Flipkart, Amazon face trouble over saree copyright issues


The lawyers of ecommerce marketplaces must be the most busiest people in the world. Take for instance Flipkart who recently won a tax case in Kerala and just yesterday took a vendor to court for delivering fake goods.

Now Amazon and Flipkart both find themselves in hot soup after Siddhi Vinayak Knots and Prints who is a Saree retailer, selling under the flagship Laxmipati brand, has alleged that the ecommerce marketplaces haves sold sarees on their platforms which are infringing on the companies copyright designs. The Surat based clothing merchant has filed a case against the ecommerce marketplaces Flipkart and Amazon in the Bombay High Court.

“My allegations are that these companies are infringing upon my copyright and design. They are using my original model and images of products but selling fake copies of my products. By doing so, they have caused damage to my reputation and goodwill,” stated Siddhi Vinayak through his lawyer.

What the online marketplaces have said in response


“We take the issue of fake and counterfeit products being sold on our marketplace by sellers very seriously. If it is brought to our notice that sellers are using our marketplace platform to sell fake or counterfeit products, we work with the sellers to bring such products down from our website. In case of repeated offenders, we do not hesitate to take strict action and may even go to the extent of de-listing them from our marketplace,” said an Amazon spokesperson.


“We are investigating this case where two sellers have allegedly been selling counterfeit products of Siddhi Vinayak Knots & Prints and those products have been removed. As a responsible marketplace, we will do our due diligence checks and take the necessary actions,” said a Flipkart spokesperson.

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