1. It nice to be consumer friendly in business but neglecting sellers is also not good. Amazon charges Rs. 63 for 100 grams parcel from the seller and from buyer they are charging just Rs.11.00 a clear loss of Rs. 52.00, when brought to notice they took 2 months to reply in a big 3 letters “sorry can’t cooperate “.

    Similarly in Flipkart actual weight of the products is not entered correctly due to which sellers are loosing money on shipping charges specially in books category.

  2. Eagerly waiting for alibaba’s entry in Indian ecommerce industry.

  3. This is the Good news for Seller like us maintaining the 4.4 rating continuously on all Major Ecommerce channel.

    Fed Up of more Discount and more Discount policy.

    Need respect for our Product quality,Fast Shipment & Zero Cancellation and also need Reasonable Margin for our efforts. Which we are not getting due to Durty game going on.

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