1. Vinayak Goyal Reply

    Thank you for getting a researched article on Snapdeal. I requested you so, about a week ago.
    It brings more things in DayLight for more number of sellers, so we can all be more aware of the ongoing practices of companies we are dealing with.
    Experienced similar things with them.
    It haunts me to think if they are going AskMe way or are they saving themselves from going AskMe way by doing fraud with sellers.
    The second probability seems more of a truth to me. I hope though this never happens and are just my hallucinations.
    We believe if we are partnering with some platform although explicitly, we shall both be in economically healthy condition & it should be mutually beneficial. I wish SnapDeal too thinks that way sooner than later, and starts treating its sellers right, who work hard to keep upto its reputation among customers.

  2. Jayanta Ray Reply

    snapdeal is now cheating sellers by not paying properly , not giving genuine claims, they are now charging reverse courier charges

  3. all marketplaces are the same and sellers do not make a P & L account on a weekly basis and get lost in high turnover game.

    That is the reason why they have layers in their payments, charge wrong shipping fees, etc

    This is bound to happen.

    Thumb rule for sellers should be sell goods worth 5,oo,ooo and make a gross profit of 1,00,000, otherwise don;t sell. Your competitor selling at a lower price will be washed out in 6 months or may be a year.

  4. BREJESS Reply


  5. vb Reply

    Great article once again. ……The concerns and claims raised by Surekha Kulkarni are very genuine. Even we are facing similar problems with Snapdeal, wherein they shamelessly reject claims even without reading the issue. There have been a lot of issue with missing parcels, wih Snapdeal claiming it was delivered. And Snapdeal has the biggest issue of fake orders, where they approve COD orders even without an address!.. A few Snapdeal fake customers just write their name in the address and order multiple units, and when we raise a query with seller help for order verefication, they say that all orders are PRE-VEREFIED, so confidently as if KUNAL BAHL himself went to check the addresses… and then the items are returned undelivered, and guess what, Snapdeal charges shipping on all orders, which are mostly fake shipping charges, as they charge 100 rs for a 30 gm product that too claiming they have PRE-Verified product weight!
    All sellers facing the problem needs to highlight the issue on social media, and also try to get it published in newspapers if you have the contacts. Snapdeal needs to understand that they are the one with free VC money and not the sellers!

  6. Bishwanath Baheti Reply

    Even as i am a new seller on snapdeal,Firstly it was very good,account manager very responsive,good orders,i processed around 532 orders and have recieved 5-6 wrong products and claims were also passed just meagre 0.01%.
    Now the financial advisor from there team named ROHIT KHANNA says that seller is doing wrong things,that means i am sending wrong products and cheating with customers.
    So they wont pass my claims.As according to them since they are recieving complains that means seller is wrong and no settlements or claims would be entertained.
    Also reading above case shows that i am being saved from big future losses,as they are unethically so sick that you cannot do any thing.
    I had given them all neccesary proofs and evidences for my claims yet recieved a blunt answer that he wont pass the claim.
    I mean they think sellers are slaves.
    When a seller recieved orders,he is not allowed to talk to customer over phone,else penalty will be charged.
    Also once order is recieved on panel
    Now you have to send.There is no other way,if you want to cancel pay penalty,if product out of stock pay penalty.
    Now when RTO is recieved then we again have to pay logistic charges for one sided even for Courier return.
    I mean comeon you are charging so high commisions and doing a business on large scale with so high commision structure and you do not have any trust on your seller,who should be your bread and butter.You do not believe your sellers.
    Just go on paying penalties charges and do all the hard work and in return all efforts are flushed by there help team,spoiling Kunal Bahl’s name and name of company.
    Come on man even the whole of snapdeal knows that customers buy new products and exchange with old ones.Everyone including Account managers know that,not all the customers but few are there who are indulged in such activities.Rest some of the products are also stolen during transits.
    So snapdeal should take care of that.
    Why should sellers bear all the losses and buyers have fun with our hard earned money.This kind of system is ridiculous.

  7. I have read a lot and lots of negative about Snapdeal in last 8 months or so.
    We started Snapdeal extremely late, i.e. beginning of this year, and stopped within 3 months, as none of our fellow sellers have ever told me, that selling on Snapdeal is good, for profit, business, ethics.

    I have not experienced Snapdeal policies in deep, but looking at all problems that my fellow sellers share and IOS has also share above, it seems, leaving Snapdeal was a good decision all together.

  8. Manish Reply

    They have also started cooking books, i have a invoice of around Rs. 56000 for April, 2015 whereas we just started in April, 2015 and the sale was around 2500, so basically they are pushing the seller’s money in back accounts.

    Also, no reports of payments are there before November, 15.

    It is time Snapdeal must come clean.

  9. Satyanaraya Reply

    So what you can directly meet finance ministry on this. Both at State level and central government level.

    Should not ignore this as business dispute. It is totally a fraud game. Take this matter with government and ban fraudulent market place like Snapdeal.

  10. Jignesh Patel Reply

    Snapdeal started charging for courier returns starting 14-July-2016. Typically courier returns are around 20% of total orders. For every return order irrespective of reason, they are charging sellers. Sellers will be charged for returns even for – non acceptance by COD orders by customer, incorrect address or 3 attempts by logistic partner.

    Is this justified?

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