1. After reading this post, I’m recalling an old story of Makka Madina traveller(I guess), which one of my friend told:

    There was a only one shadow giving tree in whole desert route, where each traveller used to take a rest for some minutes or day within that tree whenever they travel through that route.
    On day, one kid boy travelling with his father noticed that , another young man was hitting another man for sitting below that tree and occupied the same spot by saying: “its my grandfathers planted tree, go away!”

    Hence, these marketplaces are also like that tree where new employee teams will kick of any new or old seller whenever they want as per wish (or there so called policies).
    Its better to plant your own tree (like your own webstore or offline store) and fortunately browntape is currently useful in that scenario also , as they have the feature to upload orders and assign shipment numbers to ship the new direct orders.

    It’s advisable, to not trust any marketplace because you don’t own or run them. it’s run by another rat-race participant who want to deliver on its yearly targets of either company revenue or total seller onboardings. they don’t care much about How to help you grow. they will always think about themselves, and that’s perfectly alright because its their Business, not a NGO etc.

    Plant your own store on side before it’s too Late to only regret.

  2. nuzzo Reply

    I got suspended recently from Amazon and they wouldn’t allow me to appeal. I tried to contact them, but they keep ignoring me. Do you think getting an Amazon account from Auction Essistance would be a good idea?

  3. I have suspended Amazon account. Please help us call us 9601296837

  4. Pankaj Reply

    Marketplace works by their own Policies, which is meant to Safeguard their Own Interest & Save their own ***. They even deny their own proofs. Its like you put someone behind bars for lifetime without even telling what he has done wrong and their is No Appeal.

    I have interacted with these people and they Pretend of not understanding you.

    There is No Solution and sometime only one solution, Accept you are Fault (even when you are not at Fault) and Face their One Sided Trial (You can’t represent your Case) and Finally tell them, you wont repeat. If you are lucky, you will get through or Pay some Third Party to Fight your case (See they earn on this one too)

    All Marketplace boast on Number of Products, Discounts they offer to Consumers but they forget behind this Products & Service, Sellers are equally putting their Money & Time to grow Marketplace Business also.

    Bitter Truth – Marketplace do not care for any seller or Rather Zero for them. Even issue is due Marketplace error, don’t expect they will accept.

    Its high time, there should be Marketplace Body & Seller Body, where both will solve issues being faced by Seller. A Governing Body keeping an eye Marketplace, as they are too Big and Biggies always exploit their position.

    Just ask any Marketplace, if they fail on Customer Metrics whether they will shut their companies, the answer is No. They will say Thank you / Sorry for your feedback and then they will improve. This is natural evolution business.

    Seller should get a chance to prove his innocence and atleast some prior information and time to solve such Suspension.

    At the end, Marketplace are here to make business & profit for their own and they are not for Sellers or Customers, so Self Interest will always lead in Business atleast

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