1. But as a sunglasses seller , i am not happy at all with gst rates, earlier the tax rate was 12.5% for sunglasses and now it is 28% which has increased the cost so much that it has started to effect my sale on ecom sites

  2. Ravindra kumar Reply

    GST is beneficial for e-commerce portals, not for the sellers at those portals.
    The higher gst rates will encourage corruption / tax theft.
    Rates increased from 5% to 28% add additional 12% or more for portal commission .
    The price difference will be 50% higher the actual cost of the seller. People will try malpractice to save 28%.
    e-commerce portal will try to buy directly from importer / manufacturer, vanishing the dealer / retailer / ordinary seller at portal.
    Those who have settings to save this 28%, will survive but honest retailer has to wind up.

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