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  1. Nilesh Kumar Reply

    This is very serious issue but it cannot be sorted. Sellers continue to suffer losses. Government continue to take just profit like hafta wasuli. But, care nothing for online sellers. THAT naked reality.
    To get more sales and to attract and get confidence of buyers big companies like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart offers RETURN policy. This is going on since few years. Due to this already offline market suffering. There are lot of voices coming out.
    But Blind and selfish government cannot do anything to protect sellers.
    At this stage both small seller and offline stores are facing issues.

    Now a days, dealers already struggle to get Rs.100 for Rs.5000 product. But, you can see the charges government collect in the name of tax. you can see the high charges collected by these ecommerce websites. And courier and other charges. Even after this much issues, fake buyers, returns make really worst and helpless like today’s farmers.

    Earlier days are sufficient and good when eBay started in India. It does not affect local businesses and smooth. But, after the launch of Flipkart, Amazon everything is now in dangerous state

    Small businesses are really in worst state in India.

    YOU must make a note that, with online specially with Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm ONLY Government and rich people will benefit and also make these companies billionaries but, make India worst place.

    Since country means, people. NOT few rich people or not government.

    You must also note, people can change governments. So, wake up and raise voice.

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