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    An abusive seller named Tikis Handicrafts starts pouncing on me for leaving her “neutral” feedback. Of course, the quality of her items were extremely good. I never denied it. I never told her anything negative about the product but her choice of the shipment company was India Post. Now, India Post has clearly tried to open my parcel again. I left her a neutral feedback and explained clearly in it that India Post had tried to indulge in thefts again with me though I gave them a chance. Without being reasonable, she leaves me a negative feedback asking me never to visit her store again though I always pay up the dues to every seller when I buy the goods. There have been absolutely no complaints against me before. None whatsoever but this seller claimed so many things in her private messages to me including things like “this is the first time I wanted to try selling in India but you shut down my shop,” and then made other contradictory statements like, “You did not pay me for shipping” and blah blah. Hey, EBay India does not charge their buyers for shipping. It’s mostly included by the honest Indian sellers in the product cost itself. Even EBay told me on the phone that I have paid all my dues but this lady gets all retaliatory on me, doesn’t think of the payment I honest made against the goods I purchased from her, etc. But EBay India supports her nonetheless. When I wrote a complaint against her on the EBay forum, they are saying that it’s against their “policies” to name a seller openly and edited my comments to remove her shop’s name but yeah — they will tolerate it if a seller gives negative feedback under the category of positive feedback and harasses good buyers! I wish they would go back to their USA — wherever they came from. There is absolutely no buyer protection. Just seller protection. How do you think customers will be happy? If they want to save on taxes fraudulently from the USA, they can continue to stay in India. Otherwise, let them roll up their sleeves and prepare to leave my country. No other seller had done this to me before. This female seller claimed that she was born in India but has been to several places, etc. and that she still knows India in and out but she didn’t seem to be able to predict that India Post is not being honest. At least, she could have done her homework before entering the Indian market about customer preferences, problems, etc. Plus, my postman is also constantly bothering me by saying that I need to stop complaining to India Post on their website because he is “honest” and did not steal and blah blah. I gave him another chance but the packet comes torn at the top. I have lost around 200 GBP (Great Britain Pounds) while trying to buy artificial jewelry from the UK before.. thanks to India Post’s greedy employees. However, the honest seller from the UK thankfully refunded me or else I would have lost a huge sum of money. Plus, India Post had once stolen laddoo Prasad that came to me under “Registered, Speed Post” from the Mahakaleshwar Temple and they conveniently blamed it on the “rats.” Thankfully, I noticed that the packet of sugar cubes that the temple had sent me was intact. If it had really been rats, I am sure those things wouldn’t have spared even the packet of sugar cubes. I would strongly urge Indian sellers to continue using FedEx and BlueDart as compared to India Post. I am really getting tired of all this. Now, this seller has defamed me publicly but EBay is okay with it. I would also urge buyers to stay away from this fraudulent seller “Tikis Handicrafts.” If I really had a problem with the items, I would have sent a photograph and made a refund claim but since the product was perfectly alright, I did not do so. The package was torn though!!! I paid the seller INR 650 – now, calculate the cost of raw materials for making jewelry – it barely comes to INR 40 or 50. Plus, if they ship in bulk with private couriers, what do they lose? They get discounts. They can happily keep their profits and also save on shipping but this stingy seller sent it by India Post. I initially did not object because I decided to give my postman one last chance but the packet arrives torn still. Then, when it comes, I realized it is high time to stop allowing eBay sellers to ship items by India Post. So yes, I make other customers aware through a neutral feedback. My intention was never to defraud the seller but she starts pouncing on me with accusations such as “I am shutting down her shop” and blah blah just like the foreign returned seller that she is. She uses big words to get her way! I am not one of those dishonest buyers please! Before anyone else can pounce on me, think! I have always paid my dues to eBay sellers and my records have always been neat. If I had really not paid her, she could have left me a negative feedback – even if under a positive category but she got all vengeful and retaliatory – just like a British Colonialist would have done to Indians back in the day! Wow!

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