1. abcd Reply

    often snapdeal does the same thing , this is like one of their regular mail ,often we reply please try and send the returns on working day and during office hours,but it’s their usual practice.

  2. Kumar VLP Reply

    If you are wise, don’t do business with any eCommerce company.
    eCommerce bastard are thinking about themselves, and we bastard don’t think about own.

  3. I have already raised my concern on this issue to Snapdeal however there has been no satisfactory reply from them.I have received 2-3 such e-mails and that too in my Junk mails that this product was attempted to return but the premises was closed.

    It would be obvious that if you do not deliver it within office hours you will not find anyone. However I am now pretty sure that this is an easy attempt to extract money from helpless sellers. If any other market place faces such scenario then they attempt the re-deliver the return order next day; however Snapdeal devises an evil strategy to send email to customer, threatening to liquidate the shipment from their pathetic systems which goes directly to junk mail making it more difficult to act on the situation promptly.

  4. Flags Reply

    Yes same cases happened many time to us as well.

    We have challenged them that We have installed CC TV camera in our Reception and Entry Gate area give us the date,time and name of the person along with the picture who has visited to conform.

    But we never gets these details.

  5. Rajshekar Reply

    This is the ongoing problem with me as well.

    I have lost count how many returns are not delivered to me.

    Even though i raised the complaint, i haven’t got any proper response from them. i guess out of 100 only 50 were solved. Hence i stopped selling my higher price items on the portal.

    Flipkart and Snapdeal are blood suckers of my hard earned money.

  6. Rajshekar Reply

    And most importantly, we do not work on Sundays, but intentionally they try to deliver on Sundays where the premises is closed.

  7. Sumit K Reply

    I have similar issue with Snapdeal after several attempts to resolve with them I finally stops selling with Snapdeal for more than 1 years. Neither I sell or purchase with Snapdeal.
    This company has different angle to solve customer and sellers problem.
    They are in favour of unjustified returns and claim and never wanted to listen to geniun sellers. For them customer is always right and why not ismeim unke pocket se kuch nahi lagna hai.

  8. This is one of the new ways to harass sellers. Snapdeal is holding on to sellers money and denying payments at the drop of the hat.
    With rigrous follow ups , they will only give you a comment” payment will be released in next 2-3 billing cycles” , and then months pass by . There is is no respite even after approaching Vice president level on snapdeal .

  9. Er. Dinesh Reply

    Hello all online sellers, why are you not filing case against snapdeal and also same with flipkart. This Indian Ecommerce marketplaces are not having money now and they are earning a lot in our return shipments and penalties. I am consulting lawyer according to them and consumer laws we are also consumer and their are no such policies. Please file case in consumer court submit one to media…we will get positive results… Please do it…Indian start ups are just style statement now a days…

  10. Asutosh Bhartia Reply


    It’s seem all of us are in same situation I have requested them to change my account from dorpship to selfship but they not allowed.

    Sd courier partner took 10-15 days to deliver the product and for that reason most of our order got RTO.

    Incurred huge loss on RTO as returned shipping we have to bear.

    Close Snapdeal or else enjoy selling with losses.

  11. Alex Reply

    I Stopped selling at Snapdeal . They seem have very questionable business practise. In my case they made a faulty return of products & refused to acknowledge their mistakes.

    It’s appears their seller help team is of no help. It took us a months & many exchanges to indicate them that they were at fault.

    And On the payment part they made charges to balance out their accounts. Eventually, money wasn’t credited to us , all that mail exchanges were sheet waste of time & money. It’s best not to sell on snap deal

  12. Gypsy Reply

    Beware of another evil design & unethical practice of Snapdeal:-

    I had ordered packing material on 15 Nov 2016, which I have not received till date. It has been seven days now. Due to which, I could not dispatch orders on time and they got cancelled as OOS (out of stock cancellations).

    Snapdeal expects us to ship orders within 24 hours, then why is it not supporting the sellers by dispatching the packing material on time? The packing material has not even been dispatched even after seven days, which is to be dispatched from N Delhi only. In seven days a parcel can reach anywhere in the world and Snapdeal could not even ship it from N Delhi to N Delhi.

    If Snapdeal had delivered the packing material to me in 2/3 days (from N Delhi to N Delhi.), I could have easily shipped the orders and the orders would not have been cancelled as OOS. If Snapdeal cannot provide packing material in a reasonable time frame, then why is it making it compulsory for sellers to ship the orders in Snapdeal’s packing material?

    I think it is the one of the evil designs of Snapdeal to make profit by first making it compulsory for sellers to ship the orders in Snapdeal’s packing material, then not supply the packing material within a reasonable time frame, then blaming everything on the sellers, then cancelling the orders as OOS and penalize the sellers for OOS.

  13. Hitesh jain Reply

    Snapdeal Is Not Rembursement Of 30 Lakhs For Fake And Junked Product Which I Had Received From Customer And Many Times Product Are Not Getting Delivered But Snapdeal Says That products Has Been Delivered And When Wd As For Pod For It Says That Give Tait Is Over. So I Had Lost Another 4.93 Lakhs In This Also And I Also Wrote Mail To There CEO But It Of No Use

    • Shail Reply

      Dear ,

      Why you not filed legal suit against SD?

      Consult with legal expert and file legal suit in the appropriate cout, if you feel right.

  14. Alex Reply

    Guess they are into cost cutting mode , their biggest investor wrote off its investment https://goo.gl/aFUOuK .Besides Snapdeal shuts out its Exclusively.in, its online platform for premium and luxury fashion goods, in August.

  15. Vikas Reply

    Even when return the damaged product, they don’t mark delivered to seller so that we will claim for it.

  16. F**K the Snapdeal Reply

    Surprisingly on one good morning; I found my products suspended for reason “Your SUPC has been suspended for 30 days on account of high product-return issues”

    I send mail to Snapdeal seller help asking “How you count high product-return issues”
    Instead of giving any answer of my question they send me below reply: what a nonsense? :-

    Subject: SUPC suspended

    Dear Partner,

    Greetings from Snapdeal!

    Please be informed that your SUPCs have been suspended on account of high product returns for a period of 30 days. They shall be only enabled on 7-1-2017 with zero inventory as we are not able to enable it from our side.

    You may get to see the following message on the panel against your suspended SUPC: ‘Your SUPC has been suspended for 30 days on account of high product-return issues’

    Once enabled, you will need to update their inventory through your panel to start selling them again.

    Thank you,

  17. Whether its 24 hrs or 2-3 days, the marketplace has no right to liquidate sellers’ inventory. Since they dont own it. Would snapdeal bosses like it if someone sold off their BMWs while they had given it for servicing? If the seller is sending inventory to customer thru marketplace orders, he is trusting that both marketplace & shipping company together will take equally good care of the inventory as the seller would himself. If they cant exhibit this basic courtesy, they r forgetting their fake bloated valuations are dependant on the variety and quantities of items they r selling (which they dont own or are invested in). If they lose sellers, they will lose everything.

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