1. This is the only reason many of the online sellers switchin from marketplaces to start a own e-commerce websites. getting more orders on marketplaces is just one side of the coin but another side it’s a nightmare. due to this e-commerce platforms like StoreHippo, NationKart, GainStores getting attracted to build own online presence without hurting any budgets.

  2. Khan Reply

    Flipkart already losing their market share…as well as their valuation is also going down day by day……seller’s decision to close down their listing actually inevitable…because of their buyer oriented policies and unjustified high returns. Even flipkart now starting suspending sellers accounts on those alleged “higher returns” . Enough is enough !!

  3. pratik agarwal Reply

    I have been selling on flipkart since last 2 years.But now i end my decision here ny closing my account on flipkart as all of its services had become worst.They transfer less payments and just haress the sellers if they file a complain.I got less payment for 1620 products sold in the month of april and had not got any proper response regarding that till now.Now they have closed all of my accounts saying thta we sell fake products.Me along with my friends circle have about 13 accounts and flipkart has closed all of them for silly reasons.For orders which are RTO or courier returns company have charged courier charge and commission on them.I recommend all sellers to beware of FLIPKART MARKETPLACE…8905249037

  4. Naveen Reply

    Flipkart is a technical fraud….cheating their sellers by imposing illegal penalties on the name of high returns. Their main source of income is product returned to sellers…and flipkart passing fake orders to their sellers…and these orders never deliver but return to sellers with flimsy claims like: duplicate product, quality is not expected, customer remorse, missing accessories etc. etc, the highest number of return means more revenue generation for them by imposing reverse shipping charges, cancellation charges, penalties etc. So seller’s decision to boycotting flipkart actually inevitable. They have buyer oriented policy and encourage customers for easy returns. Sellers are suffering huge financial losses from long time. Now again change of policy make them to decide finally their course of action against flipkart.

  5. When i get a return on my home furnishing product
    How much money the flipkart charged from me

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