1. Ketan Vekaria Reply

    the time has come and this is the warning bell for the all the online seller, don’t do the business with any of these marketplaces. do not supply any goods to them. then and then they will realize. we must not depend on these all marketplaces. they should depend on us or purchase goods from us and will keep goods in their warehouse and sell. Its simple do not supply them.

  2. Rehan Reply

    Limeroad is not much professional below are issues
    1- They only consider 2 calender days for order to shipped which means even if you received order on today at 11:55 pm then it will consider as 1 day & order needs to ready next day before 11:00 am & same should be picked up on that only and if this not done then they will impose penalty on seller for SLA breach , this is very unethical where as seller not even get proper time to process order.
    2-Many times they return customer used products and for which they impose penalty for same products which means seller losing their products as well as seller have to bear penalty for no reason.
    3-Even their system doesn’t work properly even if raised issue about pickup not then also they impose penalty giving reason that pickup delayed by seller.
    4-There is no proper support system even resolve one issue it takes around 2 months and even many times issues doesn’t resolve and after some time no response from support team.
    5-One of pathetic QC process is followed by limeroad

    Doing business on Limeroad and it’s more unorganized & unprofessional way of working.

  3. shivansh Reply

    i worked every portals last 3 years , but saare k saare chor hai ,only flipkart market poicy is excellent

  4. Rajshekar Reply

    For most returns buyers are to be blamed. I believe some buyers make orders as a joke and returns them back not knowing how much it costs. The illiteracy is one main big problem in India. Everyone has a smart phone but they can’t read the description of product details and order them just to return it back. In other words ecoecommerce in India has become a joke.

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