Is Snapdeal 2.0 good news for you? Here’s what online sellers think

After months of negotiations the Flipkart-Snapdeal merger deal was called off. Whether it was Flipkart’s asking price or Snapdeal’s dislike for the clauses imposed, whatever resulted in the deal break has left Snapdeal excited to start afresh as Snapdeal 2.0.

How about the sellers on its platform though? Are they happy about the deal break? Also, what are they expecting from Snapdeal’s new avatar?

Indian Online Seller decided to find out. We spoke with a couple of online sellers and ecommerce enthusiasts for their opinions on the matter. The following is the scene we unearthed:




There you go online sellers; many are still hopeful for Snapdeal’s success and are waiting to see what its 2.0 strategy will do for them. Do you also think the etailer will give up being oblivious to seller issues? Or will it go back to bullying sellers twice as much?

Share your thoughts, experiences and opinions about Snapdeal 2.0 in the comments section below.

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