1. Manish Reply

    Recent Policy Changes in Amazon

    FBA Return Policy

    1. Amazon automatically send the return shipments from FBA warehouses to Sellers even if sellers opts for Self Pick up of Inventory.

    If you ask for the reason, the case remains un-answered for a many days.

    The charges of return courier is borne by the Sellers.

    2. Sellers, did you receive your monthly order return report from Amazon, this month Amazon has not sent.

    (Created a case since past 7 days, still waiting for resolution, will ask for PODs, if Amazon do give any report)

  2. Any Marketplace who claims that they give the authority to reject the returns & they handle all disputed returns individually is a far cry from the truth. One seller try to register to minimum 5 marketplaces & if we receive minimum 5 such cases, we have to waste lot of our time following up on these returns as we never get response within so called 24-48 hours. We have to process orders, pack them, record the billing, accept the return, upload the manifest, answer customer query everyday. On top of this we have to follow up on returns is making our life a living hell. If I don’t receive response for 2 of the returns out of 5. Next time if we receive more returns, we give it a pass having experienced the kind of response we get from marketplaces. The end result is loss only & only to sellers.

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