1. Swaminathan Reply

    We are actively helping Sellers in their accounting in the Ecommerce space. We work with traders / sellers who sell their products on the various platforms ( Amazon, Flipkart , Paytm , Snapdeal , India Times, Limeroad, shopclues, myntra , jabong, ask me bazaar etc).

    We specialize in accounting for the settlement sheets received from the players. This process is completely automated and do the accounting to the micro level with each expense being plotted against individual sale orders. This is further linked to the sale returns / any claims received to ascertain the net realization. Presently, this has been prepared for Tally accounting software . We set up the system at the Traders / seller’s end ( make appropriate ledger heads to ensure that the data flows in to these ledgers) . This in no way effects the existing system and is just a realignment of the existing system. This also facilitates reconciliations with the various portals.

    We can help online sellers to spot discrepancies immediately. The entire process is automated with excellent turnaround time and volume of data is no issue at all. Please write to me at swaminathanp@accopuntscorp.com or call on + 91 9910425119.

    We understand the challenges in the accounting of the settlement sheets which are quite complex and help the sellers to focus on their receivables.

    It is a great value proposition that we bring to the table at a very competitive price. Since the accounting of the financial sheets are done up to the micro level against each sale order reference number it allows the client to ascertain the receivables from each portal – sale order wise at any point of time in their own accounting system. The debtor ledger review becomes manageable as all the orders flow into one ledger.

    Sales through a portal usually go through the following life cycle:

    1. Sale of Product to buyer
    2. Receipt of Money from Portal
    3. Amount deducted by Portal in case the product is returned by buyer.
    4. Receipt of Product at the sellers warehouse.
    5. In case product returned is found damaged – then lodging of claim on portal by seller.
    6. Settlement of claim.

    We take care of points 2 & 3 & 6 above and since we align the accounts all the above flows through one ledger. The expenses flow into the respective expenses ledger order wise.

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