1. eswar raghu Reply

    snapdeal is cheating their sellers with their RTO return charging and no claim approval with good reason, i think will snapdeal lose it’s business and goodwill with their all sellers, sellers think quit from snapdeal.

  2. Sanju Reply

    Please go ahead and complaint with ministry of commerce. Ministry of finance etc.
    If they cannot help directly contact the PM and president office.

    This is more dangerous issue for growth of India.

    Government well know, without business, without sellers, country cannot develop.

    And if people collapse, everyone get collapse.

    It is very much true that fake buyers repeatedly cheating sellers. Unlike offline business, online is very very dangerous due to this policies.

    Snapdeal and other websites like Amazon India. Flipkart etc directly cheating Indian sellers.

    Government must wakeup and take action immediately.

    Imagine as mentioned above – one seller sending Shoe worth Rs.5000 ( five thousand ) and getting used, another fake shoe.

    So, it is directly a cheating and fraud case of buyers.

    Go ahead to any government bank like State Bank of India – take Rs.5000 from your account and when bank staff give you money, you go ahead and complaint to them saying he did not give Rs.5000. If each and every customers started like this, then Indian economy will completely collapse and everybody has to beg on the streets.

    What exactly media is doing without highlighting this?

  3. Avinash Reply

    Snapdeal is a disgrace to the Indian Ecommerce community and to startups. Such an unethical company should not exist. Like how they’ve eaten up their vendors’ monies, I hope something similar happens to them and they shutdown.
    Their shitty policies stink bad !!!

  4. The worst issue is getting a wrong product back. This needs to be contolled if SnapDeal wants to survive.

  5. Rajshekar Reply

    I’m still wondering are sellers still selling on this portal!!
    If you are, STOP before it is too late.
    You are just doing a charity to cover their losses. If you are interested in charity work that too on SD, you can still sell though!

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