1. Ashish Reply

    WE all heard of Flipkart and Snapdeal but amazon is the biggest fraudster in the marketplace, he disobey the govt rules by opening several cloudtail, cloudtail india like accounts and when the sale gets flopped due to high commission then he suspend the account of the sellers, so they can utilize the money of the sellers easily. Boarding on FBA doesn’t guarantee not suspend of account, like one of the seller whose yearly turnover is 50crore, account suspended for selling inauthentic products… amazon warehouse has all the stock, can’t they check product is genuine or fake when receiving any complaint. Tanashahi nahi chalegi…Indian Govt. Modi needs to look at this.. if you really want digital India, as Amazon India ruining the Indian marketplace.

  2. Hi Its and bhavesh, sorry to hear what happened with your account. We too were signed up on Amazon a few months ago and were experiencing good sales. However just a month our account got deactivated. Tbh if I had to post my issues it woupd be a copy paste of exactly what you mentioned. Amazon needs to handle every case individually and fail to do so for the sheer number of sellers available. Hope they understand this and take required actions.

  3. I think problem lies with seller, there are possibilities where seller tries to add product in incorrect categories to save commission charges..but beware Amazon is clever than you…now gentleman is crying…honesty is must in any business

  4. No matter how big or old your account is, what is your inventory, weather you sale is reaching new heights daily or not if Amazon wants to suspend your account none of your statistic will be reviewed forget about the normal seller even if you are in FBA and you have lakhs of products stored in Amazons warehouse itself then to you dont have any security against it,

    So weather you have FBA or MFN none of this scheme guarantee you non suspension of account.

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