Flipkart branded packaging material mandatory from 19th September


Sometimes the quality of your product packaging could make a whole lot of difference to your product return frequency. Quality packaging is essential for superior customer experience. To ensure its sellers use the best quality packaging material available, Flipkart launched Flipkart branded packaging material.

As of 19th September 2016, the use of Flipkart branded packaging material will become compulsory. Failure to use the above-mentioned packaging requirements will result in the seller being penalised as per the Seller Performance Policy. This could result in sellers accounts being made pending.

The online marketplace is also launching its branded packaging material on flipkart.com for quicker access, it mentioned to online sellers in an email.

What does Flipkart branded packaging material promise?

The Indian etailer claims in an email to its online sellers that its branded packaging material will:

  • Reduce product returns
  • Enhance customer experience and perception

In addition to this, the packaging supplies will also be available at the best possible prices.

How can you acquire Flipkart branded packaging material?

To obtain branded packaging material from Flipkart, sellers can:

  • Go to the seller learning centre home page
  • Look up Flipkart branded packaging material
  • Select the required SKU size and order quantity

The packaging material will be delivered to your doorstep after placing the required order.

Terms of purchase

According to the online marketplace, sellers buying the packaging material:

  • Cannot resell it
  • Should use it only for Flipkart shipments
  • Must use official seller email ID when ordering Flipkart branded packaging material

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  1. Rajshekar Reply

    WTH!! This is barbaric forcing sellers to buy Flipkart Packing material from their website.
    They do not have the sizes i require and the price is double than i get some where else.

    Flopkart look at its sellers as a slaves. disgusting

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