1. Rajshekar Reply

    i agree being rude and being abusive does only harm!

    But, get in to the facts, seller support in India is worst i have seen thus far. ( i sold on ebay.com when i was in overseas for 5 years) and i know the difference very well with my experience between overseas seller support and Indian seller support.

    Indian seller support team which i feel do not even a basic knowledge for the policies, i have faced this on FK, SD and on amazon i raised a ticked on 26th and until now i haven’t heard from them! This is how India works i guess!

    i can write some 50 pages describing the differences between seller support team here and when i was selling on ebay.com and ebay.com.au when i was in Australia.
    I can tell you , DO NOT COMPARE Indian seller support team with any overseas seller support.

    They are educated fools and they hit you in your nuts every time you have to take support from them.

    You better need to have psychiatrist !

  2. Very helpful article thanks for sharing.

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