Online sellers discuss AskmeBazaar’s pending payment issues with Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Online vendors have been eagerly waiting for some sign of payment Askme but have witnessed only disappointment. So they filed a case against Askmebazar and tried to reach out to political leaders to help them settle this payment crisis.

So far, the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has instructed Askme’s investor Astro Entertainment Networks Ltd. to stay put. The foreign investor cannot flee the country without making due payment, the judicial body said. But payments are yet to be made and no action has been taken against Askme so far.

Pending payments from online marketplaces appear to be the latest ecommerce misfortune for online sellers. The situation has reached a point where online sellers are wondering ‘which marketplace will be the next to deny them their own money?’

AIOVA meeting with Minister of Commerce and Industry

All India Online Vendors’ Association, (AIOVA) has been working hard to initiate an ecommerce regulatory body so situations like Askme’s are prevented. The lobby group met with Jayant Sinha, the Minister of State for Finance, in June. They said it was the first meeting with the government and certainly not their last.

The online seller association met with another Minister on Monday regarding AskmeBazaar’s non-payment issue ad the appointment of a non-bias referee in ecommerce. This time, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Minister of Commerce and Industry responded to AIOVA and agreed to meet with them.

What Ecommerce concerns were raised?

AIOVA’s representatives informed the minister of the difficulties AskmeBazaar has caused its sellers and employees due to non-payment of Rs. 300 crores. The group was redirected to the Ministry of Coperate Affairs as the matter did not fall under Ms. Nirmala’s ministry.

The secretary of Corporate Affairs assured Ms. Sitharaman that the issue raised by AIOVA will be taken up on priority basis as you can see below:

The lobby group also raised the concern of other online marketplaces going down the same path as AskmeBazaar. The group’s spokesperson told IOS, “Today, it’s Askme, tomorrow it may be another marketplace, why is the government sleeping? There need to be some kind of regulations that ensure the money collected on our behalf by online marketplaces is given to us.”

An official from the ministry of commerce with knowledge of the discussion stated that the department is in the process of understanding how to deal with issues in ecommerce.

“The problem with ecommerce is that there is no set precedent so far since this whole space is new. We are in the process of setting these precedents, be it about consumer complaints or issues such as these,” the official said.

The minister, Ms. Sitharaman, assured the seller representatives she met with they would be they would be invited for consultation if any policy formation is planned in the future.

Askme employees and vendors protest

Askme’s employees have not received salaries for the month of July and its online sellers have been raising claims of non-payment since October 2015. On the 22nd and 28th of August both Askme employees and sellers participated in protests against the company

AIOVA participated in these protests against AskmeBazaar as well. They conducted a street march outside the AskmeBazaar office in Noida. The sellers who participated marched about chanting demands for justice and payment.

AIOVA stated, “Protests are happening everyday and the managers and directors at Askme continue to abscond.” AIOVA also said there was no significant progress yet from the government’s end.

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  1. You think astro was doing this and no one had any idea about this ..Ofcourse everyone in system knew about this ..So what is this show about .?

  2. Syberplace is the next AskMeBazaar… Duped sellers, staff as well as buyers for more than Rs.10 crores and Police is doing nothing.. government ministers are just sitting idle.

    Please visit
    Share it with your friends and family. Make sure they do not get trapped in their bait.

    A bunch of IITians are creating such a mess in the country.

    This startup is based in Hyderabad. CEO is Urvesh Goyal

  3. Nishith Reply

    The Show is all about Recovering the Payments which is Rightfully due of the Sellers hard earned Money !

  4. Kavita Reply

    Don’t blame anyone. All these worst things happening due to negligence of Indian Government.
    Responsible central government ministers are knowingly sleeping.
    This is not simple issue. This is too much serious issue and already thousands of sellers suffering.

    It is not just the fraud story of same type of stories happening with,,, etc

    Government only keen on taking taxing and then sleeping and politicians making different games to make illegal money as well.

    All are suffering. Except big company owners like Reliance, TATA, Amazon, Flipkart etc making money and looting the India nation.

    Mr. Narender Modi where is Acche din?
    No doubt we are just seeing Bure din.

    Online shopping is really injurous to the growth of the nation ( here nation does not mean government, real term is common people)

    No doubt government getting lot of taxes and small and medium business in India in a position to become beggars.

    Simply appointment a genuine person like me as Finance minister or any powerful minister in the central government for just one month. I will show how to make resolution for all these type of issues.

    Sellers are suffering only because of government. Too weak government. Just concentrating on getting taxes. NOT concentrating anything on growth of the small businesses in India.

    I am not politician or writing anything on politician benefit. But, I am writing true scenario here now in India.

    President take this as Alarm and wake up. Online sellers really in danger state now.

  5. Priyanki Reply also not payment payment to their sellers. Even site also not working for last 3 days

  6. Pallavi Reply

    Indofash is fraud. They are not transferring amount to sellers, who are selling over Indofash. No response from account team or Pallavi. Quit Indofash

  7. sanjeev Reply


    any news on Ask Me Bazaar……..i heard that our association have lodged an FIR and a case against the company.

    They have raised this issue to commerce ministry.

    There is no update………..we have > 13 lacs stuck with ASK ME BAZAAR and we are now facing bankruptcy.

    Our suppliers are behind our life and we are trying to save our faced by giving hope to recover money.

    Is this the fate of online seller?

    We are losing money slowly with FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL, AMAZON and other portals with their return policy and commission structure. It seems we are getting slow poison by working with these portals.

    If you are working in volume……….you will face reconciliation issue.

    if you are not working in volume………… can get cover your expenses.

    after 3 years, worked with major portals, my learning is

    if you dispatch 100 products…………..

    if will get payment of 65-75%

    10-15% will be returned as RTO …………may be 5% in bad condition / used / faulty / non saleable products.

    5% – 10% products will fall in return but this will never delivered to you.

    Pl check you will lose money as penalty for 5% to 15% with any portal.

    End of the day……………….it is certain that you will loose money as slow poison.

    Thanks & wish you all the Best


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