1. Deepak Singh Reply

    Would not suggest Seller to Shopclues as they are forcing sellers to payup more Marketing fees through their new idea of Slot Reserve. They are already charging 20% and they are greiving for more in the name of seller promotion????

    Further their Claim department is worser as they blindly refund buyer without seller approval or contacting seller with the buyer report.They penalise seller for their own fault.

    I had bad experience with them. Showed them their mistake of blindly refunding buyer which they accepted but later avoiding mails and replying differently. Very bad and worse Seller suppport. They would charge and penalise Seller for their own mistakes done. Absurd reply they would give to avoid.

    Would suggest ebay as they mostly cover seller when they make refund to buyer.

  2. Namita Reply

    Above comments are True. But, it is just few issues disclosed. Shopclues really ugliest shopping site for sellers.
    I have 2 years experience selling self and also many of my neighborhood shopkeeper who sell on Shopclues STOPPED now. It is dangerous website to do business.

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