1. H Q Reply

    Sellers should understand that this etailers biggies are taking sellers for granted. All etailers are only looking to appease more and more buyers, so that their valuation goes high and they can get more money from investors. Its all about getting as much money they can from foreign investors. Sellers should concentrate on brick & mortar stores, because sooner or later, many of these etailers are going to go bust.

    Imagine how they would operate without sellers. I stopped selling on these online websites, long time back, I knew this was coming. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Sellers should pack now and leave before they make huge amount of losses, and no ones going to compensate these losses to sellers.

  2. Kavita Reply

    Yes ONE valid point highlighted by above seller. ( Sellers should pack now and leave before they make huge amount of losses, and no ones going to compensate these losses to sellers.)

    This is 100% True. TRUE…

    No one will rescue you.

    Actually even after highly educated person, you are worst than Indian farmers here. At least due to political reasons farmers are getting support from government bodies.

    Here no one can help you.

    You earn Offline and pay online. Instead of getting profits many sellers suffering huge losses online. Online purchasing can be beneficial but, online selling as per current Indian law NOT at all suitable for small and medium businesses.

    I am sure even government know this and lot of government officials already purchasing online.

    BUT, they are NOT SELLING.

    So, you WILL UNDERSTAND THE PAIN of others only if you realize how painful it can be.

    In this case, I suggest any responsible Indian powerful person from government either take a strong note to the government OR ask the goverment of India to sell products online on these websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues etc. All these marketplaces are danger to the nation. Harmful to the people of India.

    See the difference between government and ecommerce marketplaces here.

    If you travel through travel.You may book train ticket from IRCTC. But, see how IRCTC cheating Indians.

    If you book ticket and that is in waiting list. Now IRCTC automatically cancelling the ticket.This causing high inconvenience to the passengers. If you are unware and ticket is not confirmed. If you board a train, they say, ticket is cancelled. And ask you to take new ticket.

    AGAIN important NOTE here is, if you paid Rs.1000 to IRCTC you will not get that Rs.1000 as refund if ticket is cancelled by themself ( IRCTC itself ). You will get something like Rs.800

    That huge amount difference. IRCTC actually looting the nation.

    Why customer do not get 100% refund?

    Is that possible online at marketplaces…??

    NOT at all.

    You will get 100% refund for the item you paid.

    NOT only that, if time pass buyer place order and later cancel it, even that amount SELLER have to suffer.

    All courier charges and all packing and other expenses.

    So, can you see the logic here???

    Indian Railway cheating customers by not paying complete money. Also no option for claims, negative feedback, penalty etc for IRCTC. They are daringly LOOTING the nation.

    Here without a single mistake, Seller should suffer in many ways.

    Even if item is not accepted by buyer.

    Even if item is returned due to non available of buyer.

    Even if item is returned due to non-serious buyer.

    Indian Railways as seller making illegal money by looting people.

    Common Indian business sellers on marketplaces constantly suffering losses due to some other’s mistakes.

    So, what happens if IRCTC seller tickets through Amazon OR Flipkart?

    Or government based company can seller online and still take all returns with complete losses?

    NO NO NO.NOT at all…

    Then why irresponsible officials not looking to Indian sellers serious issues?

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