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The online retail industry is expanding with every passing day. According to a study it is expected to reach $50-55 billion by 2021. By the end of 2017 around 100 million consumers are expected to end up online. This shows that the scope of online selling is only increasing in spite of speed bumps like FDI and demonetisation thrown its way.

Another challenge online sellers need to cope with is competition. The expansion of ecommerce is a result of the growing online seller network. More sellers join top marketplaces each day. This only makes these platforms crowded with very little room for differentiation and expansion. So to help you excel and sell more online it’s best to spread your business over multiple channels.

If you already sell on popular platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues and the like, that does not mean you have run out of space to grow. There are a couple of unexplored ecommerce channels you can try.

We have created an online retail road map, from which you can choose suitable locations to sell your goods. Some of these platform options also include seller reviews. Keep reading to know what the options at your disposal are.


WYDR.in is a mobile based online retail platform. It follows the marketplace model and specializes in wholesale buying and selling. It mainly caters to brand owners, manufacturers, importers and wholesale distributors.

It allows sellers to reach out to a large scale audience all across India at zero cost. However, as it is a performance based platform you are required to pay only when you make sales.

According to the mobile marketplace, sellers enjoy benefits like –

  • Quick, simple and easy to use tools to upload catalogues
  • Innovative mini sales EPR tool to handle your business
  • Larger reach to millions from tier 2 and 3 city markets
  • Assured upfront payments
  • Seller protection
  • Effective and innovative promotional tools fine tuned to reach relevant audiences

The app has received a 3.9 rating on Google Play.

2. Roposo

Roposo is a fashion and lifestyle social network that helps shoppers discover unique styles through stories and videos. The platform allows you to set up an ecommerce shop and helps you get discovered by millions of users looking for your products.

Roposo has around 3 million plus users onboard socialising. And when they see your product they can choose to purchase it. All sellers are charged zero commission on the sales they make through Roposo. With this channel you can add a chat to buy button or shop now button to your product posts. This enables you to boost your visibility and increase your sales.

To join Roposo, you must:

  • Download the app register
  • Become a seller
  • Add business details
  • Create a shop
  • Create your first story (e.g. post about your business or products)

To boost engagement you can connect with the platform for their promotion options. This app works similar to Pinterest. However, you can add a direct buy buttons and chat buttons to your posts here.

3. Goodbox

The Goodbox mobile app allows online sellers to create their own mini app within the Goodbox mega app. You can easily set up your own app on the platform where only your goods are displayed to consumers.

With the ecommerce platform you enjoy benefits and functionality similar to online shopping apps. But, at the same time you do not have to worry about the app development process, app maintenance or commissions payments to the platform.

Through Nihal a fond user of Goobox we were informed about this app. He claims his experience on this app has been great.

He says, “There is no commission for the products sold and it promises next day payment. Also, the support department is very helpful.”

With this app you can:

  • Add your business name and logo to your app
  • Chat with customers in real time
  • Offer customers reward points

In addition to all these, consumers are given only 7 days to claim for returns. And, you get to decide which delivery service to use.

4. Rediff Shopping

Rediff Shopping is a subsidiary of the well-known news and entertainment portal Rediff.com. It is a large online selling platform in India and works like an online marketplace. All authorised sellers in India can sell on this platform, like manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Online sellers can also sell abroad through the online marketplace. However, this feature is allowed only for certain categories. The platform claims it receives around 17 million monthly users, which could amount to huge sales.

5. Bigbuys

Bigbuys.in is an online retail website founded in 2013 by VZONE Sales India Private Limited. The online retail platform works like a regular online marketplace where you must register your business and list your products to sell. It allows you to sell under a variety of product categories. Once you receive orders, the platform’s logistics partner will pick up your product and deliver it to the customers. For every completed order a small commission fee is charged.

Online seller Ashish Singla sells home and kitchen products on Bigbuys.in. He recommends this platform because of its key focus areas.

He claims, “They are more focused towards a couple of very important aspects of online business i.e. mostly focused on prepaid orders, their basic theme is “Make in India” and there are no price wars.

Though the order volume on this platform is low for now, all orders have been genuine so far and they look to have great potential for sellers.”

6. Kraftly

Kraftly offers you the facility to create your very own mini online retail shop on its platform. It is an app only market that lets you sell exclusive goods online. When you create a shop on Kraftly you can add your brand name, logo, banners, contact and other business details. Next, you need to list your products then proceed to sell.

Besides having existing buyers on the platform to buy from you, you can also source potential buyers on social media purchase from you on Kraftly. The platform has a social selling option that allows you to share your listings on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social mediums. You can also connect with consumers via the Kraftly chat option. This way you can throw in your sales pitch, effectively guide interested consumers and even avoid product returns or cancellations.

Apparel seller Bhavya Shah recommends Kraftly. He has rated it at 4 out of 5 because out of all the other new platforms he has tried it has provided him with the best selling experience. He states it is a good choice for sellers looking to expand horizontally.

7. Gocoop

Gocoop is a global online marketplace. It mainly caters to those who manufacture and sell handicraft, handlooms and local foods like spices and processed foods. The online platform has 250+ online sellers registered so far and around 11,000 online buyers.

The main idea behind Gocoop is to connect artisans directly to buyers. It ensures better income for online manufacturers as it cuts out middlemen like wholesalers and retailers. And, it ensures only quality products get through to customers. Consumers can buy from you in bulk and in small quantities too.

  • You can create your own e-shop on the platform to sell products in bulk
  • You can also maintain e-listings to handle smaller orders

When you select an online platform make sure you select one that is suitable for your products. The above platforms may not be exactly like the ones you are used to. So challenges may arise in terms of studying how they work and how to use them effectively.

In case you already sell on these platforms you can always explore your option of a private platform. You can build your own online retail website, set up a Facebook store or Facebook page.

Be sure to share with us your experiences on these marketplaces if you have tried out any of the one we listed. If you have more recommendations, do send us your lists in the comments.

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