SNAPDEAL is the worst marketplace. Initially we started with it and sold well for approx 2 years but the consistent policy changes and FRAUD finally we have get rid of the worst place.

    We are so much happy because of this.

    A suggestion for all snapdeal sellers…stop selling at SNAPDEAL to make the things good for you.

  2. Avnee Reply

    Seller support , account manager and even top management is so lethargic that they say to resolve issue chase them via phone..mails are so many in no. that not able to check and respond each and every mail

  3. ankur baid Reply

    Snapdeal seller support is a joke, even if they approve the claim it can take upto 6 months to reach in your account. They keep giving same reply until you stop replying. They are very anti seller. Also since they have started charging shipping fee form sellers the number of rto has increased alot.

  4. Saurabh Reply

    We totty agree with Chirag Jain issue with Snapdeal are also phasing the similar issue.

  5. Vinay Bansal Reply

    We are into this online selling business for close to two years and we have also faced multiple issues with Snapdeal, many of which are common as described above. In layman’s team, its worse than a Lala Company. No ethics, no clear guidelines, no sincere seller support and poor sales.
    We also plan to quit it very soon.


    Yes all above points with snapdeal are true. Same is happening and happened with me.

    Quitting marketplace is very hard if some one doing only e-commerce and they are screwing us because they have huge number of seller list. Most of the sellers are unhappy with its policies.

  7. I also had stopped my all listing on Snapdeal, for some products it was regular that your product will come on half quantity to that was shipped, and they never remerberse that amount.

  8. Chetan devi Reply

    Yes we are also selling on Snapdeal facing same issues as above all are true day by day Snapdeal is losing its business why they are charging for Rto I don’t understand our many claims have not settled yet almost 6 months but no settlement seller support is worst

  9. Amit Biyani Reply

    Poor services in all departments have forced reputed sellers to stop the idea of selling online .
    i have made all my products inactive since there is no clarity in their policies related to return due to courier returns
    COD returns, customer returns when the damage is done by customer.
    No training is given to people who are employed, so they have least concern when the products are returned.
    there is no communication.
    in this age of faster communication, Snapdeal lags ethics and speed. So will fail one day.

  10. Karan Reply

    Yes we similarly faced same problem from snapdeal as mentioned in article. They say why you raise complaint. Customers are ordering products and replacing original content with fake one. Snapdeal say that merchant is responsible.

    They dont want merchant to raise a single complaint. Even when you dont get parcel back they say merchant is lying.

    Worst on part of snapdeal.

  11. they have the most useless way of working….their way of handling logistics is d worst part….i will process order and wait for d.whole day go d Courier person to come n pick up….but he won’t…when we call them and request them to come….they say no because they have not received any info from snapdeal….and product lies in our place for days and get a cancelled and the most irritating thing is u never get a reply for ur ticket raised reg. this…..

  12. Sumit Reply

    Hope sellers understands. These online retailers are only customer oriented where they only wants the traffic from customers side. Sellers stands nowhere. Just imagine they ask for my bill from whom I have purchased in the name of brand verification. That means they have the database and they will surely ditch you some how.
    I left Snapdeal for more than 1.5years.
    I found Amazon has geniune policy in terms of seller full filled orders.

  13. True even when we raise issue for damaged and wrong returns with proper evidence, they still deny to accept the case. Lots of unethical practices going on with snapdeal courier companies. 50% returna are coming wrong with used or damaged products. And even they are not listening to sellers. Wrong returns rate is very high of snapdeal compare to other

  14. Vishal Vaidya Reply

    Right on the point dear. Sd has very unethical behaviour with his seller , we use to sale around very largely on sd but now we reduced our product list, right now only 13 products we are selling…and if sd continues to fool us than we will stop doing business on it.

  15. Yes, Chirag is right we are also facing such issues with the Snapdeal but as Narendra tell us Snapdeal has a long list of sellers , if 1, 10 or 20 sellers leave the Snapdeal they will not get any effects, it is better to make a one platform where all the such sellers come together and discuss the issues in better way and if needed to exit from the Snapdeal panel at the same time, as no. Should be more than 50 or 150, if there is more and more sellers in the group we can easily make pressure on them for the right things.
    If someone knew search group on any platform for discussion so that all sellers come together in benefit each other.
    If anyone want to join such group you can text us with your name and number at 999 757 4444 for online group on WhatsApp Online Retail Help.

  16. Its been long back that we have left from Snapdeal.. You cannot afford such response from your online partner in extremely competitive business environment.

  17. In 2005 Snapdeal put all our product to SD+ without our approval. Then we stopped selling through Snapdeal.

    This is a ridiculous and unethical business practice from the part of Snpadel.

  18. mohit behl Reply

    Every line of the baove article seems to be my story 2…

  19. Gypsy Reply

    Snapdeal is cheating its sellers in different ways and is sucking the blood of its sellers. Here are some of the cheating ways SnapDeal, the CHEATS, uses

    1. SnapDeal, the CHEATS, started charging for RTOs in a clandestine manner. No transparency at all. I was selling some products at SnapDeal, the CHEATS, for margins as low as 10/20. The moment I came to know that they have started charging for RTOs (Rs 60 approx), I removed all my low margin products.

    2. SnapDeal, the CHEATS, cheating in returns -part 1:- When I checked my returns at the SnapDeal, the CHEATS, seller panel, found out that some of the orders which were marked delivered to us, were never received by us. Raised the disputes and asked for PODs. SnapDeal, the CHEATS, could not produce any POD and SD, the CHEATS, had to accept that. SnapDeal, the CHEATS, accepted their mistake and told me that the payout for the order will be released. Since then made it a habit of checking the SnapDeal, the CHEATS, returns panel daily. Will check whether I got the payments for those orders or not and update here.

    3. SnapDeal, the CHEATS, cheating in returns, part 2: – Received a customer return in Oct 2016 for an order dispatched in July 2016. Since the return did not have the item which I had sent, made a remark at the POD, clicked pictures of the POD, opened the return packet, found shoes in it, which I do not sell, clicked pics of everything and posted a dispute.

    SnapDeal, the CHEATS, did not accept that. Told me that I had received the return for the order in Aug 2016 and since I did not raise the dispute in Aug, 2016, my dispute would not be entertained. I asked SnapDeal, the CHEATS, for POD of Aug, 2016, they provided me the POD of Oct 2016, saying that it was the POD of Aug, 2016. The POD that SnapDeal, the CHEATS, provided me was signed by one of my employee who was not in my employment in Aug, 2016. I asked them then what was that I received in Oct, 2016, SnapDeal, the CHEATS, never replied to that. I kept the ticket open for a long time but SnapDeal, the CHEATS, kept on giving the same reply that I had received the return in Aug, 2016. I got tired of it and forgot about it.

    4. Packing material:- SnapDeal, the CHEATS, forces us to buy packing material from them at higher rates. OK, we charge the customer accordingly. But, SnapDeal, the CHEATS, keep on changing the packing material all of a sudden and do not take back the old packing material. I have around four types of packing material with me now, for which I paid a hefty amount.

    5. Forced to send duplicate /triplicate/ undeliverable COD orders and then charge for RTOs:- We get so many orders which do not have a proper address and are bound to return back on account of incomplete address. We raise a query for the address verification and then keep on waiting for their reply. It would not come within 2 days (dispatch SLA), and we are forced to send the order with incomplete address. If we do not send the order with incomplete address, then we are penalized with OOS (out of stock cancellation) charges, our SKU is blocked and if we send the order then it comes back, and we are charged for RTOs.

    SnapDeal, the CHEATS, deliberately delays responding to such query, so that the SLA is breached, and SD, the CHEATS, can charge OOS cancellation charges.

    6. SnapDeal, the CHEATS, have devised a new ways to get the company into profits:- SnapDeal, the CHEATS, charge you two way logistic and two way payment collection charges for all the customer returns, even if the return is disputed and the dispute is in your favor.

    I sent a product priced for Rs 372, the payout was 244. Customer sent a return, I raised a dispute and the dispute was resolved in my favor by SD. When I checked the total payment for that order, I was shocked to see that I received only 163 for that order. They deducted 209 for that order. I called up the seller support of SnapDeal, the CHEATS, and asked them to give me the details of the Rs 209 deducted for the order. The bugger at the seller support took me on a merry go round, but did not give me the details of the deduction of RS 209. Finally, he told me to raise a query from my panel.

    Here is the detail (my calculation) of the Rs 209 SnapDeal, the CHEATS, deducted:-
    Commission @ 13.22% of 372 – Rs 50 (rounded off)
    Forward logistics – Rs 57.50
    Payment collection charges – Rs 23
    Reverse logistics – Rs. 57.50
    Reverse Payment collection charges – Rs 23
    Total deduction:- Rs 211 (the difference of Rs 2 is due to rounding off the figures)

    So, I received Rs 163 for the product which I sold for Rs 372, which was returned by a cheating customer which SnapDeal acknowledged. This is the case where I was not at fault and still I made a loss in the order.

    Imagine SnapDeal, the CHEATS, are charging us Rs 23 for the payment which they reverse to a cheating customer. That is the height of it.

    KUNAL BEHL is going to get his company SnapDeal, the CHEATS, into profit like that. All the best KUNAL BEHL, CEO, SnapDeal, the CHEATS. I have had enough of it!!!!

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