1. The seller who probably is complaining about Amazon payments reconciliation, is new to Amazon.
    Amazon as well as eBay, both have an extremely transparent payments page, eBay has the best one actually, but Amazon also is far better than both Flipkart & Snapdeal.

    There is an option on Amazon to put your order number and check if you have received payment against that order or not

  2. AK Natalie Reply

    is reconciliation of payment a must job for every seller? does this create an extra job to do all this?

  3. Sanjay Kumar K Reply

    i thought flipkart gives a breakup of payments clearly unlike other MP. I was surprised that FK was not mentioned. It’s common sensical payment details makes it very intuitive to follow. Amazon requires some effort while others ebay, paytm are also better in terms of reconcillation

  4. I my opinion amazon has the worst payment reports even my CA is unable to understand them for filling the taxes

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