The ugly side of GST in ecommerce, Online Sellers share

The advent of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) gave rise to different scenarios. Customers are happy with post GST discounts. Flipkart and Amazon restarted delivery in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat. And, smartphones and electronics regained their former glory in terms of sales. But, while some celebrated the benefits of GST others endured severe impacts. Marketplaces began banning non-GST compliant sellers and other platforms stopped pre-GST payments to sellers.

On the surface of it all, everyone is for the tax and what it stands for but are online sellers happy with the way GST implementation was executed? Indian Online Seller spoke with every day online sellers for a feel of the actual impact of GST in ecommerce. Here are the results we uncovered with insights from online sellers after a month of GST:


To support their above claims the sellers we interacted with shared the following details with us:




As you can see, GST has affected online sellers in numerous ways. Some say it’s a big mistake others are hopeful to see benefits in time. Which side of GST do you see yourself on? Tell us through your comment below.

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  1. GST is a huge tax reform & would require some time before everything falls into place & the dust settles. But its the small eCommerce businesses that will be hurt the most as they cannot be part of small business schemes by the govt. They r a small pool so their plight will not be heard any time soon & they will keep losing their most precious resource – money, while the govt takes its time to realize this and take corrective action.

  2. Sunita Reply

    GST is totally and totally MAD System. In fact it is harassment to the Indian business. Especially for Small business.Shop vendors.
    Because of business in India everything is here. Even they are breathing due to the business people itself.Even a poorest person in India pay tax. Even if is not rich don’t hold house. Or even don’t hold any hut. He pay taxes in many ways. That every intelligent person can understand.
    But, by taking and ruling with our own money. this officials are REALLY harassing us.
    ZERO help to sellers. Totally confused officials itself.
    instead of making easy process that even uneducated person should understand. They make GST a hell process.
    NOW you cannot even sell on any website even if you are student and sell your old items or sell in your spare time.
    You are window you DIE with hunger nobody care here now.
    But on the other hand if you want to earn some money you need GST.

    It is completely harassment and really Indians should united to fight against this kind of policies.
    If we do not fight now. There will be day we regret as we regret during british rule.

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