1. Ashok kumar Reply

    Our hard earned money is stucked. We need it back. Askme n Astro can’t run away with that!!!!

  2. Hi sweta,
    I am one the vendor at AskMe bazaar thay cheated lot of peapol at AskMe even employees and seller some of who pdonor e their servises like cloud and reconciliation they also unpaid there due. All of us are waiting for their money.
    All the vendor having huge loan amount to be pay they are taking money from outside to loan interest
    We are hopeless and do not understand what we need to do of these kind of cheater.

  3. Rahul Lakra Reply

    I am seller, my pending payment is 56lakhs.i Haven’t got a single payment.
    They were making us fool for almost 4 months.lot of our group members don’t get the payment from January.we don’t see any hope yet..

  4. Himanshu Reply

    Astro not follow any court order still employess ,sellers ,vendors wait for there payment to get any response but because of some people we can’t get our salary

  5. Kunal Bedi Reply

    Astro has mocked court orders. Closure of operations leaving 4000 employees stranded. Its insane!! They need to come forward and answer.

  6. Mohit Reply

    We need our money. They making us fool.

  7. Abhishek Reply

    Our hard earned money stuck please help us to back. 2 months salary not paid by the company.

  8. Akanksha Reply

    No salaries since july..the company was supposed to run as usual as per NCLT orders last week..but we still wait for any news from mgmt..salaries of over 2 months due with no clarity on what next

  9. Hii…
    Astro Malaysia should not be allowed to play with the life of 4000 emolyees families.. and alsmost 10000 total sellors and indirect stockholders… if astro people are allowed to flee away… it will be a DEFEAT OF FAITH. .. (in indian judiciary and peoples politician’s). All 400k emolyees are looking at foreighn ministry and court … fingers crossed for 17th oct court decision… I hope emolyees will receive there salary and sellors there money.

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