1. Sanjeev Reply


    I am one of the seller on Ask Me Bazaar from Nehru Place New Delhi. We have completed > 15000 orders in 7-8 months. Initially volumes were high and we received payments with normal followups till Diwali / new year.

    Later we Received, lot of returns > 20-30% orders from them. There is no procedure to account them. It seems, lot of orders were fake……..could not reach to end customers despite heavy discount offered.

    There is no reconcillation happen despite lot of follow ups. Since Jan-16 we are not getting any payment.

    As per our Accounts, we have outstanding of > 3 lacs……..for which, company is not ready to take any action.

    The same issue is with many sellers, those are following payment issue with Ask me Bazaar.

  2. Sanjay Thakur Reply

    We,eSellerSuraksha (ESS) also personally felt that there is integrity issue of Askmebazaar in making the payment of sellers. I, personally called Mr. Hamza Avasti (Board Member, Askmebazaar) , Mr. Praveen Lohia (Finance Head,AskmeBazaar) and Mr. Ajay Oberoi (Sr. Manager, AskmeBazaar) for the payment of my sellers who are badly impacted by the non payment as most of them have taken a loan for doing economic business and are running in very bad shape due to non payment but non of them is picking the phone after Multiple Attempts. After at least 20 attempts Mr.Awasti picked the phone and shows their inability to pay the sellers money and even refused to send any mail for payment schedule. Then he disconnect the phone saying that he will revert in 15 mins. After waiting for hours for their revert , I again called all 3 of them ,but none of them picked the phone then after multiple attempts Mr. Ajay picks the phone but haven’t spoke anything, but was listening the talks between 3 or 4 persons laughing on the sellers making silly jokes. It was proving their intent of not paying sellers money even after collecting the same from the buyer. Sellers are strictly warned not to work with Askmebazaar,if they are still doing as the Team and the Manager is totally unprofessional and having the bad intention of cheating with sellers’s and buyers money and befooling the Sellers and Buyers by giving provoking ads.

    SANJAY THAKUR, President ESellersuraksha.

  3. Kiran Desai Reply

    Dear Team,

    We are facing same issue with askmebazaar. We are not getting payment for orders shipped in the month of Feb-2016.

    Our due amount is more than 6 lakhs and still no one is responding to our mails. They are sending recon mails every month and calling us to confirm the same even though we have sent our reco in their previous month mail.

    We have stopped doing business with Askme from the month April-2016 because of payment issue. One more issue with askme is they are paying short amount for order against Transfer price what we had confirmed.

    After so many reminders we got a mail saying that they are not getting payment from their investor and hence they are unable to process our payment. @Ankit Jain – This mail confirms that issue is still not resolved from the investors. Do not misguide sellers by confirming that issues has been sorted and things are going fine.

    If things are sorted now then how did we get a mail from askme on 08-08-2016 saying that contact our investors directly for payment issue.

    I was shocked by reading an email from askme team that they are not able to recover payment from their investors and they request us to contact their investors by sharing their contact details.

    We request other sellers to submit your feedback so that so called co-founder sir can see the situation of their company.

  4. Sarada Tewary Reply

    After several reminders neither we have received the payment nor we have received any news of the same from askmebazaar.

    Every time when we send a mail to clear our payment, we get a call from the other side stating that the payment will be done within a month. And this is taking place since March’16.

    We are not even given a written reply .

    The harassment to merchant in such a way is not acceptable.

    We need to take action regarding the same.

  5. Amit Tiwari Reply

    we also face a slimier problem they cheat with us our Outstanding more then Rs.50000/- we followup many time they told me that they are paying in may last, then June last, July last, but payout not received they stop all services and did not reply of any email or call,

  6. raj Reply

    I think ab ye paise le kar bhaag gye hai ab kisi ko nhi dene waale hai mere bhi loot liye saalo ne.

  7. Pupkart also used to sell products through askmebazaar.

    More than Rs 1.5 lekh is pending since long.

    We do not think we would be able to recover that amount.


    I have around Rs25000/- pending payment from AMB. Any body can help me.

  9. sanjeev Reply


    any news on Ask Me Bazaar……..i heard that our association have lodged an FIR and a case against the company.

    They have raised this issue to commerce ministry.

    There is no update………..we have > 13 lacs stuck with ASK ME BAZAAR and we are now facing bankruptcy.

    Our suppliers are behind our life and we are trying to save our faced by giving hope to recover money.

    Is this the fate of online seller?

    We are losing money slowly with FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL, AMAZON and other portals with their return policy and commission structure. It seems we are getting slow poison by working with these portals.

    If you are working in volume……….you will face reconciliation issue.

    if you are not working in volume…………..you can get cover your expenses.

    after 3 years, worked with major portals, my learning is

    if you dispatch 100 products…………..

    if will get payment of 65-75%

    10-15% will be returned as RTO …………may be 5% in bad condition / used / faulty / non saleable products.

    5% – 10% products will fall in return but this will never delivered to you.

    Pl check you will lose money as penalty for 5% to 15% with any portal.

    End of the day……………….it is certain that you will loose money as slow poison.

    Thanks & wish you all the Best


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