1. Online shopping is a part of lyf style now for da people….As a one tym seller of flipkart i totally agree wit da sellers protest shud be on……Ecommerce rocks

  2. ramesh lalvaney Reply

    Le the GST come then it will be level playing feild with brick mortor shops so then all these online companies will know how to do business with Indian consumers, Now it is high time the people who have funded them will know they are being fooled , all the management is in a rat race and employing people at a salary beyond the ability of the employee .As they are funded and they showed volume sales selling at discount which was not even is their cost,So as Indian customers are benifited they said why not purchase at discounts & have a good bargain, otherwise our if it is at the same price then why not buy from the friendly known store. Time has come when all fund managers will know that they were being fooled & all the enjoyment was done by employees & management,at their cost. So once they start demanding their funds back the online companies will collapse like a pack of cards.

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