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  1. Chakravarthi Reply

    This will not stop any frauds but, further increase Buyer frauds day by day.
    Even etailers know fraud is going ON… but, they simply ignore it. Because, they loose nothing.

    It is sellers money.

    Police might have acted on complaint, FiR but, everyday there are lakhs of fraud of going on in every place in India about online shopping.

    Only fraud buyers doing constant frauds. Using the products and also getting money back.

    Will the government react if they actually experience it?

    Can government after selling electricity, train tickets etc. Can provide refund ?

    It is 100 percent confirmed government cannot refund you.

    But, here eCommerce sellers must provide refund. That is TOTAL and TOTAL loss only for the sellers.

    I urge new sellers, specially poor sellers planning to start business on Snapdeal or Amazon Or Flipkart etc. DO NOT start. You will definitely experience worst. Instead of that concentrate on local business or do something else. At least work as labor but, never invest selling online on this irresponsible, anti-seller websites like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc

    Please forward this to all your friends to avoid them from losses.

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