipkart dont charge for the return courier. if we dispatch the item within promise date.. some sellers dont dispatch the items timely and leave wrong comments here and there.. flipkart seller support solve each and every issue we face..they also give us claim for faulty product we receive.. if we talk about wastage of packing material it can not be stopped. seller should include the cost of packing material in the item price..

    • ravish Reply

      Dear sir,
      As per Flip kart policy, if a buyer send materiel back due to late retrieval and even wrong order form the buyer side then seller account is penalized with commission charges +delivery charges while .flip kart is really a worst business for seller .

    • Really Surprising Mr. Garg to see you the Only Happy seller. May we know How many Orders are you Processing Every Day.

  7. Anuja Reply

    I also agree with above article.
    Flipkart has highest number of order cancellations (once order has been shipped) and order returns. Seller’s are not given proper information on the reason for return, it is upto us to keep tracking the return and then raise an SPF against it, which makes the entire process so cumbersome. Amazon has a much better process where one can directly coordinate with buyer for reason for return.
    Also, the product titles are randomly created from the content given in the Listing file, which 90% of the time does not clearly convey the USP of the product. It is just a string of generic words, picked from file filled using drop downs in any case. One cannot modify the product titles!

    It is a useless marketplace, only wanting us to participate in discounts, without improving services from their end.

  8. VB Reply

    I can only imagine having returns for precious jewellery! The items are expensive and just a few items being lost or stolen can lead to huge losses. I understand that returns are an integral part of online business(“atleast we are made to understand they are, by the marketplaces”) as there is a lack of touch and feel, but undelivered returns, especially the COD ones, as well as orders with fake addresses are the one’s which really hurt. And atleast with flipkart and Snapdeal, you don’t bear the shipping charges, but if you are on Amazon, they will charge the shipping charges for forward and even the return shipping, which adds up to Rs 150. And they can easily be avoided by proper verification, but why bother as GMV only looks at sales, not returns, which looks good on the books for investors to raise more funds. Secondly, liberal policies of marketplaces are a bugger. 30 Days easy returns, is some kind of joke. That much time is enough for the customers to use the product, break it and then just send it back. A customer does not need more than a couple of days to check if the dress fits, or a wrong item is delivered, why give them a month!!!!. And why does it not bother Marketplaces??, thats because, its not their money. They get their commissions, shipping charges, and they even collect fines from sellers for the returns, which might not even be their fault.
    An easy solution to this would be for the government to not consider a company have a warehouse/fulfillment center as a Marketplace. A marketplace does not need a warehouse. They are just neglecting the sellers because they know that even if the sellers goes, they will always have a cloudtail, or a wsretail to fulfill the orders.

    Secondly, sellers, please stop sending your products to their warehouse for fulfillment. You lose control for your inventory and they can send products without verification and accept returns without skipping a beat, because, Hey! its your product, your money, and they don’t care!! And if you don’t believe me, take time and check your accounts, all the orders, returns, and the charges levid by the marketplaces , and you will realize you are not making any money. You are just better putting money in the bank and it will give you more in interest.

    Have safe selling, and remember, there are always the courts and consumer forums to help you! You just have to let them know 😉


  9. Yes, the article is apt.
    Their return percentage is very high. Thinking to stop working with Flipkart.
    On top of it, I’m able to find out lot of customers who again and again buy from us and return the product. They buy at 10 to 15 times and return almost 12 to 13.
    During promotions, they will just like that make product non-live informing that I have changed price before promotion whereas I have not done anything. Its a glitch in their software. When called seller support, they say it cannot be wrong as its not manual, data is taken from software.
    Really dont understand how to deal with them.
    On top of it, now Ekart demands us to pack the material in such a way that product is not visible outside whereas we have not received any such instructions from Flipkart in writing.
    Also on returns, we receive used products and when we check, these products are RTO which means customer refused to take delivery, then how did we receive used products. Who is the culprit.

  10. Abhay Reply

    Sellers are treated in a harsh way on Flipkart. I know many other sellers, who have stopped selling on it, soon I will do the same as well. Buyers misuse returns. Flipkart openly agrees to what buyers say, even if it is not true.

  11. Ankur Reply

    Except payment transparency, flipkart does not have any feature to be with them.

    You can check the payment any time for particular order that how many amount got against each order I’d.

    Return is between 30 to 40 percent across all categories.

    If they will perform like this surly some one will take over.

  12. Rohit Singal Reply

    Shopclues is the best. You must be joking. They are the brother of Snapdeal, tau of Flipkart and Mama of Paytm.

    • i had very bad experience with shopclues..uploading listings & pics is pretty tough job.. payments are delayed… return to seller is bad..costumer care is worst !! i just closed store following so much irregularities.

  13. Monica Reply

    I agree, with the policy (some) Flipkart is following.

    they will block your product for not handing over to Logistics on time for 7 days, even if you have handed it and not shipped by Ekart! they will not listen or try to understand a seller, moreover won’t give a solution even if you provided documents to them on given time frame and will just block the SKU. the solution will be in 2-7 working days and by the time product is blocked! Won’t listen even if it’s not your fault.

    The same is with Amazon also.

    They may block your Account for bad health, will first let you sell the products (restricted in their language), won’t restrict you when listing, won’t provide you the list of banned / restricted product in their terms, but just make you restrict from selling altogether even if your rating is pretty good. When you appeal, they will be giving a complete list of all the faults you have made mail after mail prompting you to use PAID SERVICE PROVIDER, no account manager or proper mail will be send setting a proper reason.
    Once I was made to pay 150% to a cheater / fraud buyer for a product that was absolutely fine and returned fully used. All mails made in protest were in vain.

  14. Prakash Bishnoi Reply

    Well mentioned points above by fellow sellers. We are selling on flipkart for almost 2.5 years now. and can see a clear downfall of flipkart services with concerned to sellers.
    1. Last 7-8 months daily we are facing issue in order processing(generating shipping label takes atleast 40-50 minutes for bulk upload of 100+ orders)
    2. Height of non-sense: recently they have changed Ready to dispatch RTD timing 10.00AM for 1 day SLA (But in general who ll come office at 9.30-10.00am and process orders (again it ll take 40-50 min. to take printouts). More interestingly RTD time is 10.00AM and they will release orders from upcoming order tab by 9.50am.
    3. Upcoming orders- What it proves by showing upcoming orders. it creates confusion for inventory update and blocks the inventory because some upcoming orders are showing for a month time.
    4. E-kart services: Flipkart has put restrictions on daily new orders limit saying ekart guys are unable to handle huge volume–but every where we can see for 20-30 sellers and daily 4000-5000 shipments atleast 15-20ekart pick up guys are roaming.
    5. Returns rate increased heavily- Last 3-4 months courier returns RTO has increased surprisingly.
    6. Unrelated Reasons for returns- which puts seller performance metrics down and sellers in loss. and create escape for flipkart so they can take shipping charges,commission,related service taxes. For example- If customer given reason for return is Specification error than its called “misshipment” and actually customer is in fault that he/she ordered by mistake but seller only will bear the cost of product(if opened,damaged,used),shipping charges,reverse logistics,commission etc. which will cover the profit of 5 units sold successfully)
    7. Seller support is full of untrained people without proper knowledge of procedures- we ask something they will reply something.
    8. Focus on PRODUCT LISTING ADS- last 2 months flipkart is pushing their account managers heavily to create product listing ads unnecessarily. (Earlier without ads everyone getting Organic orders based on listing and search results:keywords,reviews. but now they are forcing everyone to create ads so who will get orders.
    9.Customer is cheating for every 1-2 orders out of 10. they are replacing new item with used products,look alike,or saying didn’t received. it seems flipkart has least genuine customers among all marketplace.
    10. Putting SLA 1 days but actually customer is getting product in 10days .
    11.MRP abuse–Every 2nd months our 50% Listings getting blocked with reason MRP abuse so kindly provide valid proof of MRP with each product image . Great….First thing how flipkart can decide that seller A has put the correct and seller B is putting value below/higher than allowed value ,which is incorrect. whether you have product in your hand and MRP is Rs.999 but you are not allowed to put that value as mentioned on product so obviously you have to put value as allowed by trying multiple times when adding product. and within 10 days your listing will be blocked for MRP abuse.

    so general advice to all sellers- Continue to sell on flipkart if —
    1. your product cost is Rs. X and your flipkart selling price is Rs. 10X so after flipkart commission,Shipping charges,Sales tax,and assume return of 3 units out of 10 units sold.you will get hardly fraction of Rs. X. so be wise and list item accordingly.
    2. Don’t compete heavily with other sellers on daily basis for small visible profits which ends up at large loss for long term. because you are blindly reducing price to sell your item by ignoring cost,expenses,returns etc.
    3. Limit with product listing ads because if all opting in then again result will be zero for all and flipkart only will get your money. Because ads make sense when in your category only 2-3 sellers are giving product listing ads.
    4. Don’t mix your total sales with flipkart sales. do separate reconciliation for 1 month and you ll get discrepancies in settlements and Profit/loss unit wise.

  15. Molldi Reply

    VERY IMPORTANT NEWS for New Sellers or Sellers of offline who trying to join.

    FORGET about profits. Booming Online

    HERE once you join online business like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc YOU will definitely feel shame, depressed and REGRET.

    Leave about Big people like WSRETAIL or any crorepati joining and making profit.

    They are big and they can manage it. Ofcourse some people making money.

    But, if you are small sellers. or having small shop and looking to expand. And listening news about online.

    Then Try eBay, Shopclues etc.

    DIRECT do not join Flipkart. Amazon, Snapdeal. THESE are more than DANGERIOUS for your investment.

    As having sufficient experience I am writing this review.

    Online selling is very dangerious on these popular sites. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal

    Truly headache and you will loose respect on yourself.

    Still these websites growing day by day because they are making illegal profits from you. ONLY because of sellers they are here. And they are making huge profits.

    On the other hand thousand of sellers suffering from many problems. NOT just one.

    A sale is done on Flipkart. That does not mean you are done.

    COD high returns. If you go in deep you will find how paining it will be when item return due to fake buyers. Or irresponsible buyer. Even irresponsible courier staff. All that leads to heavy and heavy LOSS ONLY for you. NOT for Flipkart.. NOT for Amazon… Not for Snapdeal.

    Another more dangerious return, that is USE and THROW. A buyer uses your product. Use for few days and return it. You are totally DONE here.

    You sold expensive item like Rs.10,000 value electronic item. Watch etc.
    Buyer use it. And return it. Irrespective of any issue. They always have options to return. And 99% returns are totally illegal. you rarely find any genuine reason return.

    Flipkart, Amazon giving you option for return. So, as a buyer you are mis-using it.

    In our traditional business. If anyone purchase item like ipod etc. Once sold, nobody take return. Either refer to manufacturer for any service issue OR if customer do not like. He must have to sell as second hand to anyone.

    That is why, few people who often change things. Purchase it and later sell at lower price in second hand shops or anyone in the locality etc

    But NOW as a buyer this illegal sites giving your complete freedom.

    USE it, Throw it. Also get money back.

    Currently nobody can stop them. NOT even our most corrupted government in India. Government just need taxes.

    They care nothing for sellers. Business.

    But, this will not run for long run. These type of policies either collapse our economy. Or people will have to beg on the streets. Closing small shops etc.

    Even FDI is coming to our country saying we will create employment. That definitely loose jobs. Giving 100 jobs by damaging 1 lakh does not make any sense.

    Current positive is government is totally blind. And they are not observing these companies towards sellers.

    These companies Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal even blocking sellers payment by imposing various policies. All these policies are against Indian interest. To harm sellers.

    Huge and huge profit for them. And buyers are also happy. Definitely anyone can be happy when you give them beyond the limit. Give them easy option to wear and throw and get money.
    Give them reason to use new product, try new product and then send back.
    But, in long run, this will make heavy loss to the nation.

    Why still our blind government not doing anything?

    At least from any section. any forums like this, responsible and powerful people have to forward this to law makers of Nation. Else we will become like Africa..

    There will be no small sellers. Only few big one enjoy and total business system which is going on since hundreds of years will collapse.

    WILL we wait, until we see our country in destruction?

    Today with the help of this forums. At least I am doing my little work to warn new and small sellers.

    And also to remind our government.

    Online business is going on in India since more than a decade like eBay. Which we can understand but, after Flipkart. Amazon, Snapdeal, paytm etc.. It is going in wrong way. Which is dangerious to the nation.

    Simply point why these illegal websites allowing return. Imposing penalty. Blocking payment etc. And doing all good things with buyers is to get more buyers. More profit.

    And with the help of lot of black money big players can play on these websites but, small sellers definitely crying without any kind of help.

    So, please do not sell on these websites. If you are not sure, just start business and check for few months. If you are real honest person. You will cry.. You will regret.

  16. Mukul Reply

    Why Flipkart don’t provide customer details like e-mail and contact numbers?

    I am sure all of us want to increase the sales and have worries with the returns. Some keep a count on returns and some don’t. This is where Flipkart has its earnings.
    They put the status of any order as “Returned completed”, while in fact it is delivered to the customer. We don’t have direct contact details and therefore it is difficult to send a letter to him to confirm delivery status.

    Now your the advance payment is deducted after its status is available in “Returned completed”.
    Those who don;t check that the returned item is in-fact not received by them have a loss of the item.

    Flipkart has its earnings.

    I checked my account and found that almost 60% of the items that were marked “returned completed” weren’t actually returned and the payment was also deducted.
    If we call seller support or mark them an email, they have a good excuse “Please provide order ids”

    Now the follow up starts which goes on for 90 days and in the meantime if you forgot to look after new returns you are at loss and if found the chain starts again.
    Which simply means they will use your money for their benefit/business.

    I have never ever seems a company like Flipkart or Fraudkart in my life.

    If all of us get together a file a case with the RBI (Who is wholly responsible to maintain regulations for Online business. I am sure we can get this business streamlined and companies like Flipkart would wipe-out.

    • dear mukul
      u r right here
      i also face same problems with flipcart
      we r sellers ,where to concentrate over sale or over return records
      many times seller support says ur claim opproved
      when i ask give proof about return of money over claim
      ,it took case pending

      it is more painful now selling on flipcart

  17. Mohit Reply

    I am also agree with this ,worst selling experinece on flipkart ,as we stopped selling on flipkart ,there is one point missing ,which i want to add, what about the packing cost ,we recieve the return packet what about the cost of the packing material & salary of person who do the packing & time wasting as well

  18. Absolutely agree with above post and comments regarding Flipkart. Return rate on Flipkart is 50%. This is not the case with other market places. I have heard (not verified thought) that the account managers have monthly targets and they place fake cod orders to meet their target. Once the orders are dispatched, they cancel the order. This is ridiculous. Waste of time, energy and packing materials every time a order is cancelled.

  19. Hitesh Jain Reply

    This is a very true article with all bad practices of flipkart and ekat.
    Recently they have made my account pending for the reason of RTD breaches and i challenge them to show me the RTD breaches because of my fault.
    Their orders get stuck in processing state for a long time resulting to which the orders were not dispatched. Same indecent was also reported but no action to be taken.
    Their logistics charges are tooo high. on a dead weight on 1 kg they always charge 2 kg or more.
    They are out of the control.
    and the returns are soooo hell here. FRAUD customers sends a torn or used blanket in return instead of the new ordered one. They keep the new product and send back the old product. Also the returns that happen are fo no reason. The product works absolutely fine but returns the same.

  20. Hi all,

    Thanks all for your views. I also want to share some more. I have tried to list some products of my own registered brand around 6 months back, but I got the listings blocked for the reason that VERTICALS NOT LAUNCHED FOR ALL SELLERS. Upon checking with the category manager, I got to know that it is because that category is opened for a few sellers (very big brands) and not for all. This is so ridiculous. Also, my thread at the top lead me to make my entire inventory set to ZERO count and I am not interested in doing any business. Soon there will be ppl like me to boycott Flipkart until it changes the policy on CoD or RETURNS.


  21. Unfortunately I don’t see anything new here.It is the similar story narrated by most of the Shopkeepers who went Online with either of these India’s big Online Companies !

    Practically Online Selling should have brought Transparency in the system(So whoever is taking abnormal margins should miss the business) but should not have disturbed the existing Supply Chain !

    Let’s hope our model of ApneAreaMein.com will bring relief to Retailers and Consumers both !

  22. Hitesh Reply

    We all suffer from same problems in selling on these marketplaces. There should be a committee who need to keep a check on all the malpractices of marketplaces. We should sign a petition against all the marketplace ( mainly flipkart and amazon) to remove any kind of deductions from our account in case of return. It would be a seller friendly practise. Then there will be no objection in returning the product from the seller.
    They are investing so much funds for customer retention but no steps for seller retention. They should give equal preference to both.
    We can start online petition on change.org
    If anyone is interested can contact me on hiteshluthra93@gmail.
    I am ready to sign the petition.

  23. Hay guys I want to share my own experience. Feeling good with less business but solid. Now I stop to work with big companies. Work with small companies. Previously my return was 40-60%. But now I controlled to 10-20%. I work with small companies. No return on disliking.

    I found small companies like CheckNShop.com, blonging, fivenations, panchsell. Doing business with them. I got same business. No faltu returns and harassment. Small companies listen you and work better for you and customers.

    Checknshop.com write in their policy. On Disliking, No return Only if any damage or wrong product and email within 24-48 hours of delivery. Then product will be returned and replaced. So I like to work with small companies.

    Unchi Dukan Feeke Pakvan.

    Try to work with small Start ups and grow your country and your business.


  24. VISHWAS JAIN Reply

    On 15-10-2015 I received order (OD304176420838746000) of 50 No. SanDisk 8 GB class 4 memory card. As no individual buyer buy this much quantity, I send mail to Flipkart for order verification (Reference Number: 151015-150958). On 17-10-2015 Flipkart confirm to process the order as they found the order genuine. So I dispatched the item as per order received.
    On 09-11-15 I received courier return (RTO) of same order (OD304176420838746000); at time of delivery I found box is tempered and repacked, so I open packet infront of delivery boy and found 50 no fake 16 GB memory card inside the box. As a process I call local ekart branch supervisor and repored the same; he said to receive the product and mail to Flipkart for the same.
    On the same day I mail for seller protection fund (SPF). On 17-11-2015 I received mail confirming to receive claim amount which is which is ₹2344, while total order value was ₹11720.
    On 17-11.2015 I send another mail (Reference Number: 151117-116079) objecting claim amount ₹2344 and request to approve remaining amount. On 27-11-2015 I received mail confirming to receive claim amount. But I never get the approved claim amount.
    Ahead to this when I not received any payment for other orders till 30-01-2016, I send new mail (Reference Number: 160131-003194) to know the issue and they reply that my balance is negative but actually it was around ₹8000 positive and as per my calculation it was right. They told me that there is some wrong calculation and they send me unsettled transaction statement; in the statement I found they were charging ₹11720 for SFP claim which was already approved so they need to pay for me.
    Further conversation goes ahead on 03-02-2016 again received mail confirming to receive claim amount. But I never get the approved claim amount.
    Now situation is Flipkart make negative balance ₹-64506.15 for SPF claim (OD304176420838746000).
    This is what kind of fraud Flipkart is doing with sellers.

    • Gaganpreet Reply

      Hello Vishwas Jain,

      The same thing happened to me, but not in single order, multiple orders, can I know what happened next about the unsettled amount, did you paid back to them, you can call me so we can have discussion about this. this is serious topic. +91-70092-62016
      Any have any info about dealing with unsettled amount please contact me.


  25. Ah.. after learning so much on flipcart i am not going on this platform to sell ..For me eBay is best….didn’t experienced any such problems mentioned here..for all the people here i suggest to sell on ebay …the only thing matters how you treated on ebay is your feedback score.. if you maintain a good DSR ..you are king on ebay.

  26. Even worsen is the situation for sellers from ODISHA there is an separate issue of Bloody Government Waybills , also for the order of rupess 200 .. anyhow we manged to give the waybill generating it from Government Sale tax websites…
    But the Ekart Logitics have not showed more than 150 waybill at the State Border hence it nearly lead to suspension of our VAT number !! Its Flipkarts duty to clear and show all papers in border but instead the senior advises us to pay bribe of 100 rupees per waybill to clear by Saletax department .. 100X150= 15,000 such a Pathetic BIG companies !! Horible this can be called as open CRIME without any solution no one to hear..

  27. After analysing the need of many Retailers, we found following challenges of Shopkeepers/ Sellers and we have come up with following features on Area specific Online Shopping Portal.

    Online Sellers, Do you think we are still missing something critical from your Wishlist?

    Will be directly paid to you by Customer, not through us.So either in few hours if COD OR in case of Credit card/Debit card etc, it would be T+1.

    You can always make sensible margins.

    Stock blockage:
    Your stock remains in transit maximum for 30 min to 45 min.So no bloackage of stock.

    Packing :
    No need for special packing, rather no packing will help .

    Damage in transit:
    As movement is not very long, and is handled by your person, damage is rare.

    Return of Product after Use:
    Product is shown / handed over in working condition as you do on offline store.No further returns are accepted.

    Your exclusive store:
    You can use very small URL to promote your Exclusive Online Store(Without any side banners of others) as good as your own Online Shopping Website.

    Customer Loyalty:
    There are very high chances of the customer recommending other friends / coming back to you on your online/Physical store, if he is satisfied with your product/services.

    Delivery :
    As it will be in surrounding areas, you can save a lot by using your own delivery cum counter boy.

    Additional Sale:
    If your own delivery boy goes to handover the item, he can bring more orders from same customer.

    While customer /User gets the satisfaction of fair comparison of Cost and delivery, you as a seller always get chance to sell your product !

    Huge product range:
    For most of Categories and brands, we will help you in uploading.

    Number of Products:
    If you choose, Premium Package of 5999/- per year, you would be allowed to upload unlimited items in single category for a year.

    As your Store name is shown with all of your products as well as in different list, you get Branding opportunity as well.

    You get Mobile friendly Web / App based User friendly Dash board to manage your all products.

    Pls feel free to fill form on Become Seller on ApneAreaMein.com home page to know more details about each feature.

  28. Atul Bafna Reply

    Having been a seller on ebay from last 2 years I am now feeling that this marketplace model will tank down soon.

    Here’s why..

    initially there was no fierce competition so we had some margin to cushion the unexpected losses.. And since only the educated and genuine class had access to online shopping the scamsters and frauds were not too many.. Sellers were few so volumes were higher too..

    But things are getting nasty now.. With marketplaces themselves shedding blood in survival race..

    recently even ebay itself has started cheating us charging seller account discreetely even for cases closed in sellers favor. (If you’re an ebay seller make sure to check your incoices properly for unexpected charges)

    and then I encounter buyers who break my stuff and claim having received it in broken condition some even got my expensive sports camera replaced with their used and faulty one purchased from elsewhere and I could do nothing about it as it does not have any unique code like a phone IMEI.

    I’m a small scale hobby seller with 2-3 parcel per day volume so it did not hurt too much as I was just testing the waters.. But for seasoned and full time sellers It must be a frightful experience.

    Marketplaces need to find measure for closer integration with sellers and to instill more fraud prevention mechanisms or I’m pretty sure this huge ship will sink soon..

  29. Sanjib Reply

    Hi sellers,

    I have an idea to put you in a new category in e-retallers site, where all transactions will non COD and it’s guaranteed. As per my understanding fraudulent return requests come from COD only.
    Though I am not an e-seller but I can very much feel your pain.

  30. Gigin George Reply

    I myself did lot of cheating online. by purchasing from sellers.
    Changed item and returned it.
    Still nobody catch me.
    As a buyer anyone in India now loot thousands of rupees
    So, no need to work hard and get money.
    Anyone can easily do that.
    Here in India. Government want taxes, nothing beyond that.
    Buyers repeatedly cheating. And no one can catch them.NO one can protect online sellers.
    That’s for 100% sure. It is not like, it cannot be stop by government.It can but, our government just want money. Like british slowly, slowly all ecommerce market places taking all money.They are just not taKING also giving to government. So,government is happy and Ecommerce market places like Flipkart, Amazon,Snapdeal,Paytm, Shopclues all making money… money…money…

    You are wondering how online sales are going on. When sellers are suffering.
    It is because few big investments are coming from foreign like Cloudtail, WS retail etc

    And also new sellers with the hope of business coming and after coming they loose everything and leaving

    Although previous I did wrong things but, currently my friend suffer a loss, so,writing this review

  31. Rakesh Reply

    Hi to All Sellers… Please wait for some time… New Marketplace will fulfill all seller desires…

  32. Prabhat Somani Reply

    Need to tie up for a business concept. Please call back or provide a number to talk with

  33. Dilpa Parikh Reply

    i am trying to start business with flipkart.Is it anything like we need brand approval to sell products.
    Suppose if we are selling normal products which have no brand name like Dressberry and all. so is it not possible to sell products.

  34. Rahul Reply

    I have also suffered from Flipkart end and not going to sell anything until I get my money back from them.

  35. Ecommerce sites are new in this business, they are following an international format of hypermarkets operations. which will work in india after few years only. It is here to stay for few decades.
    chances for success is Good , everybody has dived in to it without proper calculations.
    yes correct when you take a check where the money is going you realise that these companies are sharks they will eat your share of profit ,they look ways to eat up your profit.
    Thats not really the case they are struggling too to keep up with the number game, as none of them know a formula for success. Its trial and error , what went wrong. everything has gone wrong from start to ongoing. Cannot say end really.
    most of the suppliers dont realise or dont add the cost of returns.
    returns are like losses . you need a outlet to sell them again. you cannot sell them again online since the customer will return it again as damaged and your stars/reviews will be low.
    india having a million plus suppliers if not x then z will will fill up your space.
    ecommerce stores will be there to encash on this advantage they have.
    wake up suppliers , very simple rule is to follow ” rework ur margins” and you will taste sugar. After all this is the next big thing happened and will continue for few more decades, or to say it will last longer than most of you think it will.
    Remember one thing check your margins before you put up a product for sale. dont care if the same product is being sold for less, be sure the person who sells less will not be there to repeat the same feat again , as he will perish.
    signing off

  36. Sandeep Sahani Reply

    Hi all.

    I have just gone through all experience you people have shared its really good help for new seller. I was thinking of joining ONLINE Amazon and snapdeal but I would think about again wether to go with this route or not as kind experiences our sellers having is really pathetic. But I feel if all the joint together and open a venture and create new marketplace where dirctly seller and buyers can meet up something like buyersandsellers.com can be opened and can be operated by all sellers like cost for logistics and share the operating cost where there is standard rules laid down to followed as what I can call systematic way of selling ONLINE without this big co. But it would take time for marketing and be on the top. I’m sure this would give proper return details as delivery co. Partner will be handled by sellers so no cheating at all. So this suggestion I’m coming just after reading all your post.

    So if you people are interested try do something this way and it would be big reform in online business and we set realistic price of products keep our profit margins so definently customer would also be happy.

    So sellers please if guys are ready jointly we making this happen then we can see what flipkart or any co can do about playing in the market.

    Personally I don’t like flipkart at all as I had bad experiences back in 2012 when I wanted a job there Hr was fuckin useless and he didn’t took my interview as I had just spoke to my past co. Colleague and we had talk and the Hr had notice and start asking how do knw him etc etc since then I don’t give them a damn and work far better then there co. They are useless fraud co. By selling damaged prodcut.

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