1. Thanks for publishing the article, we have been suffering from abuse by competitors for long. We had a very bad review about one of our best selling product in amazon.in containing allegations to scare away buyers. We tried contacting the buyer but he never responded or attended our call. We wrote to amazon with detailed explanation to the allegations with documentary proof . But amazon was not ready to listen. We started getting calls from worried potential buyers. Finally we had to pull down our best selling sku from amazon because of this.

    Our products are leaders in their respective categories about couple of days one of our product which had 5 star rating was brought down to 4 star overnight with many 1 star ratings in flipkart.

    Until market places put a mechanism to stop this abuse many top sellers will suffer.


  2. manish Reply

    High time for payment reconciliation.

    Amazon changes policy. giving half FBA reimbursement

    Amazon changes policy. reduced easy ship reimbursement to approx. 50% of transfer amount not product charges

    Amazon not reimbursing all FBA returns (compare fba return orders and reimbursement done)

    Amazon changes policy. introduced charges for return order (20% of commission)

    Amazon creating self removal of FBA return orders (Check your monthly FBA courier return charges to your warehouse)

    Amazon Increased volume in FBA products

    Was anyone informed about these changes?


    Kindly update that Amazon has changed their old policy of allowing incentivised reviews last monday. They might suspend if they find that review has been posted in lieu of a free or discounted product.

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