1. Rajshekar Reply

    i never heard of this portal until now.
    I request to all vendors don’t get into an agreement and start selling for atleast 3-4 years .
    These type of companies do not last for this period of time with out complaints. if they do last then we can “think” about listing our products.
    The 3 big companies AMAZON, FK, SD are taken over and with Myntra and jabong, there’s no way these mediocre portals last with out ripping off us vendors.

  2. Ankur Goyal Reply

    We are also sellers on limeroad, and are facing exactly the same issue. Delayed and mismatched payments, wrong weight and packing strategies. Misleading sellers. Hefty penalties on delays and minor awards on on time order processing.

  3. Worst part is not just sellers even customers too feel like cheated. i saw many promotional campaigns of them on facebook and it’s very clear price inflation game. Usually Evey ad they receive 1K+ comments , unfortualtely none of them are positive or alt east 1% . For sellers, such a long payment cycles hurts business. All it seems ecommerce in india being just limited to Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal in future.

  4. Saurabh Kataria Reply

    We are also facing the payments issues. You do not dispatch one order on time, you would get so many calls from limeroad. For our payments, we have been trying so hard to communicate with Limeroad for the past 2 weeks, there is no response from their team. Only thing we get replied on mail is the same copy & paste messages.

    There are irrelevant deductions, a term “Negative to be adjusted”, which they deduct before making a payment every month. They do not pay order wise as shown on their panels. This negative to be adjusted amount is then adjusted in the next payment cycle. So they adjust previous negative & again charge a new “Negative to be adjusted” amount. So if you are supposed to get 1 lakh as a transfer amount, they would deduct 90,000 as negative to be adjusted. Upon enquiry, they would simply say it would be adjusted in the next payment cycle. This happens in every payment cycle.

    We have put all our products out of stock on Limeroad.

  5. Rajkumar Reply

    And above all these they are charging seller entry tax between 2 to 15% on selling price with retrospectively effect.

  6. rahul Reply

    we have been cheated as well by lime road! Recently we checked my payments went into negative balance of 74000 and asked for payment details for the same. Then I was told that 90000 from my account has been debited for the reason extra penalty on returns(750per order) as returns is more than 15%.

    This means if I sell an order for Rs 165 I get Rs 85 on actual realisation of order but if its returned. Then there is debit of Rs 85+250( return panelty)+ 750( extra penalty)= 1085.

    This was no where communicated to us and on raising issue for the same. Company says if your returns are less than 15% in next three months we will refund. But who will work with such a company for next 3 months???

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