1. Seller Reply

    Yes..Even snapdeal using there own packaging under oc+ scheme and the dimension are high consequently the logistic charges are increased.

  2. very true it is being last 1 year that snapdeal is levying wrong charges and eating away all the earnings of sellers , this malpractice is very much happening with sellers

    seller Snapdeal

  3. dipak Reply

    i m facing same problem i think you guys are lucky in my snapdeal charge me 5 k.g weight for 20 gram product.
    and send me minus payout i am already fighting for around 40 thousand rupees.
    i have all order id in details
    when i call to customer care for change weight @ your side they told we cant do anything in that that will decide courier company.
    so how can we decide our margin
    for weight calculation AMAZON is perfect.


    SNAPDEAL is now sucking everything. They are useless site for sellers just not because of Shipping charge but the policies they changes for every 15 day

    All are for sellers loss.

    We made 50000 rupees loss and stopped selling at Snapdeal.

    Worse than the worst

  5. surekha Reply

    snapdeal is the worst market place to do business on.
    Not only are the logistics charges illogical, their accounting system is pathetic.
    I have been put debit for returns which never came back.
    I have been chasing everyone at snapdeal, but absolutely no response.
    My SD plus experience is worse.
    My stock went missing, but no redressal.
    Can someone guide me as to what legal recourse I have against snapdeal.

  6. shaitan Singh Rajpurohit Reply

    Same Bad experience we faced with flipkart . Its was horrible so we have to track each and every payment detail..

    Every time they says it technical issue.

  7. This mischarging is rampant, Flipkart has the most atrocious rate structure on this, National & Zonal charges do not have any consistency. Many sellers are moving away from platforms like Snapdeal & Flipkart like we did.

  8. Harsh Reply

    This type of alerts you can rarely see on the net but, in reality 10,000% of such cases exists in India.
    Online selling in India after Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart is just boom for writing but, many small sellers are suffering heavy losses. They are being cheated by market places like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc

    There is no one to help me. And for sure there will be no one, until someone serious at political power take action. Current position of ecommerce market places is, they are making too much money but at sellers cost. They are actually sucking the blood of innocent sellers. Helpless sellers.
    If your home is stolen, you can report to the police. Here constantly market places cheating thousands of small Indian sellers. They are Indians. NOT British or Americans. They are being cheated in their own country but, no one to help me.
    Really I request commercial department of India. Finance minister to make strict inquiry and I am 1000% sure you will come to know the pain. Like Farmers in India. Small online sellers too suffering heavily.
    Please take action before it goes out of country.

  9. sir high logistic charge ki wajah se hmne toh snapdeal per bechna hi band kar diya hain kyuki bheess ke age been bajane se koi fayda nhi hain

  10. Indian marketplaces are now on a ventilator, they are not getting any more funding to make more losses, thus they have started looting seller’s money to survive. We have already stopped listing our new catalouges on Snapdeal, since last 2 months, due to number of issues.

    For Flipkart, too we are facing reconciliation problems in payment, although the situation is not that worse to stop selling itself, unlike snapdeal.

    Global players, Amazon and eBay are far better and transparent, specially Amazon has all clear cut policies and simple way to check all details, right from orders, inventories, products, to payments, which Indian MP fail to give. eBay does has its share of problems, but anyday, it is better than both Flipkart & Snapdeal.

    Only way to solve these logistic issues is, allow seller to fulfill the shipments themselves, marketplaces initially seemed to be giving us a good facility by giving us logistic facilities, but now that is not the case, it was better that we use our own shipping as logistics has developed a lot in last 2-3 years and now sellers are capable of doing this themselves, thus these weight problems with marketplaces automatically stands resolved and seller will resolve it with his own courier partners.

  11. Shailendra G Gupta Reply

    I am also facing the same issues. This seems the site trying to extract money from sellers to fulfill their losses.
    Nothing else. In fact there is no explanation given and there is no change been made for the same. Merchants are the only looser on this.

    I would also like to ask all the merchants as to do they know what is their VAT liability?

    If someone can reply me with proper answer will be great.

  12. Varun Reply

    All of above they have now started oc+ in which they intentionally used big size polybags so that volumetric weight can be increased. They used 12 by 12 polybags for single tshirt in place of 8.5 by 11.5 so that product can come into second slab. In short they are cheating on us

  13. Bhavin Shah Reply

    We Had Faced a Similar Problem on Snapdeal since last 2 years and we had stopped selling on Snapdeal Completely. At that time we thought we were one off case, but this article does not come as a shocker as this has been going on since past 2 years. Amazon and Flipkart are the best portals to sell online.

  14. I have mentioned earlier also regarding that, sellers are in losses due to wrong shipping charges. I have mentioned Flipkart and Amazon instances. But I think my reply got unnoticed. For every product weight should be displayed on sellers panel so that seller can quote right prices.

    I hope IOS will discuss this issues with Amazon , Flipkart, Snapdeal and other stores and ask them to display the product page on seller panel.

    Sanjay Jairath, 9999151177

  15. It is Product weight on the seller panel.

  16. Dear All,

    You can raise your concerns to rbi@gov.co.in which in fact is responsible to maintain ethics for all online business companies.

    They create rules and regulations and have also laid down penalties.

    Please raise your concerns to them directly and if possible include all cases of cheating.

    Let us put the four people ( Two partners from Snapdeal and Two from Flipkart” behind bars for cheating, forgery, destruction of this nations’s business and its peoples’ lives and let us put charges of anti-national activities.

    Their acts are more than that of chit-fund company. They are duping all (sellers and buyers) by fake promises.

    Calculations are simple.

    Five thousand looted from one seller in a day multiplied by one lakh sellers makes it 50,00,00,000

    5000 X 100000 = 50,00,00,000

    In a month

    50,00,00,000 X 30 = 1800,00,00,000

    1800 crores in a month. How come they are in loss?

  17. viru Reply

    we had same problem and after replying with so many time the problem gets solved and it starts with new sku it feesl like company is deliberately doing this

  18. jeev Jeev Reply

    yes, with snapdeal our experience is terrible, nowdays even payments are not correct .they delaying it too much and adding lot of negative amount as return and when we question the thing its crediting back after 3-4 cycles. they are cleaverly cheating sellers. mostly they wont release payment on exact date, they release on next day and it may delay further. for example if your payment day is thursday.they will process the payment on friday and saturday is off for them so relese the payment on monday..see how many days they keeping money in thr account.ya really they are cleaver, but for how many days? sooner or later you guys will answer for this pathetic business practice.

  19. Prashant Reply

    It takes months to get your product pictures approved in Snapdeal.. We have 70 SKU -all are live on amazon, paytm, ebay but only 30 in snapdeal. Most of the pictures are rejected or if there is no bottom image like suitcase bottom which is useless, they will not list.

    We are taking a decision to discontinue with snapdeal.

  20. Snapdeal Seller Reply


    We’re an apparel brand selling women’s apparel on Snapdeal for the last few years. Snapdeal is clearly charging 2-3X the actual logistics costs as well as volumetric weight. On sending them mails trying to get this fixed, we get standard responses saying that “We would like to inform you that as per our internal team, we would like to inform you that the weight need not to be change. The weights which are updated are correct. So, we request you to process all the orders.” In spite of providing multiple photos with weighing scale, measurements, etc. alongside the product, our requests are turned down with the same standard response.
    Paying Rs.150 as logistics cost for a basic tshirt which weighs less than 200gms is just ridiculous.

    I hope they fix this before they get more and more sellers to stop selling on their platform.

  21. I have snap shots How ebay is charging same up to 28KG for 100 grams of item
    If any one like to write a post on that i can share details

  22. snapdeal is worst and i am seller and i find lot of penalty is added with customer fake rating or reason for return and after i prove customer is wrong that time i have to wait for payment to reimbursement of penalty and raise queries for that..

    worst online site i ever seen…

    also customer damage the packaging of product and resend it back in easy return policy and when i complain to the sanpdeal it say we will pay 5% or 10% reimbursement for damage of packing but they dont know no one is ready to by with damage packing….

    they charge penalty as wrong and faulty when customer raised it as wrong product as per snapdeal there is no penalty for wrong product but to collect the penalty they use wrong and faulty option and when i shown the proof that its just wrong product they say they have only one option in there software that wrong and faulty and they will charge penalty… they just looting seller and giving discount to buyer…

    they looterasnapdeal



    WhatsApp : +919894374851

  24. Raj Kumar Aggarwal Reply

    We would like to inform you regarding the recent fraudulent practice by Snapdeal in the name of their return policy. Snapdeal has started charging logistic charges on Courier returns.

    Sellers on Snapdeal are having regular problems with their logistics as they tend to increase the logistic charges or the weight of the product without prior information and start charging logistic with the higher weight which resulted in huge losses to the sellers. E.g. If the weight /volumetric weight is 1.5kg, they will charge 2 kg, 2.5 kg or even 3 kg at times.

    Now they have started another policy of duping sellers, they have been charging logistic charges on RTOs. With the return rate ranging from 25-30% and even higher in some categories it has inflicted huge financial losses to Sellers.

    (RTOs are courier returns i.e. Returns due to non-acceptance of product by the customer or cancellation during the way)

    In my case, I sold branded products of Rs.499 and Gross Margin was 30%. So after deduction I received Rs.349 and Rs.150 was snapdeal charges. Afterwards when customer returned the product an amount of Rs.193.5 was charged as RTO logistic cost.

    What happened here is that neither any product was sold, neither any payment was received instead I was charged with Rs.193.5. So the balance stands at “Minus Rs.193.5”

    I sold over 7500 Orders in a month out of which 2350 were courier returns, I received an amount of Rs.34.5 Lacs and Rs.5.15 Lacs were charged as RTO charges which amounts to 14.92 % Cost. With Diwali season coming even higher return rate is expected.

    Here even if snapdeal itself orders 10 orders a day from each seller, and cancel it there after it will amount to courier return and earn Rs.193.5*10 i.e. Rs.1935.

    Such high cost are unbearable and if you selling branded product, you are bound to make huge losses.

    So I request you to check you transactions now and see much amount they have duped on you and ask account managers for return policy.

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