1. This is just a really great article
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Anand Reply

    Shweta Singh! Superb article! Thanks a lot! Well analysed & well written!

    I am following most of the “must do” things given in the article. But, very annoying thing from market place is unfair returns. We use to write down the serial numbers in the customer invoices, courier manifests & use to take single photo of invoice, manifest & actual product together. Most of the electronic products comes in sealed pack. Cheating buyers, use to take the product out and put different, used, fake product in the same original box and sending back to us. So, most of the times it’s very tough to prove that we sent correct product only. Fellow sellers / Shweta Singh, any views / comments /suggestions to improve this “evidence of the product sent” would be helpful.

    I am thinking to take videos 🙂 But, need some simple & effective way.


  3. Am a blogger and a online seller in ebay india selling my own products , yes do agree with the tips because i save money on shipping with indian postal service and all my products are free shipping only in india… and found some new points will implement in my next following orders thanks for sharing ..

  4. Its becoming difficult for online sellers to become profitable these days, as marketplaces have cut down on marketing cost, coupons and promotion to acquire new customers. It looks like they are putting more burden on sellers like, commission on sales returned orders, logistic cost and reverse logistic cost on vendor, commission on cancelled orders if any,. They have to understand the point that vendor is investing money on inventory and no marketplace is ensuring 100% liquidation of inventory. So end of the day its not win-win for vendors that is for sure. I think we will see major fall down in new count of online sellers as well as up coming online sellers.


    Yes Mr Anand you are right as i deals in footwear and most of the time return product is used and its almost useless to any seller. In this case you lost both your product(which is return and has no use) and market place charges. So your loss would be as follows:-

    Ex :

    Cost of Product – INR 1000/-
    Market Place Fee – INR 350 APPX

    So you paid INR 1350 instead of making profit out of it as you received used product which has no use and market place has chaged you as well. Some portals are paying peanuts in form of claim which is even less than their charges.

  6. sanjeev Reply


    any news on Ask Me Bazaar……..i heard that our association have lodged an FIR and a case against the company.

    They have raised this issue to commerce ministry.

    There is no update………..we have > 13 lacs stuck with ASK ME BAZAAR and we are now facing bankruptcy.

    Our suppliers are behind our life and we are trying to save our faced by giving hope to recover money.

    Is this the fate of online seller?

    We are losing money slowly with FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL, AMAZON and other portals with their return policy and commission structure. It seems we are getting slow poison by working with these portals.

    If you are working in volume……….you will face reconciliation issue.

    if you are not working in volume…………..you can get cover your expenses.

    after 3 years, worked with major portals, my learning is

    if you dispatch 100 products…………..

    if will get payment of 65-75%

    10-15% will be returned as RTO …………may be 5% in bad condition / used / faulty / non saleable products.

    5% – 10% products will fall in return but this will never delivered to you.

    Pl check you will lose money as penalty for 5% to 15% with any portal.

    End of the day……………….it is certain that you will loose money as slow poison.

    Thanks & wish you all the Best


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