Shopclues & Flo tie-up to encourage women entrepreneurs to sell online

Women are naturally born entrepreneurs. They already possess the qualities of patience, subtlety and shrewdness that it takes to run a successful ecommerce business. But sadly the potential of women entrepreneurs has not yet been uncovered. Ecommerce can empower women through the creation of employment and removal of inequalities.

Shopclues is well aware of the potential of rural India and it also believes in the abilities of female online sellers. That is why the etailer has teamed up with the FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), the industry body’s women wing. The two announced that their tie-up would kick start the ‘Women Entrepreneurship (WE) in ecommerce initiative’.

Workshop to educate and empower

Under the aegis of FLO WE in ecommerce initiative, a workshop is being organized. This meant to help women obtain employment, empowerment and entrepreneurship in various sectors.

The president of FLO, Vinita Bimbhet claims that Shopclues will:

  • Educate
  • Enable
  • Empower

Women entrepreneurs. This will be achieved by showing them the works of online platforms.

Vanita says, “As per the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between FLO and Clues Network Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram for e-marketing of products of the beneficiaries of FLO the Shopclues will educate, enable and empower women these entrepreneurs/ members of FLO to use the online platform for exploring avenues to increase their business and enhanced market access.”

India is the fastest growing ecommerce market and we need to encourage to infiltrate this area of business, she states. The initiative by FlO and Shopclues is expected to capacitate women entrepreneurs through digital platforms for the promotion of their businesses.

Opportunity for women made products 

“There is an enormous opportunity to market products made by women – at small or medium scale, to be sold in wider markets through the e-commerce. The objective of the workshop is to facilitate the process of women empowerment by providing them a digital platform to promote their businesses,” Bimbhet says.

Through the initiative steaming from the FLO Shopclues collaboration, hundreds of women artisans and entrepreneurs, affiliated to FICCI FLO chapters across 15 locations in the country, will be eligible for digital inclusion. FLO and Shopclues hosted a workshop on ‘Empowering Women Through Ecommerce’ on tuesday, 13th September at New Delhi, for this very purpose.

Shopclues has potential

Shopclues is striving hard to carve out a position for itself in Indian ecommerce. It is looking at becoming the ultimate online fashion destinations and may even plan to compete in the big leagues soon.

The etailer is an active participant in the Make in India initiative that assists local sellers to sell their products online. Apart from that the etailer facilitates exclusive stores during festivals. Shopclues has also introduced:

All for the benefit of sellers, so they can do well and achieve greater success in online retail.

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