1. Mohit Reply

    Amazon is not at all a seller friendly website. The return ratio is about 12-15% across categories. They have also stopped reimbursements on various categories hence creating more losses for us. Amazon has only one seller friend I.e Cloudtail. As per the new government Norms Cloudtail was supposed to maintain 25% of the overall platform sales. However this does not seems to be the case. Cloudtail can be found in mostly all the products in Amazon with very agresive pricing. Seller demand a clear picture regarding to referral fee exemption and other charges. This doesn’t seem as a market place anymore however seems to be a dominating platform. Why are sellers even invited to such platforms when only Cloudtail want to sell. We have very low margins or no margins because of the agresive pricing offered by Cloudtail.

  2. Ashish Rastogi Reply

    Very true, amazon going day by day. For earning revenue they are promoting those which selling at high price whether there rank is poor and at the end of the day buyer getting costly service. So, buying from amazon is a bad idea and selling gets difficult as they breaking all the govt. rules bu offering discounts, and creating companies like Cloudtail, cloudtail india, cloudtail 123 etc….

  3. David Joseph Reply

    We are selling in Amazon India for the past two years. We are selling at other marketplaces also. The seller support is the most in- experienced of all. If you ask for Problem-A they will start explaining for Problem-B and you will get some idiotic answer. The executives talks for hours of the wrong answer and expect you to give them a good feed back. You will receive the feed back request form with in few minutes in your mail box. Also any body can copy and sell any listing and you will surely loose your brand value soon, because some one will will be selling in your brand just to spoil your brand name and identity. They don’t have any proper ethics. The fees are so high that you will loose overall approx 30% of your revenue. Recently they have increased the fees also. We have asked for many queries regarding our selling,account,fees etc and to be honest that so far no satisfactory reply has been received from them. They will give some reply as a procedure and close the request soon. Even though there are some problems in our major India marketplace too, they have now began started to improve them and our experience with them has been satisfactory .

  4. That is true…I too get late response from Amazon seller team. In one case I raised a ticket on Sept 9th & until Nov 7th I was getting below robotic messages from them.

    “We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

    I have forwarded this information to concerned team and I will be contacting you as an when I receive an update.

    We appreciate your patience while we work on this issue.”

    Can you believe it? for 2 months??????

  5. sajeed Reply

    Very true… We have stopped selling on Amazon… The only reason that the seller support team is clueless to resolve issue… Even if its their fault… they penalize us…

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