Flipkart branded packaging compulsory from mid – Jan 2017


Superior packaging is essential to ensure the protection of products and reduce returns. It boosts consumer confidence in your products too. Flipkart has recently emailed sellers about the importance of quality packaging of their products.

The marketplace ensured sellers that its branded packaging will assist them in improving their standards. This packaging is expected to enable sellers to become consumer’s most favoured merchants on the platform.

To avail of the Flipkart branded packaging, sellers can purchase it directly from the marketplace. The etailer encourages this as –

  • Branded packaging is now available at a better price
  • Branded packaging quality is much higher here compared to packaging provided by local vendors

For more details about Flipkart branded packaging, click here.

The ecommerce company requested sellers in its email to note that its branded packaging material will be made mandatory from mid-January 2017. Sellers who do not adhere to this will be penalised by the marketplace as per the seller performance policy. This could involve accounts being put on hold as well.

Flipkart recently asked sellers to pay special attention when pasting shipping labels on packages or it could result in delivery delays. To know more check the IOS update here.

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