Shopclues to facilitate online stores for online sellers, ties up with GoDaddy

Shopclues is cooking up new plans that could help online sellers control their ecommerce fate. With online marketplaces sellers need to adhere to the platform’s rules and regulations. And as you already know, this isn’t making online sellers happy! They feel bullied and helpless on marketplaces, so the new initiative by Shopclues could help them spread out their risks.

What is Shopclues Planning?

Shopclues is a well known online marketplace and GoDaddy is popular for its web hosting facilities. Put these two together and what do you get? A strategic partnership for building ecommerce stores!

Shopclues and GoDaddy are collaborating to assist online merchants set up their own ecommerce platforms. GoDaddy will supply domain names for their websites and Shopclues CEO, Sanjay Sethi said, “These standalone website will be powered by us.” By which he means the online marketplace will assist online sellers and maintain their websites.

What Sparked this Partnership?

Both internet based companies took on this initiative to enable small businesses listed on Shopclues establish their presence on the internet. Shopclues has more than 400,000 online merchants and small businesses registered on its platform. In a month, they ship an average of 3.5 million products across all its categories, showing you just how popular Shopclues is to online shoppers.

With a presence on the marketplace and domain names from GoDaddy, sellers can direct traffic to their page listed on Shopclues. At the same time they can concentrate on building their business identity and brand in virtual space.

How will it work?

Merchants will be allowed to choose the website according to their business and link it to the Shopclues portal. They will also have liberty to access Shopclues technology and online logistics and payment services for a fee.

How does Shopclues Benefit?

Sethi says, “Such value-added services will benefit merchants who want to create their individual presence online and in the process we will make money out of it.”

Besides monetizing its platform, Shopclues also becomes a differentiated online marketplace in the eyes of online sellers. Getting more online sellers aboard could help the marketplace achieve its goals of profitability.

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How do Online Sellers Benefit?

This initiative could help online sellers standout on marketplaces. From the seller perspective, GoDaddy’s Managing director and Vice President, Rajiv Sodhi says, “Small businesses selling their products through the e-commerce platforms, often get lost in the huge marketplace with thousands of listed sellers. We are delighted to announce this partnership with ShopClues to provide its merchants with an online address that represents their individual brand and is easy to identify for their customers”

According to Sreedhar Prasad, partner ecommerce at KPMG, “To start with, sellers can gain additional revenues from the geography where he is present, and some sellers could become larger brands through this.”

Previous Attempts to Assist Online Sellers

With all the noise about false shipping charges, unfair return policies, flourishing brand infringement and degrading marketplace quality; could Shopclues be the marketplace online sellers trust?

Shopclues has supported its online sellers in the past as well. Remember their Capital Wings? How about the Shopclues “Sellers Club”? Their interactive app for sellers or the latest tie up with Indifi Technologies for easy access to business funds?

What do you think online sellers? Could Shopclues be better than the rest?

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  1. good approach from SC, But have they considered the scenario, when you make seller independent seller tend to think that why should I keep selling to other commission based selling platform when I can sell on my own,

    shouldn’t i put my effort,time and money establishing my own brand name .This obviously dont happened over night but sooner or later this happens.

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