1. Amazon tells its customers that they dont sell fakes, but the fact is that they openly allow sales of fakes.

    Fakes of our brand are openly sold on Amazon and inspite of several escalations, Amazon refuses to take them down.

    Infact we have made an open declaration on our website:

    And also on our facebook Page:

    We will be happy to make quotes you can publish regarding this issue.


    • Uttam Kumar Yadav Reply

      Hi, I am the faced the same issue with one the Amazon Seller “Rockfield” who is illegally selling “Alex” Brand product by creating fake listing at Amazon and I have provided all evidences even after Amazon doesn’t remove his selling privileges nor remove the listing offer. Whereas he has suspended my authorized sellers those who maintain my Brand Name in unchanged condition and selling legally. Account suspension is done on complain by Rockfield. Amazon isn’t liable Marketplace in India and loosing it’s Brand Goodwill.

  2. Manish Reply

    Basically Amazon has made mockery of the trademarks and its related laws. Even after having conversations regarding this issue, they keep on dodging the same, It is high time that the Government must step in and see that the marketplaces do things right.

    E commerce Sellers are unwilling or are not equipped to take legal actions and have no place where they can complain about these, of which the companies are taking undue advantages.

    Recently Amazon increased its percent commission from 8 % to 17 %, now if the government raises taxes even by 1 %, there are strikes and all, and here Amazon increased from 8 % to 17 %, and they say they work ethically.

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