FOR EXAMPLE : YOU SELL PRODUCT OF 30K , THEY REIMBURSE ONLY 10K, SO THERE IS A 20K LOSS FOR YOU STRAIGHT AWAY. AMAZON SAYS IT IS “Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company” but is this the way of treating the sellers . Are sellers not their Customers in anyway ??

    • Ravi, this debate about marketplace favouring customers is an ongoing debate. No questions asked return policies are what helped marketplaces to reach where they are now. Probably that’s why they are sticking on to them without changing even for the sake of the sellers.

      • RAVI CHORARIA Reply


      • Sanjib Reply

        Pooja, I agree with Ravi. You cannot run the show without sellers and just because you (eretaillers) want to reach some milestone, why do you make these innocent sellers victim.
        Other than those fraudulent buyers another challenge with e-retallers is COD. I was going through some articles on that issue and it sounds very interesting how COD became an integral part, even though no e-retallers want it. Well I think there are ways to reduce such transactions and get customer delight on every transaction.

  2. Prusty Reply


    I request you to not to sale in any ecommerce platform like Flipkart, Amazon, Askmebazzar. All companies are made fool to sellers. Some companies holds the payment due to fake buyers complaint. Ultimately these companies will become rich , not a seller. Seller will always loose at any point of time….

  3. Sunny Reply

    Now a Days all Marketplace websites are playing with sellers, they are just mediator to sell our products and charge 5 to 25% commission + Shipping Charges. my personal experience with ebay, amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, shopclues and paytm have worst and fake buyers. around 1 lakh Rupees lose with these websites. due to high competition all sellers drop the price of item and they dispatched the products when buyer claim, finally seller lost item and money too. above mediator don’t have any authority to take a action on buyers because buyer like a god. better to concentrate with retail or personal website. where you can give good discounts and solve the buyer problems, if they received damage or incomplete products. Aabh tak Girhak ko jagaya jaraha thaa, Jago girhak jago kehkar, I said Jago Sellers Jago. 🙂
    kick off above all websites and save money.

    • Sunny, the number of fake buyers and sellers are increasing on these platforms. But they are not a majority. They are certainly mediators/platforms to assist sellers in reaching out to large audience. Have you been facing issues?

    • raj Reply

      sunny is right all sellers should quit selling online for couple of weeks then see half of market places will get bankrupted.

  4. Hello IOS Team,

    First of all thanks a lot for describe this topic

    you describe about Amazon and ebay can you give details of Snapdeal .

  5. Sonu Reply

    Yes, Pooja you are correct its not Majority but the minor part is also not tolerable.

    As marketplaces charges huge amount of commissions, Shipping charges, PG fees to sellers, so margins are very thin and are negligible mostly. So any single Buyer Fraud will be equal to 100 orders profit.

    We had also tried on each platform and found that Sunny is right, put your efforts on your Own Website and Store, as marketplaces will never treat you like human. Customer is always right and seller is always wrong for them.

    For instance, we recently shipped more than 700 orders on PayTM, and recently one parcel was returned EMPTY and payTM rather than supporting seller, they BLOCKED the account and HOLD the entire payment. The item which was complaint was of Rs.8400 and they put on hold for entire payment of 4-5 lacs. Now just mailing and mailing, and always getting silly excuses (we are investigating).

    Also on amazon, a Buyer from Pune ordered Core i7 processor and intitated Return. Amazon approved the return and surprisingly what we got is Pentium 4 process in i7 box. Now Amazon said you are wrong and buyer is right. So straight 27000 loss.

    Also, as most knows eBay used Feedback system, buyer normally blackmail sellers to give some freebie or gift, or else they will give negative feedback. eBay never every see seller problem, they will just Refund the Buyer and dedcut all money from seller and then Blacklist.

    Snapdeal is also great, as the most order on Snapdeal is on COD mode. So most orders are Returned. And Return TAT Time is 45 Days, so if you shipped the Laptop, its not sure that Buyer will accept it and after 30-40 days, you will get your packed laptop back and chances are there that it might be Damaged and not in condition to sell anymore.

    Here PayTM is good, as most orders are Pre-Paid, so RTO – Return is very less, but Fraud Buyer are mostly here. One more example, we shipped a laptop to buyer, he requested return, as reason not liked it. When we received it, we found that it was just body and buyer removed HDD, RAM, LCD Screen and its now just a Dummy laptop.

    In whole, selling on marketplaces like PayTM, eBay, Amazon & Snapdeal is very tough and loss making proposition in long time. They will never trust seller and will impose penalities always

  6. Rahul Goyal Reply

    Currently I been selling only on eBay as Ebay give good response to seller in compare to Flipkart, Amazon (worst) and Snapdeal. There been also fraud going on at various warehouses of these websites as people replace the item and send it to out buyers and in return we face huge loss. I request sellers to act wisely do some calculation on daily or weekly basis about profit loss and check if it really profitable to sell on websites like these.

    • Yes I do Agree ! eBay is more clear and transparent when compared to all other market place. It is almost win-win situation for both buyer & Seller and eBay too. They handle eBay guarantee well when compared to others.

  7. SPF Claims on SnapDeal & Flipkart are great support. Even if the the buyer puts in a wrong complaint, you can easily report it and get reimbursed for the same (and it does not affect your rating at the same time). As for Amazon, even if you do present your case with pictures/videos, via A2Z Claim a customer easily gets their money (funded by Amazon) and affects a seller’s rating. With paytm, getting support for such cases is a tough job. At the most you 50% reimbursement.

    In all these cases, its not the rating that concerns me, that can easily be maintained over time. Its the easy refund that such fraudulent customers easily get which is worrying. Even if the refund’s are funded by the marketplaces, such customers get confident that they would easily be able to cheat via online shopping. With Apparels & Accessories, this goes to another level. Customers use it for a day/evening and send back the product (with labels all attached).

    Though these issues are not at all new if you look at the online scenario all over the world. What would be new is a way to successfully control such cases.

  8. Bharati Reply

    I cant help but agree with all my co-sellers here. All these e-comm platforms are only customer-centric & even if the buyer is proved to be a fraud or bogus order, the seller has to end up paying the marketplace commissions in addition to the cash loss /damaged product return.
    I had a similar situation with Amazon ..on the very first day of listing my products, I got 7 orders worth approx.3 Lakhs . Naturally I was excited. But since all these 7 orders were generated between 2am -4am & some were multiple pieces of an expensive product in the same order ,I was suspicious & even the addresses seemed fake.
    So I ran a check ( wrote emails to the customer id for verification , tried calling up the numbers provided on the orders . All numbers were either non existent or were answered by some harassed person in a remote location ( hundreds of kms away from the address provided) who was obviously being bombarded with similar calls from other sellers. Even after reporting fraud to Amazon & requesting cancellation, they insisted I ship the orders to know if it was genuinely a fraudulent order & wait for min.2 weeks for product return.
    Despite my proving to them about these being bogus orders, Amazon has charged me Order cancellation charges & non- delivery fee, & courier charges.
    I have from then onwards, stopped selling on these mktplaces & unlisted most products. I refuse to offer COD for the few products I have still kept there. But my overall experience is quite bad….we slash prices & offer deep discounts to ensure sales, incur huge costs by way of listing ,commissions,shipping etc. & wait for days before our payments are released after a lot of follow up only to be at the mercy of online buyers whims & fancies & ecomm platforms “my-way or highway” attitude and their high handedness.

  9. Ravindra kumar Reply

    Based on my experience on several online market places, I would like to suggest few points for sellers, to minimize losses.
    We all know, we have to sell as per marketplace policies ( right or wrong ) and we can not change them but we can minimize our losses.

    1. First of all, and most important point, keep reasonable margin for the product. Most sellers offer very competitive prices and maintain just Rs 50 or less margins for the item priced around Rs 1500-2000.
    If a seller is offering the item at Rs 2000 with a margin of Rs 300-400, it is a tendency the other seller will offer same item @ Rs 1900, the third one Rs 1800 and so on. And the one with lowest price sometimes offers after just Rs 25-50 margin. Give up this habit if you want to survive. This single step can help you survive.

    2. Give a call to buyer before dispatching the item, You will have a good idea about the type of buyer.

    3. Wherever possible, do not offer COD.

    4. Do not sale high value items online since no marketplace has proper seller protection policy.

    5. Sale only those items, if box or item is minor damaged in transit, you can make them fit for sale to other buyers.

    6. If COD is offered ( since COD is must at Flipkart, snapdeal, paytm ), pack the item in additional packing over the original item packing box.

    7. On Amazon, avoid eashyship as most frauds are done with these people only. Make a tie up with the courier of your choice. It will ensure minimum loss in transit.

    8. For ebay, shipping thru powership offered by ebay is good to save you from negative feedback due to courier related issues. However if COD rejection rate is higher, you should disable powership and use your own courier arrangement.

    9. Respond quickly to all buyer complains

    I hope, if we focus on above points, it will surely help us to keep the losses in control.

  10. Anil Valdria Reply

    I cannot agree more with my other co-sellers. According to me, Flipkart has the worst Return policy. Even after every details of the product is clearly mentioned on the Product Listings, Flipkart approves the Buyer Return request without consulting the vendors at all. Their RTO team doesn’t even have the knowledge about the product, even then they approve the return. On one instance, we had sent a product that was exactly what the buyer had ordered but the buyer returned it saying “It was not a Game version that he was expecting”. Now how on earth do we seller know what the buyer was expecting? Flipkart accepted the return & told us to wait for 30 days to get the RTO shipment & suggested us to claim SPF in case the product is damaged. On receipt of the RTO product we sent multiple images of the product to Flipkart and claimed SPF for the fraudulent return (Product original seal was broken & game was used by the buyer). However Flipkart rejected the Claim citing “Seller sent different product than what was ordered”. So we had to bear the loss & even pay for the Reverse shipping as well as the usual Marketplace fees. Also this SPF process is entirely a hoax. They do not reimburse the full merchant value but a meagre 30% – 50% of the value in most cases. Again when we claim SPF, Flipkart tells us to send the images of the RTO product but they will never ask the buyer to send the images as it is against their policy. If Flipkart can just ask the buyer to send the images, half of these return hassles will be solved (Snapdeal uses this process before issuing refund to buyer). In addition, this Flipkart SPF process takes more than a month to be resolved (after numerous paid calls to its seller support team) even when Flipkart claims to resolve a Claim within 12 business days. I have had infinite issues with Flipkart and can share all the fraudulent activities that these e-commerce websites resort to. They delay vendor payments citing “Technical issues” but when they want to charge sellers, their system are always working fine. Really very disappointed by such unprofessional behaviour.

  11. Ismail Reply


    PLEASE read this and forward to your friends and all people who planning to sell online. Specially on ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Snapdeal, Paytm, shopclues etc.

    NOT good news but, WORST of the WORST News for them.

    Even if you are following Indian Online Sellers or any information site regarding selling ONLINE, you rarely find this type of important information.

    So, indirectly you people PUSHING SELLERS in the HELL.

    You can see NEWS – Big news, Big Billion Day etc.. etc.. where Flipkart doing sales worth Billions.. Amazon Billions.. Paytm billions etc..

    But, who is benefiting from that?

    Is this creating employment in India. Benefit to the Indian sellers??

    If you are expert you will find answer.. ONLY few big sellers like WS Retail on Flipkart or Cloudtail on Amazon etc.. actually making money.

    Other Small sellers are suffering from losses. A problems that they cannot tell with anyone.

    Or they even cannot file cases in the court.

    It is very dangerous for the future of online business in India. ONLY for SELLERS. NOT for Buyers.

    After knowing all big news. Sellers trying to seller online through Big ecommerce sites like Amazon, Ebay, Snapdeal etc. Since they cannot start their own website. Because it is very much difficult.. need lot of time. Money, knowledge. Websites+ payment gateway etc..

    So, they list products on Ecommerce sites. No doubt this few big ecommerce sites making billions. But, that money going to either already very RICH people in India or illegally going to foreign investors.

    Here we are discussing about the online frauds doing by Fraud Buyers in India. So, I don’t think big sellers face issues due to high volume of sales. They can cover up with their profits. Like WS Retail. Cloudtail etc

    But, here we need to focus. EVEN Government need immediate attention on this. Small sellers. Either having small shops. Wholesale small business or some ladies, unemployed youths doing business from home. They are in critical state.

    WHY they are in trouble?

    If you have local shop selling multiple goods like ladies purse, wallets, clothes, camera, mobile accessories etc. You sell it. You can count PROFIT – Based on the sales you are happy if sales volume is sufficient.

    If you are selling manufacturer warranty items like Nokia mobile phone, for any issue you refer the customer to service center.

    If you are selling low price chinese phone. You check it while selling. After that you clearly put banner saying “NO return, No exchange, no warranty etc”
    Because you too do not get any warranty from wholesalers for those goods.

    You purchase it in bulk. Out of 100 pieces you may even get 5 pieces damage. So, since you check while giving to customer. You can make that as loss. Small amount of loss.

    And after sales, if customer coming to you after a week, you show him banner, no warranty, no return, no exchange. And this is going on since starting of business in India. Very long time from generations…

    But, after this ONLINE BOOM in India. Things are different online.

    On Amazon, Flipkart etc. even for manufacturer warranty item, you offer return, replacement, refund.

    And even for general chinese items, you offer return, replacement, refund.

    So, a buyer purchasing item. Using it for few days and returning it.

    Here as a seller you are completely HELPLESS. YOU cannot do anything with ecommerce fellows companies rules. Because, here nobody is loosing. ONLY SELLERS….

    You purchase Chinese mobile phone or head phones. After paying commission to ecommerce site, their service taxes, other fees, courier etc. you get money almost after 2 weeks or 1 month.

    But, even if you are getting Rs.20 on Rs.1000 item. If even 5 percent customers return the goods. YOU earn nothing but, you are actually paying ecommerce sites. You are suffering from heavy heavy losses…

    Here after having experience on all ecommerce sites. After selling thousand of products. Me and My friends we left ecommerce sites..

    So, this information will help anyone, specially small sellers for whom business is very important. And they can fall in depression if they face losses. It is a warning…

    If you are not sure and if you do not have friends who have hand on experience. Do not do business on high basis. Seller very few items for first 6 months. And you will understand..

    Because as a Buyer, they are really illegal kings.. As a SELLER you are nothing but, worst than BEGGAR

    And I am not writing against all buyers. Writing against Fraud buyers only. Like everywhere Good and Bad people exists. And given the opportunity, even normal people turn to fraud. Because they take wrong advantage of ecommerce policies.

    This type of Buyers just think of themselves. They never care for their country. They never care for humanity.

    Anyone can check this fraud anytime

    It is not hiding from anyone.

    Buyer purchase item. Use it, break it and return it.

    buyer purchase item. Open claim to return it saying wrong item. They send wrong item while returning the item. This happens specially if you are small sellers and not using ecommerce company provided courier services. Like if you are seller from small town. You sent item using India speedpost. After receiving item Buyer claims, he did not receive mobile phone but, receive stone. Receive only head phone etc. Market place take the complaint and resolve the issue in Buyer Favor. Because if you are sending through India Speedpost, you do not have proof of declaration.

    And by knowing this kind of issues. Actually you may get surprised to know. Even Indian postal department employees are stealing items from parcels.

    Like if you send any item, electronic item like MP3 Player, watch, mobile phone etc. Most of the post offices do not accept electronic items. And if you send still.. they are stealing items from parcels. Placing papers, stones etc.

    So, even government of India organization Indian postal department is involved in fraud.

    But, as a seller you cannot do anything.


    You have no proof that you sent mobile phone

    This also happens with third party couriers like DTDC, First Flight, Overnite courier etc. Because, if you sent electronic item with them through declaration, they ask you to do, insurance at extra cost. And they ask you for around Rs.300-400 just for courier and insurance of mobile worth Rs.5000
    So, as a seller you cannot pay that much money for courier. Few new sellers sent without insurance and this couriers steal the items or buyers too.

    At the end you will be looser!!!!

    This is just starting point of few small sellers. Even if you opt for services of couriers from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. You are still at loss due to fake claims from fraud buyers.

    Using the item and sending back.

    Here our government do nothing. Because this is just like taking government. They need just taxes.

    Ecommerce websites need customers, they concentrate on their new policies each and everyday. All these against SELLERS and no doubt against business rules.

    So, you are helpless at any point of time.

    NOT only this type of harassment but, there are different type of harassment like invalid negative feedback.

    Issue with couriers. Which is very worst. Even Indian’s reputed courier like Bluedart involve in wrong weight cases, negligence. They do not call customer and return COD orders.

    They do not call customers and return prepaid orders.

    They keep the parcels at one location without forwarding to destination.

    Late pickup.

    Late delivery and so on.

    Apart from that, you have lot and lot of back end works if you do online Sellers through market places

    So, my article will help NEW SELLERS decide on online sellers. Although it is not solution.

    Because, unless our government become serious about employment in India – like farmers even business people too start doing suicides.

  12. Namita Reply

    I do agree with sellers. I too have business on Amazon, Flipkart and I am from metro city
    I find inhumane buyers purchased clothes – wear for party and return back. But both Amazon and Flipkart accepting returns. So we are trying to close our business on this sites.
    I checked for starting own website but that need more work and payment gateways in India luring online sellers, different types of charges – setup fees and lot more.
    Also doing from Paytm and suffered loss.
    On eBay India facing issues with Bluedart charging wrong for shipment – like 100 grams they charge as 1 KG, 2KG etc and based on that eBay charging us for shipping. Complained many times but no use – Bluedart stop for few days for wrong weight on shipments and again after few days start again. As per my vast experience I find Bluedart intentionally doing this wrong weight fraud to get heavy charges illegally. Sometimes I sell Rs.100 item and after wrong weight I get nothing but minus amount. That means I sold Rs.100 item free of cost plus I am paying to eBay Rs.50 extra from my pocket.
    eBay India customer care is worst, they respond to queries after 7 days, 15 days.. and sometimes even after 1 month whereas in this business it should get reply in hours.

    Also on eBay India there is strange FRAUD issue. (Final Value Fees )
    suppose if you sell Rs.1000 value shirt. If customer try to purchase from Mobile Phone, tablet etc data connection lost. Or sometimes customers for time pass click on Buy Now and later close the window. During that time eBay system imagine sale is done.

    Let me give you exact words from eBay.

    ( Congratulations, your item sold—get ready to ship! )
    This is heading.
    Inside email here..
    (You did it! Your item sold. Please ship this item to the buyer within 1 business day(s) after your buyer pays. )

    If you read this carefully, you will find answer here itself.

    Sale is doing from eBay system. If Sale is done, it is eBay that get payment. But, still this brainless and fraud system of eBay India send you this messages within 1-2 seconds when Buyer click on Buy Now.

    And immediately they charge you ( FVF – Final Value Fees )
    For Rs.1000 value shirt they can charge Rs.40 etc this differ from item to item.

    And this charge is apart from listing fees, Payment gateway fees. Listing fees you pay based on number of listing every 7 days / 30 days etc. And payment gateway paisapay fees they deduct while sending you payment to your account.

    But above Final Value Fees get charged to your eBay account when customer place order. Here even for failed orders their PATHETIC system charge you.

    Like any normal person. I am too not aware of this Fraud issue doing by eBay India. So, for the first few months I actually end up paying huge amount to eBay. You can also say eBay charge me blindly and illegal amount.
    And there is no doubt there are lot of other Dealers on eBay paying them without their knowledge. Because this amount getting combined with listing fees that eBay charge every month.

    When we find this fraud issue we complaint to eBay but, after many efforts find one strange information. Ebay customer care says, you need to go to My eBay > Click on Account > Resolution Center. From there after 4 days of incomplete sale, open case by clicking on radio button ( I haven’t received my payment yet. ). Then enter item number from the email that you received 4 days ago.

    Then again wait for 4 more days after opening this case. And then close it saying payment not received and get final value fees credit.

    Total you need to wait for at least 8 days from incomplete / fake sale to close case and get your own money credit.

    But many sellers do not know about this and they end up paying eBay. eBay taking it illegally.

    With thousands of sellers on board they are making crores of rupees illegally, it is worst than Black money which government of India claiming they are struggling to get back.
    Here openly day time robbery is going on.. Government silent. So imagine our situation – how we can grow in India as business people.

    If you do not pay that money to eBay regarding listing, final value fees they send you warning emails and even sent your account for collection. Account will get suspended. Money will get block for your sold items

    Just go and search on forums there are thousand of sellers already lost lakhs of rupees that eBay not paying them.

    Not just eBay even new player Paytm. blocking money.

    Amazon, Flipkart also cheating small sellers

    I have many cases wherein Buyer purchase sealed, new items and during return they keep some of the accessories
    Not all buyers are fraud but at least 1-2 percent you can find frauds. And this will continue to happen if government not involved to protect sellers. Our irresponsible government currently in a position that never solve this kind of issues but, trying to make business more complicated day by day. This give trouble only to the small / middle class business

    After this BJP government increasing service tax from 12 percent to 14% already all fees increased. Now from November 2015 new type of strange increase 0.5 Swatch Bharat tax. So, total you are paying 14.5 percent service tax
    this is affecting almost all the services, mobile bills, internet bills, banks etc. Like we can see in movies Hafta Wasuli by local rowdies where only they catch people on the shops, streets in their access. But, our government harassing everyone. Even poorest of the poor is suffering due to their policies. By taking our money that we make from our sweat and blood, government enjoying with crores and crores of rupees spent everyday on foreign tours, facilities and salaries to politician. And heavy corruption going On..
    If this type of things continue surely it will be most difficult to do business

  13. Hi Friends,
    I would like to mention one name which is still missing in this forum i.e. SHOPCLUES. Biggest fraud company.

    1. If you sell product below Rs.300/- and incase of return claim of buyer, shopclues refund the money to buyer and do not pickup your stuff by saying that the item worth is less than shipping cost so you loose item, product material and get penalty charges.

    2. They charge incorrect payment for item weight. In several cases helmet weight is 1 kg and they charge as per LBH costs more than 5 times and charge as per 6 kg.

    I liked three points of some seller friends:
    1. Please confirm buyer address and phone no. before dispatching your product.
    2. As far as you can .. just sell products on prepaid.
    3. Start your own website if you can. Its one time effort but not so difficult. There are several companies which are in this business to assist you.

  14. Akshay Reply

    The same has happened with me. I have listed a Wireless Router on Flipkart.
    1) Few days ago, I received an order. To insert the printed tax invoice, I had to open the main seal of the product, Packed the product nicely. When I moved the order to “ready to Dispatch” tab, the buyer cancelled the order.
    2) Second time, there was another order for the same router. I packed it, there logistic guy picked it up. It was sent to the destination and the buyer cancelled it as soon the tracking ID was updated to “our for delivery”.
    Atleast on Snapdeal you get to see the actual amount which is payable to you. In flipkart the settlement amount is bogus as the commissions are not included in the amount. I can understand about not including logistic charges and they are region wise. But not including commission charges and making the seller run through there website to know what the seller payable will be is annoying.

  15. Deni Lad Reply

    I am going to write this letter as their management does not understand and such a worst company I have never see in the world and going to campaign for Snapdeal cheat to customer with each and every where social forums.
    I had previous experience which was bad too, and after raised the query to every social forum they have to settle with me when I start making damages for that company.
    This time I do not want to understand anything even if they comeback for settlement as experiencing very bad manners from their management while I am making calls to raise the issue and after 4-5 days also they are not even taking seriously.

    #1. I have ordered three Usha exhaust fan on specific credit card deal with 20% discount, where all three items came to me differently, and first was received as damage, so I made replacement request as I have purchased special discount, and replacement was available, so after picking up item they have change to refund and I have loose the discount and never allow to me replace the product in same price even if the product is still in stock.
    Second one was just fine, and the third one received with different model crisp air premia BV instead I have ordered for AF, so I have again request for replacement and they are again doing same to refund the amount even if they have it in stock till now.

    So I have asked their management many time to replace me the product as I have purchased in special discount and not want to lose, then finally one of their supervisor agree for first one however he said that he will pay the difference is coming first into my account and processed that amount so I can order with the same product again. However he did not give any confirmation during call and saying someone will call you for that request, so never made a request on their side, as he understand customer is foolish.
    And this things happening with my third product too, so I am request each and every customer not to buy from snapdeal Beware with their staff, their seller, and their management and beware with this idiots company who are considering customer foolish.
    #2. MDI ricelight for Diwali items, 3 pack- where each should be 20 meter long each , received some different cospo name brand Chinese product with just 5 feet length, which I have order on time and as per delivery date mentioned by them I should receive before 3 days of Diwali however again they works with idiots courier company like xpressbees, such a stupid company who never deliver the item to me, and I have to picked up from their worst place where no contacts are mentioned but finally find somehow address form 15 km from my house where they have received this item from last 5 days and never deliver from my city. While escalated to both snapdeal as well as courier they never taken as seriously and finally I have to pick-up even if I was making call to everyday to both company to spending money on call.
    So such idiots company beware of any discount with Snapdeal and their staff, management and worst company worst CEO they do not know how to work, its better if you can make uneducated people CEO will work better than yours.
    I am going on every social media to share these experiences as customer can understand and one day this company will see, what customer can do.

  16. Narayanan Reply

    I think flipkart and other marketplace need to re-think about their return policy. I also received COD return from buyer where buyer intentionally replaced the original product with faulty one. The return reason was “I have found same product at low cost from somewhere else” :-\ .

    This is what I received. Check this out..


    • Pankaj Reply

      I am planning to sell different clothes online. But I have read about the lot of frauds by customers on different forums.

      If such frauds happens, can a seller make a complaint/FIR with police or sue the buyer in court???

      These marketplaces do not give information about remedies in fraud cases unless one start selling. So I seek an opinion here.

      What is your opinion, should I start selling online without worrying of fraudulent buyers?

      • Santosh Wadkar Reply

        Dear Pankaj,
        I saying few things to you, if you are planning to sell clothes online I request to you kindly insured about company return policy. Further, please visit google.com and type fraud protect online there is rodmap given thir how to protect fraud from buyer.

  17. Santosh Wadkar Reply

    Hi, My name is Santosh and I am from Mumbai. I read all comments in comment box and realised that I am feeling very guilty of online marketplace fraud, because i am buyer purchasing product through marketplace. As per company policy, buyer can easily return the product and company also make advertising easy return policy. My question is all the seller, what is meaning of easy return policy? If company encourage to return product who is responsible for them? Buyer. No, the answer is online marketplace company. Because company has responsibility buyer and seller protection. Seller can’t blame to buyer. If their company has make get advantage to buyer and buyer take advantages. My message to all seller , if fraud happens from buyer my request is log fir in near police station against company, because company has responsible of all not is buyer.

  18. tony Reply

    Hi, I read all the comments…I am really interested in hobby crafts and small equipments…so,I at least purchase 40-50 items per month(small or big)…so my solution for this is I make a video recording of every product opening…I can have 100 percent evidence if the seller is a fraud and when it comes to buyer,I have practically seen many cheats but I’m helpless to raise a voice…so my advice is to send the item in plastic transparent hard or soft couriers so that the seller and the buyer doesn’t stand a chance to cheat and sure the plastic courier tech should be fool proof like using pet like in soft drink bottles…once if we open them we can’t easily stick them in minites and it can’t be tampered easily

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