1. This is a very valid point highlighted
    We are selling on ebay snapdeal flipkart amazon paytm most of the times we dont receive our parcels for 3 months which is spoiling the soup for oyr business.
    Market places also levy their charges for logistics and payment gateway penalty to seller which is not valid and they do no take any efforts for returns or loosing the customers

  2. Marketplaces wish to offer lucrative terms to buyer at the cost of sellers, they should rather bear part of the potential loss like they enjoy the profit with sellers. They keep their commission part very safe and secured

  3. sachin Reply

    EBay definitely has the worst returns/refunds policy.

    Unlike other ecom websites ebay has “keep the product keep the money” policy for buyers. If a buyer files a claim on eBay, eBay refunds him from seller’s account but doesn’t ask the buyer to return the product. So the buyer keeps the product and the money. EBay seller protection frequently fails to protect the seller in such cases. I don’t think there is any other ecom site that allows buyers to keep the products and get back their money too.

    • ravi Reply

      ebay is a fraudulent buyer’s paradise and they take advantage to every bit. When as a seller, we reported fraud, ebay simply pretends they are doing something about it, but in effect none. Our experience with Snapdeal is that when we report fraud by the buyer and still simply ample proof, they keep sending automated replies and their final reply is “as you have not responded with in 7 days”, we are closing the issue. Robots can be more logical than the staff who man the seller grievance redressal at Snapdeal.

      At least Amazon allows that a seller receive his return shipment before refunding, but ebay simply refunds, and sellers have to hope the shipment is returned and will arrive in one piece. The ministry of trade and industry should investigate the market places to see if they are unduly profiting at the expense of sellers and regulate their practices. I also think sellers should form an association through which they can have more leverage on the marketplaces.

      Anyone starting with online selling, I strongly recommend to avoid ebay and Snapdeal.

  4. amit goel Reply

    ecommerce company jabardasti return polices seller par aaply kar rahi hai buyer ko product likr nhi kari toh return kar deta hai but hum kyu aise return aceept karen product launcing par seeler policy mein kewal damaged or wrong product ka return meintion hain do do mahine tak return reicive nhi hote uper se company logistic charge aur penalty bhi laga deti hain main paytm par selling karta hon ek bajaj steam iron ka return aaya phle toh byer ne usko use kar liya uski heating plate ko kapde se chipka ke damaged kar diya mujhe company ne dispute par kewal 40% ka claim diya lagbhag 380 rs but itna hi charge lagaya gya logistic aur penalty ka lagbhag 400 rs . product ab resale condition mein nhi rahi kya fayda hua paytm ke sath kam karne ka plz tell me is case mein kya kar sakte hain british raaj aa gaya hain kya company aise sellers ko loss kase de sakti hain kya sellers ke liye koi form nhi hai jahan uski bhi baat suni ja sake

  5. Rahul Reply

    Today i received a return (sold on PAYTM) stating he didn’t like the product. After opening the packet what i found is an old wallet packed… this is how most of the customers take advantage of this service. SAD but true.

  6. Vishal Reply

    Height of Returns Shopclues approved refund of product after 6 months of order date.
    Order ID:54818247 Placed on 01 Jun 2015 , 04:41 PM
    Product Sold under 3 months seller warranty is approved for refund without informing me.
    Now reverse pickup already done by Carrier: Beacon Courier Shipping Date: 01 Dec 2015 15:15:49.
    Now Shopclues has gone insane and has approved the refund of product after 6 months of order placed.
    This the time to take a sharp action against Shopclues for unfair injustice done to sellers.

    • In sub cases mein hum sellers kya kar sakte hain plz tell me

    • Rushil Sanghvi Reply

      Keep fighting with the Merchant Support team and send them all the proof of the product and all the facts. We had the same issue and after fighting got some of the money back. The issue with ShopClues is that they show the return request on their seller panel for 2 days and then it gets auto approved. They do not inform my e-mail about the return request. So only solution is to keep checking that tab daily.

  7. Subramanyam Reply

    Although this is Critical problem. But, BAD thing is NO ONE will touch it.
    No One from Government to fight against this kind of fraud.
    No One from Society till now have raised any big slogans against this online FRAUD doing by ONLINE FRAUD buyers. And Markerplaces All Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm supporting Fraud buyers

    As per honest report and observation. It is confirmed 90 percent of online returns are fake returns. Keeping in view of offline buying.
    Go to any biggest store – offline traditional store in India. Purchase item, electronic items of sealed manufacturer product. Use it and try to return it. NO ONE will take it.
    But, it is possible online.
    DO NOT feel happy about that. Actually this is weakening our economy. SO ALARMING NEWS.
    Still finance ministry and other commercial departments keeping blind eye
    Wake them up. If not, you will see online sellers suicide cases like today’s farmers.

    At least for Farmers cases we can consider due to natural issues like rains.
    But, this online sales returns, fraud returns and then ruling this market places like Amazon, Flipkart etc with online sellers is worst than British ruling our nation.

    At least we have option to raise voice against that and got independence. But, if we do not raise voice now. Our country economy will break down.

    All these is happening ONLY to make millions and billions. Who is making that.
    Indian Sellers making?
    NO NO NO – they are suffering a lot. Only few big players.
    Other lakhs of small sellers just suffering huge and huge losses.

    BUT, marketplaces Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm all paying billions

    Few people making money. RULING our nation. And collapsing our economy!!!

    ASK PM and President to take this seriously. OR
    BEST solution is ASK the government to completely invest on online selling. Like government purchasing the products. Like small sellers.

    And selling it.

    So, if they feel huge losses. They can understand Indian small sellers.

    Once they get pain. They will understand others pain.

    Today Markerplaces with huge foreign money. Weakening our economy.

    Don’t think if government get taxes, economy will improve.


  8. Amazon has a better return policy, specially when we use our own shipping on Amazon. eBay had a good policy earlier but since last November, we have got used, damaged product back many time and sometimes empty packages too.

    Flipkart is the worst of all, no where seller is even heard, they return, without our fault, use the products, break the seal making product not saleable again, and Flipkart also penalizes us with what not charges

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