1. Abijith Reply

    YES today’s online market in India is good for ecommerce sites. That means site owners like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm and few others. No doubt they are making heavy profits. But, that is illegally.

    You may ask why and how?

    At the cost of sellers.

    Sellers are helpless due to their anti-business policies. They cannot do anything because sellers money is coming from ecommerce sites. They are ruling with their money.

    Although it is completely illegal and like black mailing but, still they are ruling like Britishers rule our country.

    And we realize this only after many many years when everything was out of control.

    Same way if nobody take action. Business, small businesses in India will suffer.

    This is not very lite issues. These are the serious issues. But, everybody seems sleeping here. No person with power taking any kind of action.

    Just getting taxes does not make the country rich. Without business people, common people country will be worst in situation.

    Police and CBI investigate and shows work hard to find the thieves for any robbery etc. Here with this worst policies of Ecommerce biggies everyday millions of rupees value items being stolen. Used and throw on the faces of innocent sellers.

    Is it a serious issue going ON?

  2. Anand Reply

    As the time has gone for mega discounts, now, it’s a turn for “no questions asked returns” policy too. Online biggies, stealing & cheating everyday the innocent small sellers without even a chance to explain their side. Just to please buyers, they blindly accept returns without seeing what the buyer is returning. Passing all the losses to the innocent sellers. Atleast, ebay use to block the buyers’ account who do mal-practice, not sure about others. ebay won’t accept returns /replacements if the product comes with manufacturer warranty. Also, redirects buyers to seller incase of any disagreement buyer shows (for not accepting returns). This way ebay already protects sellers from fake buyers.

    As we are keep on talking about the problem alone, I have different idea to minimize the fake returns..Already given this to one of the online biggy, not sure will they ever give ear to me..

    The idea is… most of the branded products, be it, apparel, mobile phones, TVs, computers, laptops, any electrical or electronic products comes with unique serial numbers. It should be possible to enter the serial number while processing the order. The same can be validated by uploading the photo with serial number visible. At the time of returns, marketplaces can provide this info with photo to the courier person who collects the returns from buyer. He can validate this on the spot and decide return. This will ensure seller is selling genuine product and buyer returns the same product. This is win-win method for all. Market place, can reduce reverse shipping expenditures for invalid returns & it’s consequence of actions.

    Guys, what do you say? Pls share your views / ideas/ feedback.

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