1. Anshuman Reply

    For our Footwear listings every time it takes 30-60 days and lots of begging and pleading to make the listings live.

  2. I completely agree with this. 294 of my listings are rejected for reasons ever seller support does not know.

  3. Agnes C Reply

    Each of the marketplace websites have their own issues. Snapdeal by far is the worst when it comes to uploading items. the bulk upload excel sheet malfunctions during setup, as a result items of varying sizes are setup as individual items, instead of being able to correct this once the item has already been setup, the tech teams ask you to re-setup these items (after the ticket has been left open for around 2 months)

    Here’s why this is a problem, apart from it being an extremely time consuming process, you need to create NEW SKUS Ids for these items. As a vendor selling the same items on multiple portals, it becomes very tedious to manage a different set of SKU IDs just for one portal. Why make vendors go through all the extra trouble, when a simple code fix can enable vendors to edit the items or atleast group them together.

    The only thing Snapdeal cares about is vendors participating in the “sponsored ads”. If you register a few items under this, your sales DO NOT improve! It’s just a way for Snapdeal to make more money. If you DO NOT participate it in this, they just move your items to the end of the list!

    Its no wonder the company is going into loss!

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