[Seller Interview] “Shopclues removed all the tickets related to this issue,” says Kapil; Is the etailer hiding something?

Kapil Soni

Withheld payment is a common trend with online marketplaces these days. Askme’s  sinking business has made sellers cautious. Many have called out ecommerce platforms like Indofash and IndiaRush for pending payments. Indianroots is allegedly holding off payments to both sellers and buyers. Voonik’s trouble with Surat sellers and Snapdeal’s rejection of valid seller claims have gotten these two big etailers on the list of payment defaulters as well.

Online sellers Kapil Soni informs Indian Online Seller (IOS) that Shopclues also fits the bill and should be added the list of payment defaulters. The cellular and electronics vendor signed up to Shopclues with the intention of making money not having it taken away.

Kapil says, “My conclusion of Shopclues is that it is an unprofessional company where the wrong people are sitting in crucial positions.”

Why does the seller think so poorly of the online marketplace? We dug deeper to understand his problems and uncovered a can of worms.

IOS: What drew you to online retail? What was your experience like?

In October 2014, my existing business was not performing well. So, I decided to try a new venture in online selling via ecommerce sites available and operational in India. I was aware of eBay.com as I had purchased a lot through it. So, I decided to sell electronic products on eBay.in.

Its platform was and is still very straightforward and professional. Their back office is good, accurate and bug-free. Till today, I am a merchant on eBay.in and I sell electronic products there without any problem. But, it’s very sad to say that major ecommerce platforms like Flipkart, Shopclues and Snapdeal are nowhere close to it.

IOS:What kind of products do you sell online?

My products are related to the cellular industry like mobile phones for masses and various sensors required by engineering students for their project purposes.

I have an office in Shenzhen China where there are major factories producing these sensors. I thought that it would be good for students if these were widely available to them (right here in India).


I sell the iPhone 4 on Shopclues and sales of this product through Shopclues caused me all kinds of trouble.

IOS: When did you join Shopclues? What was it like selling on the platform?

I joined Shopclues in the year 2015, during the month of October. I wanted more customers, therefore, I thought it was a good to try other platforms. My idea was multiple platforms would lead to more visibility with more sales.

  1. At the start, I had big hopes because there were a lot of advertisements about this company, Shopclues, back then. When I first logged into their system for merchants, I found that even listing on this platform was tedious and you needed to get their team involved. Especially for, bulk image uploads. And, all of this was not the case on eBay.

  1. The second most obvious problem I found, in a couple of days, was that their team was very lousy at work. Some didn’t even have a clue of what they were doing and what their circle of administration included. A simple task like listing items took days as the team had to confirm after I opened several tickets or communicated to them on their merchant support to expedite the process. Till date, the story is the same.

IOS: What were the main pain points that reduced your faith in the etailer further?

  1. Lack of staff

Unfortunately, (it appears that) this company is going through scarcity of employees and one person is handling several merchants which is leading to a chaotic situation.

  1. Misleading information

The category manager of mobile- refurbished misled me in a very bad way causing me a loss of lakhs. This category manager, for the past 1 year till date still assumes that the total number of COD orders returned are within 30% of industrial standards ( I don’t know where he got used to the term Industrial Standard, it is still a suspense). I had shared with him a graph along with the facts that COD return rates were 60% and above.

I still wondered, when I first met him in his Delhi office, how he was so sure that on Shopclues a merchant can knock 1000 units of sales a month. I had imported 954 units and it’s been a year these items are not sold till date.

  1. Failed programs

This company had launched many flop programs like a recent one called Advisor Guru. I have never seen any company personnel who instead of helping sellers actually destroys their business and gets their account suspended. The most shameful part is when I shared evidence with his seniors via email and with him in CC, he acted like a ghostly shadow not uttering a single word or accepting his mistakes.

I believe I was somewhat lucky as I had kept a backup of every activity of the website which included a lot of facts related to –

  • A buggy back office

  • Removal of order details

  • Alteration of payout history

  • Bogus remittance dates

They very well know their system has bugs and to safeguard this information, when they reactivated (one of) my account(s) a few days back, they removed all the support tickets I raised (related to above-mentioned concerns).

I dropped several emails to their team approximately 2-3 days back but they are speechless about the grave mistakes they had done.

IOS: When did your payment issues with Shopclues begin? How much does the etailer owe you?

I had shipped an order and the wrong OSLA charges were added, which were Rs.1.4 lakh initially and now the balance is Rs. 26,000 (that is still due).

Moreover, last April’s payment of Rs 44,000 was on hold for more than 45 days and when I protested on social media they released the payment just about a week back. However, their date of this remittance is showing April 7th whereas I got payment in mid-May and they are not willing to change this information.

Also, they removed all the tickets related to this issue where I raised claims about the OSLA charges, order disappearance and manipulated payout history.

I have two accounts on Shopclues one for Kolkata and another for Delhi. The Delhi account is still suspended. If I email their team they say that my account was activated in the month of April.

Why my (Delhi) account was suspended (in the first place) is still a mystery. I have about 4 handset payments worth Rs.35,000 is still due. These same 4 handsets were wrongly shipped by Shopclues to locations other than my office address. And, their customers received satisfactory refunds.

IOS: How did you communicate with Shopclues about the issues with their support?

I communicated with a lot of people whom I know via emails when my concern went over deaf ears. Then I posted the issue on Twitter and from there the Shopclues team acknowledged me and wanted to know about the problem.

After they got stock of my problem they stated my account would be reactivated. But, then even after a month of suspension they still claim my account was reactivated on the 12th of April. By this you can understand the efficiency of their team and reliability their responses.

IOS: What about the payment delays, what was the reason behind this?

My payment was delayed because of account suspension which was due to the higher number of order cancellation done by me. This is according to them.

Even after I clarified and they confirmed that my account would be reactivated. Yet, it took more than one month to remit my money that is still unanswered.

My OSLA money which they wrongly charged was worth Rs.1.4 lakh and they remitted most of it except the Rs.26,000 balance. The Rs.1.4 lakh was due for the past 7-10 months.

They were showing a manipulated remittance date for the payment which I didn’t get. In the image check the red marking which denoted dates and keywords to the problem.


Note*– In the above image Kapil has included an email from Shopclues, where it has stated that his account suspension was an automated bulk process which doesn’t check the whole scenario, whether (the) merchant is at fault or not, as it is a bulk process…

IOS: What are your sales like on Shopclues?

My electronic commodity sales on Shopclues are not very good. My online retail sales had gone down with demonetisation and after we stopped COD orders. But, my basic sales figures in a month were approximately Rs.18-20 lakh. Now, they have come down to Rs.6-7 lakh a month.

The problem with Shopclues is, each and every step related to their system of online selling, (i.e from communicating deals with account managers to receiving orders, packing products, processing, pickups, delivery, payment and RTO), is inefficient.

IOS: What kind of action have you taken against Shopclues so far?

So far, I had to send emails every day, sometimes even threaten them (Shopclues) with legal action when I felt frustrated. My option of taking legal action against them is still open. But, I plan to wait for another month to see if my pending matters get resolved by them.

IOS: Will you leave this portal due to your disappointing experience?

No. I want these ecommerce companies to be more accountable and teach them a lesson to stop playing with people’s livelihoods.

IOS: What advice do you have for other sellers on Shopclues?

My message to other sellers is: –

  • Never blindly trust the system they provide you to operate your business. This is because they manipulate things as per their needs and they will go to every possible level to save themselves and prove you wrong.

  • Always keep backups of everything you find suspicious. 

  • Don’t rely on what their team or AC managers say. They say things just to look good in their company in terms of performance and nailing you down.

  • Stop COD (cash on delivery). There are lots of bogus customers out there.

Kapil feels manipulated and cheated by Shopclues. Its inefficiency has forced him to believe the etailer lacks the proper tools and skill to assist sellers to business online. Are you also in the same boat as him? Has Shopclues manipulated your account details or withheld your dues? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I agree with kapil on each an every problem he mentioned here…like kapil i too launched my e-commerce a/c’s on a same day on eBay & shopclues ..& i
    closed shop clues in just 2-3 months seeing problems with site of loading products , excess weight being charged by couriers , fake payment days that roll on to next & next, pathetic customer support etc etc …while on other hand eBay is a wonderful site easy on use very good in payments & very ice helping staff ..whats more i enjoy a Power top Rated seller now..
    So people be carefull of shop clues .

  2. I agree with Kapil on each an every problem he mentioned here…like kapil i too launched my e-commerce a/c’s on a same day on eBay & shopclues ..& i
    closed shop clues in just 2-3 months seeing problems with site of loading products , excess weight being charged by couriers , fake payment days that roll on to next & next, pathetic customer support etc etc …while on other hand eBay is a wonderful site easy on use very good in payments & very nice helping staff ..whats more i enjoy a Power top Rated seller now..
    So people be careful of shop clues .

  3. Virtual Store Reply

    YES Above seller complaint is TRUE.
    At least I am not big seller but, very small seller.
    Started my business on Shopclues but, within few months I had to stop it.
    Because, me a computer professional worked for MNC can face this kind of huge issues with their pathetic system. Then imagine how normal people can handle them.

    Their system always very very slow. Always time. Always something or the other issue.
    They always and always have issue on their website. Listing items issue.
    Printing manifest issue.
    payment issue.
    Always issue.
    NO TOLL FREE number for seller support.
    NO 24/7 support.
    NO chat support.
    Only pathetic merchant support email or raising ticket from their system that always give issue.
    It feel like you are working in heart desert of rajasthan.
    Very tough company.
    This fellows even do not learn from world reputed companies like eBay.
    Where their system is very simply. Easy to understand. Just within few days you can easily learn

    Here Ecommerce websites like Shopclues should be banned from India.
    Because, not just technical problems. These fellows are cheating many Indian businesses.
    Small fellows / shop keepers they even don’t know anything so they cannot come and fight against this fraud Shopclues.

    Earlier few times i have payment issue.

    Now this type in march to June 2017 I tried to change the banking details on their website but, it grayed out. So, I contacted them. And this lazy support contacted after a week. With list of documents that need to be submitted just to change the bank account. That you cannot find even on Amazon USA or Any top most ecommerce company in the world.

    They behave like they are giving you 10 crore loan. Your account, you should be able to login and change with few clicks. Because based on the customer support, often people change bank as well.

    When I find they asked me to provide list of documents and then letters, I asked them how I can close my account.

    But, instead of taking seriously and connecting me with managers. This blind fellows directly kept the account in disabled mode.

    Again after few days I got email saying.
    “We are unable to send you payment, because account is in disabled mode”
    So, I contacted them and after a week I got a call from one supervisor and he said it was mistake from Shopclues end. And after few days account reactived.

    But, this time instead of getting me payment. They are asking me to pay.

    HERE very important point you must understand… if you are already seller or planning to sell online.

    YOU Sold item.
    You should get money for sold item or will you pay for that?

    But, this useless Shopclues asking me to pay amount.

    After that I asked them several times why I should pay you.
    And what are those charges. They do not have any kind of answer.
    Also my sold history is 2 months back.
    They simply saying I have negative balance.
    ( We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Based on your concern, we would like to inform you that payout was turned to negative as we have deducted the RMA charges (Selling fee + Warehouse charges + Two-way shipping fee).

    Till now I do not understand what is that HELL warehouse charges. And what is two way shipping etc. Because I sold item very long back and I need to receive money for sold item.

    INSTEAD this FRAUD Shopclues asking me to pay from my pocket.

    If everything continue like this, then one day you will find Indians business is history. Everybody will be dying with hunger.

    I really do not understand. What the hell government is going to protect the small businesses when this kind of companies are looting the Indians.

    So, my suggestion to ALL the people, check your payment with all ecommerce platforms.

    Try to focus on offline business Or have your own online source.

    This type of fraudulent ecommerce companies can make you slave.

    AND SUGGEST EVERYONE to stop selling on Shopclues with immediate effect.

    This is really very very dangerous shopping site for sellers.

  4. I think shopclue is a worst e commerce company diluted the Sailor with different scheme and running program we’re almost more than a 4 year experience with e-commerce but we never see such type of working in any market place except shopclue the every month there executive call us for different tiffin services which definitely help us for enhancing the sale as their executive tell us but the real picture is that you never get any sale from this types of services.
    Have taken 2 – 3 trials with these types of services. The last one the experience for the business guru and in this deep charge 4500 rupees for 3 months and give us a talented account manager who does know about anything of ShopClues platform. We have given the paid service of business guru for the account manager to list our items on shopclue. But they take approx 75 days to list our items can you believe this this is a paid service and they told us we will boost up your product and give you a good sale but we never get sale even they can’t able to run the campaign for our products.
    One more issue is due to GST we have made our all the listings out of stock but we are continuous getting orders we have made our listing 3 times out of stock but after 6 to 12 hours our items get active on ShopClues site.
    I think I have a big list of this type of issues with shopping can anyone help us should I continue with shopclue? With such working.

  5. Surabhi Reply

    Yes Kapil is right…..

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