1. kunj patel Reply

    Indiarush is a Website where you can’t sell your 10 Rs item bcz they Don’t have a Proper Set up to run a Website with Vendors and Suppliers, they just seat to block money from seller and customer as well,

    this is a fraud company who is just a opportunist, we also have a dues from indiarush but it around 5000 to 8000,

    they didn’t pay to us on very first month and we have search regarding it’s payment accuracy and found a delay of payment from lot’s of supplier so we stop doing business with indiarush and have save money from being block by them,

    this is appeal to all indiarush seller to stop doing business with this website otherwise you will block your money more than u have with them now,

  2. Indi Bargain Reply

    Indofash also not payment amount to sellers. I have many sellers details, who not getting any amount.
    I have communication with Pallavi (CEO Indofash) and she clearly says that she is busy expanding business and don’t have time to settle sellers tiny amount

  3. Henil Prajapati Reply

    I am also seller of indiarush but, i have started my selling arround nov-2015, i have selled of arround 1.57lac rs in starting they have given ammout of 14,586rs but rest of ammoubt was not given, i have called soo many times to them,but they are blocking my calls and details. I am very much disappointed, i have tooked loan for a business and i dnt have money to pay them, this type of frauds are taking all the money.
    If any 1 can help me then please help in getting money..

  4. nishit jani Reply

    I am also seller of indiarush , inwas also seller of indiarush , i have selled item of arround 2lac rs ,bt i have got arround 26,000rs only and am calling them but they are blocking my calls . I am egarly waiting for them, please pay the money

  5. i have lost around 60,000rs.. with indiarush in may 2015
    we had a deal with indiarush.. i guess that was the first deal at indiarush that they organized.. they promised me to pay me in 2working days for goods sold in that deal and their wont be any return policy for rto as it would be prepaid order…
    that deal is still their on freekaamaal.com i sold the saree for just 30rs margin. and they got around 1000 order that day..
    amrit singh and rajendra rekhi kept calling me that get the packing done and ship it.. that deal went till 4days. they didnt paid me anything in 4days so i stopped shipping as i had fund issues..
    and then they kept making excuse.. the deal was of 22nd may and total amount was of around 5lacs..
    they paid me 1lac in july. and remaining 3.40lacs after so many complaints in oct 2015.. after that i stopped working with them and till today they havent paid me 60,000rs when i ask for the amount they tell me that i got return that product. and whn i told them that provide me the proof of delivery or signature of return or give me return tracking id
    they answered me that we are not responsible for pod after 30days of return. firstly they never informed for return. and the deal was on no return basis and prepaid orders only..
    even the ceo of company called me arti sharma and she is literally cheap third class women, she started shouting screaming on phone when i sent them a notice and emails.. i even have her call recorded.. she told me do whatever u want we wont be paying u and she doent even talk like a educated person. the most idiotic person ever talked on phone till today..
    D C Silk Mills
    m : 8866651000

  6. this news is absolutely correct. Indiarush, mirraw, crafstvilla and smilller sellers have same story. In order to capture market segment and more orders, they all are selling only worst quality products. They have ruined this market actually. Out of 10 orders every 6 or 7 orders are being returned by customers. The reason is they allow their sellers to sell any thing cheap and don’t have strict control over quality. Now days in Indian ethnic market, replica segment is growing very rapidly and there is no limit of fake ness of products. A reputed designer launches his design and next day its replica is available in the market in various quality. I have purchased few items but returned almost all. Their quality was worst than the quality of clothes that are available on footpath. The interesting story is all these sellers uses the same product image from original designer , cheating and luring the customer. You can imagine that a original design worth Rs 8000 sells in only @650 on these marketplaces. Now you can consider the quality of product and in that price , sellers pays the marketplace commission and other expenses which is more 20% these days.

    So the bottom line is these market places have poised the whole market.

  7. Adarsh patel Reply

    I was one of the seller of indiarush from vapi (Gujarat) I have sold item of around 1lac rs last payment I received was of rs.5000 after 6mnths of selling…
    Now they are even not picking my calling and not responding.
    Bloody hell this type of person are also there in India, please give me the money

  8. HELL Reply

    Hi, IndiaRush Fraud & Manipulated, Fake BC Company, This Company Contentiously Making Fool To Customer As well SELLER, This company not release our money Our Total amount is pending around 3 lac they never reply to mails & calls SO REQUEST TO ALL NEW SELLER WHO WANT TO SELL ONLINE PRODUCTS PLEASE DONT REGISTER YOUR COMPANY ON INDIARUSH (ARIHANT RETAIL) WEBSITE OTHERWISE THEY WILL SUCK YOUR BLOOD.

  9. CA Ashish Agrawal Reply

    why don’t we all from surat makes an association and file a petition against indiarush?

    all the cheated vendor if want to make an association please mail me on ashish.wal@gmail.com

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